Exerpeutic Gold XL9

Exerpeutic Gold XL9 Aero Elliptical and Exercise Bike Dual Trainer Review

Are you looking for an exercise bike that can support total body workout? Bring home Exerpeutic Gold XL9, a compact elliptical and workout bike meeting all your workout expectations. Its features are quite beneficial, and that is the reason everyone would like to have this at their place. The machine is impressive, full of benefits, built with advanced technology, and gives you the best of the best results. It gives you the advantage of both bike workout and elliptical trainer workout.

What’s the price?

Having this fitness machine at your home or office lets you enjoy the benefit of doing the fitness session at your convenience without visiting the gym parlors. The manual provided with the machines will let you do the exercises without any external support, which are simple to practice.

General Description

It doesn’t matter if you are willing to do some regular exercise or challenging physical workout. You can surely put your trust on this powerful product. Unlike any other exercise machine, this one provides you with a whole-body workout with its standing and sitting exercise options. It one can bear up to 250 pounds of weight, which means you can work out on this machine irrespective of how bulky you are. It also comes with an LCD monitor to let you keep an eye on your workout figures. It will let you know what your accomplishments are, and accordingly, you can target your objectives.

The Exerpeutic Gold XL9 are the best when it comes to providing its users with all the benefits of an indoor gym. One has to make regular efforts with this machine to get a healthy and robust body.

Highlighted Features

Dual Action Arms

The machine is simply the best for those who want to focus on upper body workout. With double action arms, one can smoothly perform arms exercises and accomplish high upper body strength.

250-pound Weight Capacity

Are you obese or taller and having more bodyweight than a standard individual? Don’t worry; the machine can bear up to 250 lbs. of weight. It designed to reduce any possible stress that can create a negative impact on the ankles and joints while doing exercises.

LCD Console

It comes with an LCD monitor, which helps you to keep track of your calories burned, distance traveled, scan, time, and speed. Unlike other products, the best thing about this LCD monitor is, it has enough brightness to let the users view the stats while working in bright light. The unit comes with 2AA batteries, which can provide the power required to illuminated the LCD console. It basically eliminates the use of a live electric power connection to get the displays.

4 Way Adjustable Large Seat

Workout machines with adjustable seats make things easy while on a session. So no matter what is your height, you can comfortably adjust the seat position according to the requirements. You will have this inevitable option with Exerpeutic Gold XL9, which offers a 4-way adjustable extra-large seat, helping to engage in the workout session with a breeze.

Standing and Sitting Exercise

You can perform both standing and sitting exercises on it, and it allows you to do the work of a complete gym. The significant advantage of using both cycling and elliptical training is, it is much easier on your joints as compared to other types of exercises. The elliptical motion technology incorporated in this machine eliminates the possibility of any strain on the ankles and joints. The machine helps to burns calories to lose weight, tone the body, and improves cardio.

Reinforced Crank System

It features a reinforced crank system which provides the machine with consistent momentum and backward stride capability.  You will also have the feature to adjust the tension with a turn-dial mechanism, which is easy to use.

Larger Pedal Design

You will never face a pedaling issue with Exerpeutic Gold XL9, as it comes with a larger pedal with ribbed dot design. It has provided to use comfortably in the seated position. The complete construction with ribbed dot design prevents foot slippage while exercising.

Transportation Wheels

Unlike many other products of the same category, this one comes with front-mounted transportation wheels, which is very useful when you want to relocate it.  During a workout session, its adjustable leg stabilizers prevent any possible tipping or unwanted movements.

Compact Size

In fact, the size of this product is very compact. It reserves a small portion of a place, which means you can install or fix it wherever you want.

Easy Installation

A user can easily install the machine and can use the same with ease. You can install it anywhere at your home, in your office, or even in your garden. Simply go through the instruction manual for installation, which comes along with the packing.


  • Excellent for both Cycling and Elliptical Trainer.
  • Larger Pedal Design
  • 4 Way Large Adjustable Seat.
  • Reduce weight, tone the body, and improves cardio.
  • LCD monitor
  • Ribbed doted pedal to resist slippage
  • Dual Action Arms
  • Can accommodate 250 pounds weight
  • Reinforced crank system


  • Assembling bit complicated
  • Stride length is short for tall users


The Gold XL9 trainer has almost everything a user will search in a good regular exercise machine. It has so many advantages, and this makes it obvious for you to get conscious about its pricing. But don’t worry, this machine is affordable and comes at a very reasonable price. I would surely suggest this machine to those willing to perform a healthy workout at home or office but don’t have time to visit a gym. However, it is always advisable to consult your healthcare provider or physician before giving a start to any physical exercise.


Exerpeutic Gold XL9 Elliptical and Exercise Bike is a perfect machine for anyone concerned about their physical fitness. It is easy to use and requires very little space. You can exercise anytime as per your convenience at your home or office. Its elliptical training and cyclingare excellent for individuals looking for low-impact workout sessions.  It can use as a complete body workout machine to tone the body, improve cardio, and burn calories to keep your body fit and firm.

What’s the price?

Exerpeutic Gold XL9 Rating


Our Rating



  • 250 pound Weight Capacity
  • Dual Action Arms
  • Reinforced Crank System
  • LCD Computer
  • Larger Pedal Design

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