Body Sculpture BE3111G

Body Sculpture BE3111G Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Finding an elliptical cross trainer can be challenging, especially since there are multiple models out there. But if you need a cross-trainer that is smooth and runs with a low-noise operation, then the Body Sculpture BE3111G should be a good pick for you. With a cross-trainer like this one, you can be sure of having an amazing cardio workout session for your arms, legs, and the whole body.

Let’s explore more of this cross trainer so you know how reliable it is and it is worth your money.

What’s the price?

The BE3111G Overview

This beast is made of a super-strong frame that is capable of supporting your weight accordingly while allowing you to enjoy the entire workout session. It is important to emphasize that this Body Sculpture cross trainer runs really silently. If you live in an apartment and you don’t want to make noise to your neighbors next door, this machine will work well for you.

It is loaded with some programs meant to offer a personalized workout session.

Construction and Dimensions

When looking for any workout machine, it is always good to find one that is strong and solid enough. This way, you can be sure of having a machine that will serve you for a long and able to support your weight without wobbling. The good news is that this machine is designed for durability.

The Body Sculpture BE3111G cross trainer is made with steel construction that will remain strong and corrosion-resistant. Also, the machine weighs around 30kg, but can easily support a maximum user weight of 100kg.

Besides that, this cross trainer measures 124cm by 61cm by 158cm. With that size, it shouldn’t consume much of your space in the house. It can easily fit into a small apartment. Furthermore, the cross trainer comes with inbuilt transport wheels for you to move it with ease if need be.


One of the major factors to consider when looking for a good cross trainer is its resistance. The resistance level of the cross trainer is satisfying enough. This is made possible by the 4KG flywheel that is designed to run smoothly and silently.

Furthermore, the cross trainer comes with adjustable magnetic resistance to assure you of proper workout progress. With this, you will easily approach your fitness goals with ease.


Having a cross-trainer that features an advanced console only offers you more training options. It features an inbuilt computer that will monitor and display your workout progress. You can check the calories burned, distance covered, RPM, heart rate, time, speed, as well as recovery. There are also body fat and hand pulse sensors for easily tracking your progress.

Workout Programs

For a personalized workout session, there are some smart workout programs onboard. The 21 smart programs include 12 preset settings, 4 heart rate controls, 4 user settings, along a manual setting. The manual setting lets you choose and customize the training session as you need.

Workout Experience

Thanks to the anti-slip footplates on this cross trainer, you will have an easy workout session. The elliptical comes with large footplates that are meant to offer a stable platform that holds your shoes. This way, anybody can make good stride length as they use the machine.

Keep in mind that the cross trainer comes with body fat and hand pulse sensors on the handlebar. As a result, you can track how your body reacts to the exercise.

In addition to that, there are dual-action handlebars that are meant to let you choose how you want them to move. In other words, they give you work out options. You can choose to use either the static handlebars or the moving handlebars as you work out. This then allows you to enjoy a full-body exercise with the BE3111G cross-trainer.


  • Made of solid steel construction
  • Features 21 smart programs
  • Comes with dual-action handlebars for customized workout sessions
  • Features transport wheels for easy portability
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance


  • Setting it up can be challenging


This Body Sculpture BE3111G cross trainer is one of the best out there. It runs smoothly and silently while offering you a serious workout session. We loved how it tracks your body fat and heart rate so that you can tell if you are making progress with your fitness journey and if your heart is healthy while at it. Best of all, the price tag is friendly enough.

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