How to Choose Exercise Equipment?

How to Choose Exercise Equipment?

Deciding to work out is really exciting, but when you go to buy exercise equipment for your home gym all of the choices can be very overwhelming. Getting online will reveal millions of different types and brands of equipment to choose. If you’ve never spent time in a gym before it can be difficult to know: free weights or a machine? What kind of cardio equipment is best for me? Read on for some tips to help you decide what’s best for you!

Free Weights

Free weights are incredibly versatile and a lot less expensive than cardio equipment. You can do lots of different exercises with just a few different weights, and for the beginner who doesn’t have a lot of cash, this is often a great way to go. Either buying the weights as you need them or investing in a set of adjustable dumbbells will allow you to start working out immediately.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable working out with free weights you may want to consider adding a piece of equipment to help you get even more out of your workout.  A weight bench is relatively inexpensive and can let you use the dumbbells you already own to hit muscles in different ways. Also adding a squat rack so that you can safely work out with a barbell is another option. You can use the squat rack to keep you safe during a number of exercises, not just squats.

And if you want to improve your workout routine – a simple weighted vest can also be an option too.

Cardio Equipment

Maybe you know that you love to run but don’t have a safe place to do it, or are looking to burn calories quickly and to strengthen your heart and lungs. If this is the case for you then you need to look into adding cardio equipment to your home gym.

Treadmills, Exercise Bikes and Ellipticals

Treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes (mini ones too) are some of the most common pieces of cardio equipment. All of them tend to be large and will definitely take up more room than your set of weights, so you will have to decide what kind of equipment you really want. Most new models will be able to give you information about your workout, including speed, calories burned, distance, and time. All of this can be useful for someone training.

Rowing Machines and Steppers

Other cardio equipment options are rowing machines and stair steppers or mini stepper machines. These aren’t as common for beginners to use but do have their benefits if you have the space and the money. For someone just starting out, however, investing in a good quality treadmill or elliptical is the best way to go. You’ll be able to get a great workout on both of these pieces of equipment without breaking the bank or taking up too much room.


After you’ve invested in a few key pieces of cardio equipment and a nice set of dumbbells you may find that you want to look into abdominal equipment or even calisthenics equipment. Both of these do have a place in the gym, but for beginners, sticking with cardio equipment and free weights are the way to go!

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