ORBITREK X17 Cross Trainer Review

Owning a cross trainer is becoming a norm these days, especially since most of them come at an affordable price. Nevertheless, there are some that come with more of a premium price point due to their quality and feature onboard. If you are willing to dig deep into your pocket and invest in a worthwhile cross trainer, we’d point you in the direction of the ORBITREK X17.

In this article, we will be reviewing this cross trainer to give you a virtual experience of it and let you know why it is a decent machine worth investing in.

What’s the price?

The X17 Overview

This at-home cross-trainer machine has been designed to bring bike riding right into your home. It is a solid machine that is meant to serve you well while remaining strong. You also get some workout programs to personalize your workout session and get the most of the machine. The machine allows you to work out not only your arms and legs but the whole body as well.

Construction and Dimensions

With the ORBITREK X17, you will be sure of having a solid and durable machine. This fella is made of a strong steel frame that will hold your weight elegantly. It weighs around 23kg, which is lightweight enough. Furthermore, it is loaded with transport wheels that allow you to move it around with ease when you need to store it away. The maximum user weight of this machine is 118kg.

The cross trainer is perfectly designed for the small spaces as it only occupies a footprint of 4 square feet. Even if you live in a studio apartment or a confined house, this cross trainer would be your friend s it won’t take much of your space.


Will this cross trainer offer you a remarkable workout session? That depends on your expectations and fitness goals. If you need a machine for burning calories at least 15 minutes every day to replace outdoor running or biking, then this unit would suit you perfectly.

We have to say that the resistance of this cross-trainer would impress you. You can be sure of enjoying a full-body workout, thanks to the 8 levels of resistance. To make things more interesting, you get an electronic, interactive training onboard. This lets you track your fitness progress for you to maximize every workout session.

There is a knob on the machine that allows you to adjust the resistance as you wish with a simple turn.


Would you like to track your workout progress? This cross-trainer allows you to do that with ease. Thanks to the large LCD that looks very advanced, you will get to know how you are faring with your exercise.

This LCD screen will display the calories burned, current speed, resistance level, time, intensity level, RPM, and more. Generally, you will know if you are making a progress or not when working with this machine.

Workout Programs

The ORBITREK X17 cross trainer comes with some workout programs that are specifically meant to better your overall exercise session with a touch of personalization. This one offers you four user profiles for you to choose the one that suits you best.

There are also some fitness tests that are meant to match your workout intensity to fitness levels, along with several workout programs. If you wish to, you can customize the workout programs as you wish.

Another unique feature of this X17 cross-trainer is the burn path available. There are 17 burn paths that keep changing. This will replicate the movement that you will find in workout machines like cycling, elliptical machine, stepper machine, climbing machine, or treadmill.

In other words, this cross-trainer will be offering you five machines in one. That is why it comes with such a price tag.

Workout Experience

You will have an easy time working with this machine since the footsteps are easily adjustable to fit the foot of any user. The machine also offers you comfortable handlebars for convenience.


  • Comes with a compact and lightweight design
  • Transport wheels onboard for easy portability
  • Offers you 8 resistance levels
  • Comes with 17 ever-changing burn paths
  • Runs with a quiet drive train


  • It might be costly to some users


So, is the ORBITREK X17 cross trainer a decent fitness equipment investment? We would like to think it is since it comes with several resistance levels and burn paths to offer you a remarkable workout session. Also, the cross-trainer offers you the functions of five machines in one unit.

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  • Dual-Crank System
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Storage Wheels
  • Compact Design
  • Wide Footplates

4 thoughts on “ORBITREK X17 Cross Trainer Review”

  1. I bought one from Thane. Relatively easy to assemble with comprehensive instructions.
    However machine very noisy despite being described as “whisper quiet”. Operation is very clunky. After first use for only 20mins I noticed metal filings coming out of machine and after only third use noticed shards of metal formed by parts grinding together.
    Also upon third use the pedal/cranks assembly came off.
    Overall a poor quality product, I have requested a refund.

    1. Did you find out the cause of the noise? I can only use mine in an empty house while listening to music through ear buds because of the noise!

  2. I’ve had my orbitrek x17 for around 5 months and it has become so noisy that I have been have to wear ear buds to block out the noise. I also only use it when the house is empty as my boyfriend can here it downstairs. It started off as a slight squeak from the left pedal area but has progressed to all over creaking! I feel like I’m constantly tightening and loosening stuff but it doesn’t help. I’d lubricate it but can’t find any information on what lubricant to use and where. Mind you, I’m not sure I could make it sound any worse than it does now. Aside from the constant noise, I do enjoy the workouts and try to do at least 30 minutes every day if I can.

  3. Oh what a shame as l was so close to buying this as it looks very good. But now l won’t thanks to your feedback. I really hope you can all get a refund.
    Thank you.

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