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BH Fitness Quick G233N Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Cross trainers are somewhat new to the fitness industry compared to other workout machines. However, their popularity is currently in an upscale. Well, that’s because they are as effective as other low impact exercise machines like treadmills and are also cheaper. Are you considering the BH Fitness Quick G233N trainer? Let’s find out if the device is perfect for you?

What’s the price?

About the Manufacturer

BeisteguiHermanos (Spanish for Besitegui Brothers) Global Group has a heritage that dates back to 1909. Although the company has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing, its fitness division was created in the 1960s, and it’s currently the largest bike trainer supplier in Europe.

G233N overview

The Quick G233N is a basic elliptical trainer with a compact, durable, and lightweight construct. It is highly effective in providing a high-grade workout performance with different intensities. This easy-to-use machine features forward and reverse action for varied training routinesand other outstanding features that will enable you to reach your workout goals from the comfort of your house. The best part? It is affordable. It is certainly not the cheapest elliptical cross trainer available today. However, for its superior-grade construct, it is definitely a real bargain. 

Some Outstanding Features Of This Product

  • Console: The electronic monitor switches on automatically as soon as you start to exercise. It will also shutdown automatically if the unit remains idle for more than 3 minutes. Still, to give you better control of your exercise, the unit provides simultaneous read-outs of your speed, exercise time, distance, pulse rate, and calorie burnt. The pulse sensor on this machine is on the handlebars. So, immediately you hold both handles your heart rate displays on the screen.
  • Targets for advanced training: with this device, you can set workout goals using the various workout parameters displayed on the console. For example, there is a pulse function that allows you to set a heartrate target for your exercise. To do that, you select the MODE key, input the pulse rate value between 40 to 199 BPM then start your workout. As soon as you reach the programmed goal, the machine will notify you. The same goes for parameters like Calories burnt, distance covered, and exercise time (Check the user manual to see how to program those). 
  • Design: the stride of this device measures 36cm, its maximum recommended user weight is 110kg. This BH Fitness cross trainer does not allow user profiles, nor does it come with any preset programs. However, there are eight intensity levels on this machine. So, you can step up your training routine and prevent your body from adapting to the same intensity.
  • Brake system: the brake system on this appliance is one standout advantage it has over most competitors. Precisely, it features a magnetic brake system that guarantees smooth pedaling through an extensive range of tension with the least possible noise and the lowest possible maintenance required. 

Product Specification

Distance between pedals (stride length)18cm
Machine’s weight36kg
Maximum user weight110kg
Flywheel Weight (Inertia system):8kg
Screen:           LCD
Braking systemMagnetic
User ProfileNo
Fitness TestNo
Recovery TestYes
Body fat TestYes
Bottle holderYes
Transport wheelsYes


The Quick G233N elliptical cross trainer comes with an outstanding warranty that shimmers on its superior-grade construct. Specifically, the machine’s frame has a 15 years warranty and its parts and labour, one year.


  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Integrated tension knob to regulate up to eight workload points
  • Transportation wheels for easy mobility
  • Maintenance-free magnetic brake system
  • It provides targets for advance training
  • Built-in recovery test and body fat test function


  • Designed for occasional use
  • It is not a commercial grade
  • It does not support fitness test nor user profiles


All in all, the Quick G233N by BH Fitness is an excellent option for the budding fitness enthusiast who wants a basic but efficient machine to reach specific workout goals or body tone. Its ease of use, affordable price, lightweight, outstanding build, and excellent product warranty makes this device a good bargain and an excellent home workout equipment. However, if you’re looking for a machine for very intense workouts programs or you’re a pro athlete, this device may be too tame for you.

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  • Magnetic brake system
  • LCD
  • Pulse measurement system
  • Transportation wheels
  • Bottle holder

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