Thigh-toning Gym Exercises and Equipment

The thighs are a vital part of the human body as they have the strongest and longest bones in them. There are four muscle groups namely the hamstrings, outer thigh muscles, inner thigh muscles and the quadriceps muscles.

Toning these thigh muscles need dedication, time and discipline; there is a need to allot time to do some exercises, more so to enroll in a gym and take thigh exercises to a whole new level.

Two Thigh-toning Exercises

Here are two exercises that can seriously workout your thigh muscles. You may want to begin with simple routines rather than utilizing gym equipment right away. These are the simplest thigh-tightening exercises to start with:

Side Leg Lifts – begin by laying down on your side then putting your hand on your hip. Keep your body straight, making sure that your pelvis doe not fall forwards or backwards. Slowly lift the top leg to about a foot or so. Just do reps of this exercise and you’re done! It is that simple.

Lunges – one other thigh-toning exercise is the lunge. You might have seen these at gyms or on workout DVDs. Do this by simply stepping forward with your hands on your hips. Step back, paying attention to your form, then slowly stand up straight with both hands still on your hips. The best position is at a 90-degree angle.

Thigh-toning Gym Equipment

The Bosu Ball – if you do not know this gym ball, it is that thick and round type of beach ball that is available in many fitness stores these days. When using this gym ball, though, do know that it requires some strength to stand on a semi-inflated surface. If you ever feel unsteady or uncertain, then the Bosu ball might not be the right gym tool for you.

Standing on the Bosu is a great way to tone your thigh muscles, sure, it may take quite a while to get used to standing on it but it is going to be worth it.

Leg Press – this works out your gluteus maximus and your quadriceps. As soon as you have adjusted the machine according to your preference, you may sit then place your feet on its footplate. Extend your legs, keeping your knees soft all the time. Exhale with each effort. Return to the starting position then repeat the exercise till you have accomplished your set.

Leg Extension Machine – before you even take a seat, ensure that the machine is correctly set. After making sure that everything is in place, hook your feet under the footpads. Sit back when you are ready to move. Extend your legs to the front then up, making sure that you do not lock both knees as your legs straighten. As you reach your maximum movement range, lower your back once more to the starting position. Do reps.

Exercise bike – if you are going to put enough dedication and time – you might see some results. Look at a cyclist’s legs! You can also get a folding one or a mini pedal exerciser and work out at home.

Whether you are removing unsightly cellulite or if you simply want to maintain your taut thighs, it is important to remember these basic exercises and gym equipment – each one can definitely help you with your fitness goal.

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