Do Ab Toning Belts Actually Work? Are They Effective Enough?

Honestly, who hasn’t heard about any weight loss or fitness topic in recent time? Weight loss has been a leading topic of discussion, and there have also been equipment and diet plans that help to make it successful. Generally, the issue of weight loss and fitness is very popular. The fact that you are reading this post proves that you are also interested in the fitness stuff. But don’t worry, we’re not here to judge you.

Matter of fact, we are so excited about fitness that we will be discussing the ab toning belts. Do you know them? These are the special-looking belts that are worn around the waist to stimulate the abdominal muscles.

So our question of the day is; ‘do ab toning belt work?’ That is the question, and we will have the answer by the end of this article. So, let’s discuss that, shall we?

About The Abs Belts

As we said, these belts are worn around the waist (apparently), and they will help to stimulate the abdominal muscles. But that’s not enough.

You see, these belts use a unique technology called electronic muscle stimulation (they work almost like vibration plates). The belt has been designed to deliver an electricity bolt to the body, which then stimulates the muscles around and cause them to contract. By the way, these belts are not worn alone. Instead, you should wear them along with gel pads, which help to facilitate the electric impulses.

When you are using the gel pads with the ab belts, you will be required to change them after every 30 uses.

The electrodes that get in contact with your bare skin will stimulate your abs by making the tingle and contract. You will be required to wear the belt for 10 or more minutes every day for you to experience its results.

Now to the burning question, will the ab belts truly help you lose fat? Okay, we won’t give a direct answer. Instead, let’s see if they can help you lose weight.

Can Ab Belts Help Lose Fat?

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This is supposedly the biggest issue that people want to know when purchasing this belt, especially if they have the belly fat. I mean, just imagine; you have a large stomach, and it doesn’t seem to be ready to call it quits. It wants to stay with you for the rest of its life. But you want it gone, so will the ab toning belt help you with that?

Let’s be honest. If you wore the belt and just sit watching the TV or taking a nap, don’t expect that big belly to vanish. Actually, you won’t notice any difference. So, does that mean it won’t help you lose fat? Not exactly.

If you were to wear the ab belt and engage in your intense workout, be sure that the belt would help to trigger the belly fat loss. But as you wear the ab toning belt, you also need to be watchful of your diet. Ensure that you reduce your calorie intake and keep away the junk foods. Engage in regular cardiovascular exercise for you to enjoy the effectiveness of the ab toning belt. Ideally, you can keep a food journal to help you know the number of calories you are consuming. Don’t forget to keep the beer and other alcoholic drinks away.

Are Ab Stimulators Effective?

So, are ab toning belts effective as they claim to be? The answer is yes, but it depends on how you are using it. Generally, it is recommended to use these belts between 10 and 60 minutes every day – though a 20-30 minute session should be effective enough.

A study was conducted to see if abdominal toning belts would work even without engaging in any physical workout. Results showed that just wearing the belt every day can perfectly increase your abdominal strength compared to someone who doesn’t use it at all. These belts would also reduce some belly fat, but only if you engage in intense cardiovascular exercises. However, they will not have any effect on overall body weight if you just wear them without doing some workouts.

So, these ab stimulators are very much effective. They can boost your strength and endurance. By the way, everybody has some abs. The only difference is that some have more belly fat. For that, the abs will be covered under the body fat. But the ab toning belt will trigger them to be strong and even grow, especially if you do some stomach-focused workouts. But even if you just wear them while watching the TV, they will make a slight change, which is better than sitting doing nothing.

Is It Safe For Use?

First off, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has considered the ab toning belt a class II medical device. In other words, it is safe to use without worrying about any health hazards. Actually, the EMS technology has been used for medicinal purposes over the years. It is usually used for physical therapy to trigger muscle re-education.

However, there are some exceptions. Not everyone is safe to use the abdominal toning belts. For instance, you should not use the ab toning belts if you have an electronic implant like a defibrillator or a cardiac pacemaker. Also, do not use these belts if you suffer from any heart-related disorder. The electricity bolt released by the belt might be of serious concern if you have a heart condition.

If you’re not sure if you are safe to use the ab toning belt, ensure that you talk to a medical professional first.

Also, you need to be extra careful when choosing an ab belt. Do not go for just any abdominal toning belt you find out there. You have to be keen when buying. Consider the brand of the belt and what other users say about the product before you finally buy it. Never be in a hurry to buy any of the ab toning belts that are sold out there. A wrong product can be of a significant health issue to you.

But when you find the perfect product, ensure that you use it appropriately and you will experience the results accordingly.

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