JTX Strider-X7 Magnetic Cross Trainer Review And Best Price

The JTX Strider X7 cross trainer is a revolutionary home exercise machine designed to offer perfect and effective body fitness and weight loss workouts for both beginners and immediate users. The machine is among the most popular and compact cross trainers, it’s a unique fitness machine, an excellent value for your money. It is packed with outstanding fitness functionality and features for a great fat burning workout and cardio, just what you need.

It’s no wonder you will find the Strider X7 in major stores including Amazon. Just by looking at the reviews at Amazon, you will understand why it maybe the best cross trainer that will fulfill your fitness goals in no time.

What’s the price?

Product Description


  • Affordable
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Multiple fitness programs
  • Compact yet a durable quality


  • Not the most affordable elliptical trainer
  • Makes a little noise during operation

The Strider X7 Cross Trainer Features

Full-Colour Computer Display

This JTX machine comes with a friendly computer display which is both colour and touchscreen. What’s even more impressive, the screen display comes with 21 workout programs. With it, you can track all the metrics that you want including time, speed, distance, calories, and body fat as well as pulse measurements. In addition, you can vary your training intensity by using the heart rate, hill, fat burning, and interval programs.

The trainer also allows you to pre-set and design your training programs. With programs, I believe there is everything you need for all your training abilities and goals.


This is another important consideration in a home fitness machine. It is well designed to fit in a small space simply. It is 130cm in length, 70cm in width, and 170cm in height. I am sure you can find a space for it, even if it’s in a corner somewhere!

This magnetic cross trainer equals about the weight of 20 stones. This is especially convenient for larger people who want to shed some pounds. It also supports up to 130kg which is a wide range that can accommodate a variety of weights.

Easy To Assemble And Move

In addition, the machine is easy to move, it comes with transport castors designed at the front of the cross trainer. The castors allow you to move it into position. Also, you can use the adjustable floor pads in case you want to place or move the trainer on a slightly uneven surface. The machine is a durable quality with a silent and smooth movement.

Though it may take you time, even up to two hours, to fully assemble the trainer, it comes with easy-to-follow and straight forward instructions. It’s even possible to assemble the machine all by yourself, although two can make it quicker!

16 Inch Stride Length

The elliptical machine is designed with a 16-inch stride which is convenient especially for adult’s trainers since it can support the natural range in each step. In addition, it comes with a 12.5 kg flywheel which adds a smooth action when training. In most cases, cross striders with small stride length can resist the ability of the trainers to exercise effectively. In fact, with this trainer, you will feel much more like you are using a gym machine.


JTX Strider X7 is designed with a 16-level of resistance which is convenient for all people. If you are a beginner, you can use the most comfortable levels. The highest levels are well designed for people with a serious workout like athletes. Start low and then adjust the setting to according to training levels.


A warranty is another factor that can tell you how quality or durable a product is. It comes with a 5-year frame warranty and as well as a 2-year in-home repair catering for all parts including labour.

Customer Reviews

The feedback from the customers of this elliptical machine has been extremely positive. For instance, 69% of the customers at Amazon gave reviewed the trainer with a 5 star. Majority of the customers were impressed with the JTX customer service as well as the great delivery with tracker services. In addition, some say that the machine comfort, control, and intensity during exercise were brilliant. The majority were impressed with the touchscreen display that comes with 21 pre-installed programs.

Some of the customers, however, complained that the machine was a little bit noisy. Also, other say that the instructions appeared like they were translated from another language which made them a little difficult to follow.

Overall, the feedback is appearing, and the X7 is a fantastic machine for any trainer!


It’s clear that the JTX Strider X7 trainer offers high cardio, low impact works out the opportunity that is suitable for any home trainer. Also, the fact that you get the chance to personalize your workouts in respect to your health and fitness goal is an additional feature.

Definitely, regarding the features, design, and price of the machine, it is the sovereign of home cross trainers.

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JTX Strider X7 Rating


Our Rating



  • Large colour touch screen
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 21 programs
  • Body fat and pulse measurement
  • Integrated pulse receiver

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