Marcy Onyx C80

Marcy Onyx C80 Magnetic Cross Trainer Review

Are you looking for an elliptical machine that can give you a full-body workout? Look no further than the Marcy Onyx C80 cross trainer. This machine is packed with features that make it an excellent choice for any user, regardless of their fitness level.

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Magnetic Resistance Levels

The Onyx C80 has 16 magnetic resistance levels, giving you a wide range of options for your workout. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you can adjust the resistance to find the perfect level of challenge.

Stride Length

The machine’s stride length is 16 inches or 40 centimeters. This is a comfortable length for most users and ensures a smooth, natural motion that is easy on your joints.

Flywheel Weight

The flywheel of the Marcy cross trainer weighs 7 kilograms or 15 pounds. This heavy flywheel helps to create a smooth, fluid motion that mimics the feeling of running or walking.

User Compatibility

One of the great things about the C80 is that it can be used by anyone, regardless of their height. This is thanks to the adjustable pedals, which can be set to three different lengths.

Workout Programs

The machine has 23 built-in programs that you can choose from, including manual mode, preset programs, and heart rate programs. You can also create up to four custom workouts, giving you even more options for your workout.


The backlit display on the machine shows all the important workout metrics, including time, speed (in KM or miles), distance (in KM or miles), calories burned (in kCAL), RPM, and pulse. This makes it easy to track your progress and adjust your workout as needed.

Genuine Elliptical Motion

The Marcy Onyx C80 has a genuine elliptical motion that ensures a smooth, natural movement. This motion is much more comfortable than the jarring, choppy motion of some other elliptical machines.

Adjustable Pedals

The pedals on the machine can be adjusted to three different lengths, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your feet. This can help to reduce discomfort and prevent injury during your workout.

Frame Material

The frame of the Marcy cross trainer is made of thick, safety compliant Onyx steel. This ensures that the machine is sturdy and durable, even with frequent use.


The C80 is CE certified and EN-957 compliant, which means that it meets European safety standards for fitness equipment. This ensures that the machine is safe and reliable for use in any home gym.

Handle Types

The machine has both fixed and free-motion handles, which gives you more options for your workout. Fixed handles are great for beginners or for anyone who wants to focus on their lower body, while free-motion handles allow for a full-body workout.

Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity of the Marcy cross trainer is 120 kilograms or 264 pounds. This makes it suitable for most users, regardless of their weight or fitness level.

Power Source

The Marcy Onyx C80 is mains powered, which means that you’ll need to plug it into an outlet to use it. This ensures that the machine is always ready for your workout, without the need for batteries or other power sources.

Additional Features

In addition to the features already mentioned, the C80 cross trainer also comes with a tablet/phone holder. This makes it easy to stream your favorite workout videos or music while you exercise. The machine also has large transport rollers at the front for easy movement, and large, slip-resistant grooved footplates for added safety.

Wireless Pulse Monitoring

The cross trainer has wireless pulse monitoring, which means that you can track your heart rate during your workout without the need for a strap. However, if you prefer a more accurate reading, you can purchase a compatible chest strap separately.


The assembled dimensions of the C80 are: Length: 128cm (50″) x Width: 62cm (25″) x Height: 160cm (63″). This means that the machine is compact enough to fit in most home gyms, while still providing enough space for a comfortable workout.


The cross trainer comes with a 2-year frame warranty and a 2-year parts warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected against any malfunctions or manufacturing defects.


The Marcy elliptical cross trainer weighs 45 kilograms or 99 pounds. While this isn’t the lightest elliptical machine on the market, the large transport rollers make it easy to move around your home gym if needed.

Transport and Footplates

As mentioned earlier, the cross trainer has large transport rollers at the front for easy movement. This is especially useful if you need to move the machine to a different location in your home gym. The large, slip-resistant grooved footplates also ensure that you can exercise safely and comfortably, without the risk of slipping or losing your footing.


Overall, the Marcy Onyx C80 is a great choice for anyone who wants a full-body workout in the comfort of their own home. With its adjustable resistance, genuine elliptical motion, and comfortable stride length, you can be sure that you’re getting a challenging and effective workout every time. And with its compact size, transport rollers, and wireless pulse monitoring, this cross trainer is a versatile and convenient addition to any home gym.

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