Sportstech CX625

Sportstech CX625 Cross Trainer Review

Do you want to work in the comfort of your home without spending thousands of pounds? If you do, then the Sportstech CX625 cross-trainer might just be the perfect option for you. This cross-trainer comes in at a fair price point if you consider the feature and functions onboard. With it, you can be sure of having a solid fitness machine that will help you have a good workout session at home.

What’s the price?

The CX625 Overview

This Sportstech CX625 is a cross-trainer that is designed to offer you whole-body endurance training while strengthening your muscles. It also helps to promote your health. The cross-trainer is made with a super-strong frame that is meant to support a heavy user while also lasting for long enough. You get to enjoy several workout programs to help you enjoy different exercises. The user experience is friendly enough, even to a beginner.

Construction and Dimensions

The first thing to acknowledge about this machine is its solid construction. It is made with a strong steel frame that is meant to not only support a heavy user but also last long. Being a steel frame, this unit will remain corrosion resistant as you use it.

It is not excessively heavy, neither is it one of the lightweight fitness machines. At 67.5kg, you cannot easily carry this cross-trainer on your own. Since lifting it up can be a problem when you need to store it away, you get transport wheels onboard to let you move it around with ease.

The machine measures 141cm x 65cm x 165 cm. It may not be the best choice for a confined apartment. This unit can support a maximum user weight of 110kg.


If you need fitness equipment to cater to offer you an intense workout session, this fella won’t disappoint you. It comes with a 24kg flywheel that is sure to give you a worthwhile workout session. What’s more, the cross trainer comes with a grooved belt drive system that is whisper-quiet. This allows you to work out without worrying about making noise to other people in the house or the neighbors.

Along with that, this fella features a computer-controlled magnetic brake system of 16 stages. In other words, you will enjoy 16 levels of resistance on this machine.


There is a console on the Sportstech CX625 cross-trainer, which is advanced enough, but still easy to operate. This multifunctional will monitor and show you all the necessary workout stats. In other words, you get to see the distance covered, current speed, time, heart rate (pulse), calories burned, and the selected program. Keep in mind that the display is easy to view too.

Workout Programs

Since this unit comes with a multifunctional console, you’d expect it to have several workout programs as well. With this fella, you enjoy a whole lot of exercise programs to let you have a personalized session.

First off, there are 22 pre-installed programs that come with varied options for you to enjoy your training session. This also helps you work out as though you have a professional trainer. Besides the 22 workout programs, there is a smart HRC function with five options.

You have the option of training with a chest strap to monitor your heart rate on this unit. Plus, the unit is Kinomap App compatible, where you can link it to your phone using the app.

Workout Experience

The handlebar on the cross-trainer comes with pulse sensors to let you know the health of your heart while you work out. You don’t have to stay dehydrated when working out, which is why this unit comes with a bottle holder for your water. There’s also a tablet holder to keep you entertained or let you watch other work out videos.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Offers 22 preinstalled workout programs and 5 HRC programs
  • 24kg flywheel for an intense workout
  • 16 resistance levels
  • Bluetooth connectivity with Kinomap App compatibility


  • Not the best pick for tall users due to the stride length


In general, the Sportstech CX625 cross-trainer is one of the best units out there to go for if you need a strong machine for an intense workout session. It is user friendly and allows you to connect it to your portable devices too. Above all, you will be perfectly entertained as you work out on this beast.

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  • Grooved belt drive system
  • 16-stage brake system
  • Fitness App compatible
  • 22 training programs
  • 5 HRC programs

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