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Sportstech CX2 Cross Trainer Review

Elliptical cross training provides a low impact and high-intensity workout routine that engages all your body’s muscle group. They are a superb alternative to the regular running exercise but with more significant all-round benefits. In this article, we reviewed the Sportstech CX2 cross trainer- a reasonably priced machine you can use to improve your cardiovascular health, build stamina and muscle, and burn calories.

What’s the price?

About The Manufacturer

Sportstech is the home fitness division of the company, Innovamaxx. Alongside Sportstech, the company has other brands of fitness equipment designed for various purposes of use- Bluewheel, Relaxxnow, and Deskfit.  Sportstech focuses on manufacturing products with exceptional quality and future-oriented functions. The brand made it to the 1000 Europe’s fastest-growing companies 2019 and is a #1 Amazon Export Champion. Pretty impressive for a Berlin-based company that just started manufacturing in 2017.

CX2 Overview

With the Sportstech CX2, you can train and strengthen your muscles with an improved posture and movement coordination than most elliptical cross trainers in the market. Its design allows little stress to the knees and hip, enabling training particularly easy on joints in contrast to many competitors.

The most outstanding feature of the device is its self-generator system. What that means is, you can generate the power you need to complete your training sessions, reducing the dependence on an external power supply. The device has a compact, foldable design and made of high-quality parts.

Some Outstanding Features Of This Product

  • Smart console: The Sportstech CX2 comes with a Bluetooth compatible console that displays your heart rate, distance covered, calories burnt, and exercise time. Integrated with this console is the Kinomap app. This software lets you create a training history, experience real distances in video mode, take part in a real-time event, or compete in the multiplayer mode with others. The machine allows you to further track your workout routine with your smartphone via the E-Health mobile app. So, you can record your workout data and share them with friends on social media.
  • Dynamic training: Dynamic training allows you to use the machine without electricity. With this function, you can save money as well as position the wireless device at any spot in your home (since it mustn’t be near a power outlet). In other words, dynamic training describes the use of the machine’s Self Generator System that allows you to generate the power for your cross trainer during your training session.
  • Momentum training: Momentum training is possible on this device because of its specially developed 27 kg flywheel system synchronized perfectly with a super quiet grooved belt drive system. Both systems combine to provide even flow and pleasant workout experience. With the momentum training, you can easily select any of the 24 computer-controlled resistance levels from your console.  
  • Intelligent braking system: As with other top cross trainers, the CX2 comes with a motor-controlled magnetic brake system. Magnetic brake systems are quiet in operation and ensure a steady braking effect. It also allows the resistance to be controlled conveniently from the console, guaranteeing a steady halting of your machine

Product Specification

Distance between pedals (stride length)19.5cm
Machine’s weight55kg
Maximum user weight120kg
Flywheel Weight (Inertia system):27kg
Screen:           LCD
Braking systemMagnetic
Training programs12
Computer-controlled levels of resistance24
Recovery TestYes
E-Health compatibilityYes
Smartphone holderYes
Transport wheelsYes
Bluetooth compatibilityYes
Kinomap training appYes


This product, like with other Sportstech machines come with a 5-year warranty that will protect you from malfunctions or faulty deliveries. It also has a 2-year in-house repair guarantee, which implies that if your device were to become broken, you could get it fixed for free in your house.


  • Adaptive leg fixation
  • Foldable, ultra-compact design
  • You can use the device along with dumbbells and barbells
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • 12 preset workout programs and 24 automatic resistance levels
  • It can work without electricity


  • It is quite tricky to assemble


Sportstech CX2 offers a variety of exercise options for training that you can spontaneously integrate into your everyday life. The machine comeswith a Self Generator System that lets you use it without electricity, a compact, foldable design, and powerful compatibility with smartphone and fitness apps. It may be hard to assemble, but if you follow the steps shown here, it wouldn’t be a problematic task afterall.

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