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Best Weighted Vest UK Reviews: For Running, Working Out & Women

Most of us do indulge in exercising in different ways. For some of us, exercising does involve walking frequently or riding on a bike. However, for some, it is an activity that does involve some serious effort. There are types of equipment which you will be using at home or in the gym. One of those workout accessories usable in the gym or at home/office is a weighted vest.

Although most people are not into it, their popularity is increasing day by day.

Dedicated and frequent exercising is an excellent method that will help in keeping the body trim and in case you do go to the gym, you will most likely be using a routine that will help keep you fit.

It does not matter if you do have your own gym equipment back at home, in most cases, you will be following a day to day routine. For example, exercising after work or exercising before you leave for work. Either way after getting into a regular rhythm, it is important that you keep it up. It should be something that you are hooked on.

In this guide, we will be looking at some of the best weighted vest currently available in the market together with some of the frequently asked questions.

Our Picks: 6 Best Weighted Vests Listed Below

Adidas Weighted Vest9.2Check
TNP Accessories8.6Check
BodyRip Comfort Padded Deluxe 2.07.8Check
We R Sports XTR8.6Check
Viavito Unisex's8.0Check
We R Sports Adjustable8.6Check

Let’s Review Each One Of Them Separately

  1. Adidas Weighted Vest

Are you looking for a premium weighted workout vest? Here is one from Adidas that you should consider. This unit was developed with the support of some of the renowned athletes in the world. It was specifically designed to be an excellent and outstanding weighted vest in almost all the departments.

The vest features a full zip length, a start and a buckle which operate together to offer a secure and snug fit. It is thickly padded and it does have a full breathable lining that has ventilation panels which helps to remove sweat. It keeps one dry and cool hence any person using it can focus fully on their training.

Another great feature that we did find out is that this product is machine washable and it has been made from strong and long-lasting materials capable of standing up to the harshest training regimes.

We do have a total of eight inserts adding up to 10 kg and are all placed in positions which ensure comfort, balance, and performance are not affected in any manner. There are 2D rings at the back it where resistance parachute can be attached for those people who want to push themselves. However, this is bought separately.

With this vest, it is much easier for one to turn their training up a gear and enjoy the benefits that come with using it.

However, the weighted vest is a bit expensive when compared to other types of cloths in the market although it is one of the best.


  • Has an excellent build quality with no stitching issue.
  • It is machine washable.
  • It is much easier to adjust.
  • It is adjustable hence comfortable for people of different body sizes to use.
  • Can be used on a variety of exercises.


  • Being one size fits all; the smaller individuals might get it difficult with sizing.

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  1. TNP Accessories Fitness Vest

This is one of the cheapest weighted vests in our list although it’s a good quality when you consider its price.

Although we were not sure why any limited edition would be that appealing, the vest does come in a variety of different weights with around 200 of each variety being produced meaning one needs to be very fast. The TNP Accessories is a standard type and very nice. It is available in almost every weight starting from 5kg to 30kg and does have intervals in between.

Our team of researchers did find out that this vest is made from very long-lasting and nonabsorbent material making it worthy to consider.

The weighted vest comes with a removable sandbag that makes it possible for one to add few extra kilograms as per their wish. The straps are very much adjustable and fit well making it very comfortable.

Its straps are padded for extra comfort and are a one-size-fits-all design offering simplicity and versatility.

For sure, it is an excellent choice available at a reasonable price with several weight variation options. On of the best out there.


  • It is sweat resistant
  • Its weight does stay in position through the entire workout
  • Very comfortable and does have lots of padding
  • The vest comes with a secure strapping
  • It has an adjustable upper weight limit


  • It is not that perfect when used for running although the other exercises seem okay.
  • It has a completely inconsistent stitch quality.

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  1. BodyRip Comfort Padded Deluxe 2.0 Vest

This is another top brand that has a great product range. It is an excellent weighted vest from BodyRip, which comes in different sizes.

Any interested buyer can choose from 5kg up to 30kg, whatever suits you best. They do have 5kg intervals in between with each being a top quality product available at a sensible price.

The weighted vest is made from a long-lasting and strong material which does not take in any amount of moisture and offering very comfortable padding which any person can adjust to fit into their body. For sure, it is a model which has been well designed to perform its duties well.

The kilograms have equally been distributed in various pockets all over the vest but can always be removed whenever you want to work out using a lighter unit. This makes it offer equal distribution that ensures the product is well balanced. Its shoulder straps have also been padded for extra comfort and are adjustable making it easy to use and fit.

We did find out that its neat design makes it be very versatile. Its loads can always be removed for a lighter version making it a top weighted vest.

The fitting straps are wide, which helps to secure the vest in place. It also does not absorb any sweat because it is made of a sweat-resistant material. In other words, you won’t have to worry about it having a weird smell after multiple uses.


  • Very easy to put on and remove.
  • There are different weights available.
  • The product has a sturdy fabric which is of good quality.
  • Its straps do hold the vest in place tightly.


  • There are users who have complained of the weight popping out though rare.
  • It is not suitable for shorter people

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  1. We R Sports XTR Weighted Vest

XTR is a popular weighted vest from We R Sports in the UK that makes it possible for you to add few extra kilograms from 5kg to 30kg, especially on the upper body. It is excellent equipment for use in circuit training when working out on general body weight or running. The added kilograms does increase the work out intensity. You will notice great results when using this vest. The vest is adjustable and reasonable priced. One of the best on the market at the moment.

The key adjustable weights in this product are the sandbags. It is made using nylon sleeves that have Velcro straps which hold it in place. It also has narrow slats which cover it.

One has the freedom of putting in any amount of mini sandbags.

However, we do recommend that you start with a little more weights. This will offer you to add more kgs when your performance gets better. When you have too few, there is a chance you could get yourself with the task of having to order for more later on.

It is a one size fits all model. The smaller fitness guys will require some clothing below it or a light padding. This weighted workout vest is of decent quality and the sandbags can easily be removed or added to the various pockets.


  • The vest is sweat resistant
  • It is of nice and simple design
  • Easily adjustable hence one does have a variety of weight options.
  • Comes with soft and padded straps.


  • There have been cases of weights falling out of the pockets.
  • A bit problematic stitching for the advanced users.
  • Many people have questioned the sizing of this it.

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  1. Viavito Unisex’s Vest

This Viavito weighted vest is of a completely different design when compared to what we have in our reviews. It is the only shoulder weight that managed to make it to our top in the UK.

When we look at its design, it is best suited for people who are walking, cycling or performing cardio exercises. In case you are interested in increasing your body weight training intensity, then you can consider going for any of the previous models.

However, this weighted vest very popular among joggers and cyclists. This is basically due to its high reflective and visible strips. It is not that flexible since it only comes in at 5kg, and a one size fits all which is easier to adjust any comfort level or body type.

It comes with a mesh back pocket that is used for holding water bottle and other stuff. It does stop halfway on the upper torso.

The weighted vest is made using the long-lasting neoprene that is known to be very comfortable to wear. It does stay strong in place and never budges after you have secured both the strap and buckle. It also has a mesh which makes it excellent for running and the back does have a pocket for carrying a water bottle.

We do have several brands which are selling this type of product although most of them are of poor quality and not that durable.


  • It is not that bulky when compared to the other brands.
  • The loads have been stitched into the material hence can never get loose.
  • Have shoulder straps that are thick to help in preventing discomfort.
  • It is available at a lower price point.
  • There are no issues of loads falling off.
  • The vest is made of soft material.


  • It only comes with one strap at the front. This can make it bounce uncomfortably.
  • Its design does limit its practicability a great deal.
  • The plastic clip does break regularly when used for long-distance running.

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  1. We R Sports Adjustable Weighted Vest

This comes in at position six on our list of best weighted vests in the UK. It is a typical product of a standard design. However, it is also limited edition that you should make use of it if you are looking for a unique machine with excellent functionality.

This vest is of a standard type and excellent design which is available in all sizes from 5kg to 30 kg. Our research team did find out that this vest is made from a nonabsorbent and durable material which is worth looking at for a second time.

It comprises of removable sand bags enabling one to reduce its weight and add more whenever they wish. Its fit and straps are highly adjustable making one to always be comfortable when using it. It is also padded together with its straps adding more comfort. It is also a one size fits all simplicity and versatility. It is an excellent choice available at an affordable price with several weight variation options.


  • It is adjustable
  • Possible to remove the loads
  • Great and simple design
  • It is a one-size-fits-all unit
  • The weighted vest is easy to use


  • It might not fit users with a small body.
  • Most of the advanced users do find its stitching a bit problematic
  • The loads can easily drop off the pockets.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Weighted Vests Any Good?

If people are using them, then it definitely means there is something good it offers to them. Using a vest will help one in increasing the intensity of any type of exercise which uses the resistance of the body weight. In case your body is ready for the extra push, then this vest will help you achieve results like increased strength, speed, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular endurance.

What Size Should I Get?

It all boils down on what your fitness goals are.

The best approach is to carry approximately 20% of your weight. In case you will be doing strength training, you will need more weight that you can use in endurance training. There are people who go for a particular weighted vest which they can use over time. A good example is purchasing a 50lb vest but start working with 30lb with the remaining 20lb removed.

Always start light and increase gradually as you get used to it. It is not advisable to start with a full weight since the body is not ready to start heavy. For example, when you buy a 50lb, start from 5 or 10 lbs and gradually increase.

You can always take extra kgs out. It is easier to remove them by lifting the flap and sliding them out.

Are Weighted Vests Safe?

Weighted vests are considered safe, but they might cause some injuries if not used well. Most people are known to have the urge of building muscles fast or burning calories fast thereby ending up overusing the product. This can lead them to suffer from serious health risks like causing injury to the spin.

Another common scenario is putting on a heavy loaded one which will shift the center of gravity away from your support base and place extra pounds on your muscles. When this load is not even, it can easily result in excess stress on the muscles on the loads opposite side. In case the loads is at the body front, the muscles at the back will be forced to work overtime while the abdomen muscles will have to work harder.

Are Weighted Vests Bad For Your Spine?

Despite being an accepted weighted vest for increasing body strength and improving on fitness level, the weighted vests do pose a great risk to injury, especially on the spine. They do sit on the users’ shoulders where you will fasten it around the waist. The spinal column consisting of a total of 33 inter-vertebral and vertebra discs, do support this weight. This added load can lead to inter-vertebral discs, compression that is a reduction of the spaces between the vertebrae. When the inter-vertebral discs are compressed, they can easily lead to spinal injury or back pain.

However, it is possible to reduce the risk of getting injury related to compression by avoiding activities of high impact. Running and jumping do place a great impact on the spine even when you are not wearing the product.

Jumping and running whith a weighted vest on can be a great risk especially if you are preparing for a competitive sport or even military training. The risks of a serious injury completely outdo its benefits.

Does Walking With A Vest On Build Muscle?

This one is a great fitness accessory which can be used for a number of reasons. There are people who put on such clothes during their exercising to help them in losing weight and improving strength.

One sneaky method of pushing the growth of your muscles to help in supporting your new weight is adding these weighted vests to the frame.

However, the growing never stops there. Whenever you do use this product when exercising, the bones do respond to the strain by constructing even more bone mass. It will help create a denser bone, stronger musculoskeletal system, and connective tissue.

The future movements and workouts will become easier whenever your musculoskeletal system gets stronger. This will, in turn, reduce your chances of getting an injury due to enhanced support and stability.

Stronger bones will also help in combating diseases associated with degenerative bones like osteoarthritis when you grow older.

Will Wearing A Weighted Workout Vest All Day Make You Stronger?

Most of the people in the UK do think that putting on a weighted vest all day will help them build strength and muscle mass. For sure, it is a fact that one becomes stronger when the muscles are forced to get used to the added kgs.

Using this logic, you will always think that your body will get stronger when you start spending your day with 20 pounds on your chest.

Yes and no. We do have a few views we can use to consider this situation.

Wearing a weighted vest all day will make you stronger. However, it will not do that in a way you will expect it.

Instead, putting on a vest will increase your muscle endurance. The endurance will enable you to put on this product  all throughout the day. You will develop the stamina to support more weight for longer periods.

Does Weighted Exercise Vest Help Lose Weight?

These units are a great choice in helping to lose weight. In case you are aiming for losing pounds and burning calories to get a body shape you desire so that you look perfect, then this is the right product for you to use in your workouts.

Although working out without a vest will still lead you to lose weight, it will not be at a rapid pace as to when you use the product  which will help you lose much more pound in short period of time.

Are They Good For Push-Ups?

Push-ups are known to be one of the most popular exercises for body weight that works well with your arms, shoulders, abs, and chest in a single swoop. For you to increase the intensity and resistance that will enable you to record results within a shorter time of becoming buff, it is advisable that you put on a weighted vest.

You do push-ups by lying on your stomach with the hands under the shoulders. Thereafter you start pushing up yourself in the air until the arms get straight. Then you lower yourself until you are a fist away from the ground. The  is excellent for helping offer more resistance.

The heavier the weighted vest, the more intense the workout will be. This will then offer some resistance as you are doing the push-ups.

Do They Help To Burn More Calories?

When it comes to efficient and fast fat loss, the intensity is everything. When jogging or walking for hours with an easy pace on the treadmill, it might seem like an excellent method of burning calories.

However, a number of studies have revealed that it’s among the least effective methods of burning fats.

High intensity, short interval style work puts that compromise of resistance training for some time now been considered to be one of the most effective and fastest methods to burn fat and help in muscle building.

The intensity of the workouts is one of the main reasons for this. It forces the body to create changes that last in the cells which promote leanness and burning of fats.

Adding a weighted vest is one of the fastest methods you can always use to increase any workout. This will push the body into increasing energy amount that it is using to help keep up going at a heavier weight.


With many brands to choose from, it will be much difficult to get one to recommend hence it can only be fair that you do look at all the listed product keenly before making a decision.

For us, we did rank the Adidas weighted vest as our best vest since it is of excellent quality, good and does have all adjustments together with comfort fittings one will require. But you should pick one that suits you accordingly. Don’t only go for an overly-hyped product out there. Remember that you’re the one that will be using it. That is why you must choose wisely

So, which vest would you be going for? How do you plan to use one?

You need to consider a few factors before you buy a weighted vest.

For instance, consider the material and quality, along with its features and accessories. Don’t forget to consider the fit and comfort. They must fit perfectly, and it should also be comfortable enough. You don’t want to wear something that is over-sized or too tight. Plus, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable when wearing it. Always consider your fitness goals along with your preferences.

Above all, always go for a reputable brand in the UK. A good brand will offer you the item with a lengthy warranty. So, ensure that the weighted vest is durable enough as you work out. Make sure that you maintain a good and healthy diet when combining it with fitness product. Furthermore, staying disciplined to your exercise routine is another thing that will help you better results.

We hope we helped you to choose the best weighted vest…. So, which one suits your needs the best?

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