Branx Fitness Magnetic 'X-Fit'

Branx Fitness Magnetic ‘X-Fit’ Cross Trainer Review

Elliptical cross trainers are taking the fitness industry by the storm. Their unique advantage of providing a whole-body exercise with less exposure to your joints to stress and impact is one reason for its current upscale. In this article, we reviewed the Branx Fitness X-Fit cross trainer. So, if you’re considering opting for a fairly affordable machine to tone your muscles or improve your cardio health, read on to see if this product suits you.

What’s the price?

About The Manufacturer

Branx Fitness, established in 2008, is a top fitness equipment brand, manufacturer and online retailer of fitness equipment based in the United Kingdom. Along with other top fitness manufacturers like Blue Fitness, Branx Fitness is one of the fastest-growing and most recognizablebrands in the fitness industry in the UK today. Arguably, you can trace the company’s success to its commitment to its vision of developing, manufacturing, assembling, and supplying the highest quality fitness equipment in the market.

X-Fit Overview

Branx Fitness X-Fit is a top-quality, mid-range cross trainer suitable for anyone seeking low-impact, full-body workout. The device features almost everything a majority of home gym enthusiasts need to tone muscles, workout your entire body, and also enjoy the training sessions as they go. Moreover, its design allows it to balance that smooth elliptical motion while you exercise as well with ensuring optimum performance from every section.

The most outstanding feature of this device is its maximum recommended user weight of 135kg, rather than the 100 to 110kg available on the most equipment. More so, it features up to 16 workout programs for different experience levels and goals, unlike the standard 12 available programs on most competitors.

Some Outstanding Features Of This Product

iConsole +: Every top cross trainer has a digital console that displays user’s speed, pulse rate, distance covered, exercise time, and calories burnt to allow you to track your workout in real-time. This device improves on this function by letting you connect your smartphone to the console via Bluetooth and control the speed, intensity, and other workout parameters from your mobile phone. You can also brighten your training sessions by playing sounds from your connected device through the cross trainer’s integrated speakers- an option not available on many competitors.

Intelligent braking system: The X-Fit features a motor-controlled magnetic brake system alongside a heavy-duty 14.5kg flywheel system to ensure quiet workout sessions and a steady braking effect. Its build further improves the device’s overall reliability, performance, and quietness by replacing the common bushes on the pivot joints on most cross trainers with German-made bearings.

Targets for advanced training: With this device, you do not only see your workout parameters but can set goals for every workout session like distance covered, heart rate, workout time, and let the machine help you monitor your progress. You may also select any one of the 16 integrated workouts programs (4 Beginner, 4 Advanced, 4 Sport, 3 Cardio, and 1 Manual) depending on your fitness goals.

Product Specification

Distance between pedals (stride length)16 – 19.5cm (Adjustable)
Machine’s weight64kg
Maximum user weight135kg
Flywheel Weight (Inertia system):14.5kg
Screen:           LCD
Braking systemMagnetic
Training programs16
Computer-controlled levels of resistance16
Recovery TestYes
Heart rate monitorYes (via handgrip or included chest strap)
Smartphone holderYes
Transport wheelsYes
Bluetooth compatibilityYes
Built-in speakersYes


This product comes with the standard warranty available for all Branx Fitness machines – two years parts and labour warranty and five years warranty on the frame.


  • Non-slip adjustable pedals
  • Heart rate monitoring via chest straps
  • Integrated speakers
  • More workout programs than competitors within its price range
  • USB charging outlet
  • It has a durable and long-lasting overall construct


  • Assembling the machine is quite difficult


Overall, the Branx Fitness X-Fit cross trainer is a top-quality product that improves on the standard features available on most competitors. To name a few, the included pulse rate monitoring via chest straps, built-in speakers, improved recommended user weight, better smartphone compatibility, and more.  A little drawback on this machine is its long, tricky assembly process. Still, you may spend more time assembling this product than with most cross trainers in the market today.

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  • None slip pedals
  • Stride length of 19.5"
  • 14.5kg flywheel
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance
  • iConsole

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