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Sportstech CX608. Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

When Charles Darwin is mentioned, there’s a reputation behind. Great people do great things which makes them remembered in various facets of history. Similarly, Sportstech is a popular manufacturer of sports goods. They have released the Sportstech CX608, a professional cross-trainer. What makes this cross-trainer superior among its peers is the all-info display and also features a smartphone app control via Bluetooth.

What’s the price?


  • Transport wheels
  • Handheld pulse sensors
  • Tablet or smartphone support
  • Bottle holder
  • lightweight


  • Has issues during processing
  • Heart rate exercise pulse belt bought separately

Features And Benefits


During delivery, the Sportstech CX608 includes all parts, well packed in a box. However, some parts may be missing in case of pre-assembly by the vendor. Apart from mastering the ergometer of this gadget taking a little time to master it’s also easy.

With a Maximum body weight of 120kgs, a vast majority will be sorted by using this device. The CX608 is also lightweight, weighing 30kgs only. Additionally, it’s small in size and thus saves space in your house. It measures 1320 mm x 660 mm x 1550 mm (l x w x h). It comes with a Black-red color.


The CX608 is price friendly, being ranked in the lower price section. Despite, some minimal issues when running fast, the gadget offers you value for your money.

The cross-trainer also features a 12kg flywheel. The fairly heavy flywheel allows for optimized tracking while performance remains uniform all through. Furthermore, it has an 8-level manual resistance with a high-quality magnetic brake system which is quite impressive.

The gadget allows you to have a full-body workout. Your body is safe whilst training, thanks to the large slip-resistant pedals and thus a zero impact on load. This cross-trainer is effective for muscle training and burning fat.

Multifunctional Display

All the values, inclusive of those monitored by the gadget through pulse belts are displayed on the cross-trainer. Among the values displayed include distance, calories, heart rate, speed, calories and time. Through this display, you can gauge the intensity of your work out at any time.

Fitness App

The Sportstech CX608 connects to your smart device via Bluetooth. The app enables you to keep track of your exercise performances on your home cross-trainer. Through this compatibility, you get an opportunity of using Street view, a Google Map’s feature. The street-view allows you to select a route for training and thus you get rid of boredom while training by choosing different routes each day.

The app also creates a room for training away from home. The software works perfectly to the specifications of the device. The tablet holder makes you utilize the app functionality on the gadget.


The Sportstech CX608 features 12 set programs. The programs are in 3 power ranges, watts, HRC training, and cardio.

The chest strap is tantamount important for heart-based exercise. The device also features a 32-lever resistance. The resistance is incidentally computer controlled and thus high efficiency is guaranteed during training.

The cross-trainer is very silent while in operation. This allows for maximum work out and a friendly environment for training. For example, it would be very fine if the vehicles, generators and construction sites in towns were all silent. The unpopular opinion that silence is good for the soul, is by a good deal true. Watching music videos or Television while training wouldn’t be problematic at all.

A Manufacturer’s five-year warranty, especially for a mechanical device is something worth dying off in this century. This alone displays the faith of the manufacturer on the product and thus the quality.

Closing Remarks

The price is friendly, thus ranked in the lower price section. Despite, some minimal issues, the gadget is an excellent device. Sensors are slightly less accurate, nonetheless, this is not strange as compared to other devices. Standing with its rivals, this cross-trainer is more valuable.

Though well made, the CX608 is not compatible with professional gym equipment. It is for this reason, the CX608 is most recommended to beginners. However, considering the price, this gadget offers you value for your money.

It is also important to note that regular maintenance such as oiling, cleaning and tightening screws will make you enjoy training a little longer.  You can get the Sportstech CX608 on Amazon and start working towards your fitness goals in the home gym.

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Sportstech CX608 Rating


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  • Adjustable resistance
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip pedals
  • Magnetic brake system
  • Grooved belt drive system

4 thoughts on “Sportstech CX608. Elliptical Cross Trainer Review”

  1. Has issues during processing??
    What does it mean? Are these serious issues, which might discourage someone not to buy the product?
    Not clear

  2. Jenny Crozier brown

    No bluetooth just basic cross trainer not good quality at all buy somewere else app does not work eather

  3. Very poor App does not allow registration. Bluetooth keeps losing connection to the chest strap.
    Overall not impressed find a competent developer to make an app that works!

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