New Image Maxi-Glider 360 Review: Target Every Angle Of Your Body

Health is wealth – one of the most popular idioms we have learned as kids and probably trust as well. With time, people are becoming more fitness conscious, and the world is changing for the good. If you want to inculcate a healthy workout schedule in your lifestyle but haven’t got time to hit the gym, there are plenty of home workout equipment that you can try.  In this article, we are going to review the New Image Maxi-Glider 360 which has been making quite a wave in the market because of its innovative ways to help people to shed those extra pounds.

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About Maxi-Glider 360

It is an elliptical fitness machine which can be used to tone up their different body parts without having to switch to various devices. Precisely, it is an all-in-one workout machine.  An elliptical fitness machine is a stationary exercise equipment used to imitate the benefits of running and walking without causing any extra pressure to your joints. Not only this machine helps you to tone your body parts, but it is also beneficial in improving your flexibility and mobility.

How Does It Work?

It is not your average run-of-the-mill treadmill machine; it is so much more than that. These machines raise your heartbeat and provide an effect similar to cardiovascular workouts. Also because while using this machine your feet don’t have to leave the platform, it is much easier on your joints. With this one single machine, people can work on their:

  • Chest
  • Triceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Biceps
  • Abdominal muscles
  • Thigh muscles
  • Quadriceps

Various Workout Plans

As already mentioned above, New Image Maxi-Glider 360 is a wonder fitness machine. It can be used for many exercises. You can use this machine for:

  • Planking
  • Chest workouts
  • Squatting
  • Gliding
  • Side steps

By providing all these above benefits, it ensures to have the utility of a complete workout in a single machine.


  • Progress tracker

The machine comes with a progress tracker where you can not only measure the duration of your workout but also calculate the number of calories you are burning, check your heartbeat, set a fixed pace for your revolution per minute and measure the number of strides you have taken during your entire workout.

  • Resistance

Unlike other elliptical machines which contain knobs or dials to fix the resistance, this one makes use of 4 resistance bands to provide a consistent workout experience.

  • Low impact machine

The exercises you do by using this machine replicates natural movements of your body, and hence it is calling as a low impact machine since it does not provide any extra pressure on your joints. Being a low impact machine, it can be used by people of all age and gender. With the help of four resistance bands, you can set your pace according to your comfort level.

  • Works on every muscle

Fitness machines that you usually find in the market typically work on only one area of the body. This trainer is designed to focus on every muscle of your body. Within weeks of using it, you will find your body to be healthier and more toned.

  • Accessories

Upon purchase of Maxi Glider 360, beside owner’s manual, you will be provided with progress tracker, tablet stand, exercise and nutrition guide, body cardio exercise DVDs and heart monitor.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use without adding any extra pressure to your joints
  • Low impact equipment
  • Ideal for people of all age
  • Comes with a tracker to monitor daily progress
  • Five resistance setting
  • Moving and stationary handles
  • Oversized footplates


  • No seat available so you can’t sit while working out
  • Need batteries, so you have to ensure that equipment is always correctly charged.

Our Final Thought

New Image Maxi-Glider 360 is no doubt a very efficient and capable machine. It works on your complete body, comes with 4 resistance bands to help you set the pace of your workout, can be used by people of all age and is very economical. It also comes with a 12 months warranty period plus an extended warranty period of 3 years. If you are planning an indoor fitness session, this machine is the way to go. On a scale of possible 5 stars, Maxi-Glider was able to get 3.8 stars, which is acceptable concerning its performance.  Many may feel uncomfortable about the squeak of the equipment, but that also can manage by applying some plastic friendly grease.


The unique designed fitness-friendly weight loss equipment is ideal for targeting every angle of your body.  It offers different movements including side to side, backward and forward and diagonal actions.  The four-step resistance position is good enough to take care of hamstrings, quads, deep glutes, biceps, triceps, inner and outer thigh, chest, surface glutes and also the abs. Don’t you think, it is okay to have all these options in a machine? Maxi-Glider 360 offers complete muscle sculpting workout session without having the need to hit on a professional gym parlor.  Along with the accessories and owner’s manual, it comes with a Health and Nutrition planner with some delicious recipes, helping you to accomplish what you want to achieve.

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Maxi Glider 360 Rating


Our Rating



  • 4 distinct movement types
  • 4 levels of resistance
  • Activates all major muscle groups
  • Total body fat-burning workout
  • Unique 360 Design

5 thoughts on “New Image Maxi-Glider 360 Review: Target Every Angle Of Your Body”

  1. I would not buy this product again. Purchased this for my partner who only used it about a dozen times. Then due to lockdown 3 we decided to use it daily for walking general exercise.My partner noticed the metal had actually split near the weld on the left tread pedal pivot. After scouring the internet and ringing so called “customer services” was told replacements are not obtainable. All your weight is held by 1 bolt at the lower pivot point and neither myself or my partner are near the so called 110kg weight limit!!! very good idea very poorly made im afraid.

    1. Hi Geoff,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review.

      I am sorry to hear of the issues you have had. We would like to get this resolved for you.

      Can you please let us know your order number so we can locate your account and get in touch.

      Many thanks

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