The Best Ways To Breathe Life Into Your Workout

We all get to the point where doing the same thing day after day gets monotonous. Even for those road warriors among us, working out can be difficult. On those days when the last thing you want to do is strap those shoes on and hit the pavement, you may need a little more inspiration. If you have hit a low in your workout regimen and are looking for something to breathe new life into it, there are some things that can beat even the worst boredom rut. Instead of giving it a rest and sitting on the bench, try these tricks to get your energy on.

10 Ways To Add Inspiration To Your Workout


1. Try drinking some caffeine

On those days when you just don’t have the energy to get it going, drinking some caffeine can give you the extra boost of energy needed to hit the trails or to push farther. Drinking it pre-workout can help to increase your energy level, and science has shown it will help you to put more energy into your workout. That will help you to work just a little harder than you normally would.

2. Try new music

There is nothing that can get your heart racing and energize you more than a new playlist for your iPhone. Putting on either some new tunes that get your feet tapping, or conjuring up some old music to make you feel a special moment in your life again, music can help you to beat the dull drum of working out.

3. Buy some new workout wear

If you are tired of hopping on the treadmill, it may be that your clothes are as old and tired as you. Nothing makes you want to impress the people around you by kicking up your heals more than getting a new outfit. Getting new snug workout wear to extenuate your curves may make you want to not be so curvy. That can help you to put a little more energy into your workout. There are also specialized materials that are supposed to help give you energy. Compression shirts, shorts and calve socks all boast that they can up your energy level and make you work harder than every before. Or get a weighted vest and see if you can achieve better results when wearing it.

4. Get some new shoes

If your shoes are starting to lose their tread and bounce, invest in a new pair of shoes. Your running shoes are only good for about 200 miles, so if you have had them for more than six months, it may be time to trade them in. A new pair of running shoes can make you feel like you are running on air and breathe new life into your trail running.

5. Try a new class

If there is a new class at your workout club, what do you have to lose by trying it out? There are many new fad crazes that may be fun. Mixing things up is one of the best ways to increase your focus and to make you get back into your workout. Who knows you may find something that you really like. The crazier, the better, find a new class in your area and give it a try.

6. Supplementation

If you just don’t have the energy it may be time to think about your nutrition and how you are treating your body. If you are deficient in vitamins and minerals, you may be feeling down. Sometimes adding supplements to your daily routine can get you back on the path. Even the thought that you are working toward a healthier new you can increase your energy and have you looking forward to being in top shape again.

7. Enlist a friend

There is nothing that can take away the punishment of a workout more than having someone to talk to. If you are tired of hopping on an exercise machine or hitting the road alone, call a friend and enlist a little company. Sometimes venting while you are getting your activity is a great way to feel better. Not only is working out a cathartic but so is talking through the things that may be bothering you or reconnecting with friends.

8. Hire a trainer

Sometimes you get tired of your workout because you do the same things all the time. Try hiring a personal trainer to give you some new tips and exercises to break up the monotony of your exercise. Having someone push you to your limits is a great feeling. For those who like to know that it is working, feeling muscles you forgot you had the next day, lets you know that you got to those places that you don’t normally target.

9. Try a new club

There are probably many clubs in your area. Sure, you like yours, but maybe it is time to give another one a try. They may have a new machine, or a new class that you don’t know about. They also may have facilities that yours doesn’t like swimming or racquetball. Most clubs will give you a one-day pass to give it a try. So, go ahead and give it a try. You may find that it isn’t your workout but the atmosphere that is bringing you down.

10. Give yourself a day of rest

Maybe you are tired because you are overtraining. If it has been a while since you took the day off, take the day off. Overtraining and not giving yourself a break in-between workouts can lead to perpetual tiredness and lethargy. It can also lead to a compromised immune system and weight gain. Sometimes instead of pushing yourself to get back out there, it is better to give yourself a break and let yourself rejuvenate and gain some energy for the next time. There is no shame in giving yourself some time to recoup. Everyone needs it. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by working too hard. In fact, you are probably working against yourself and your workout goals.

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