XS Sports Luna Pro 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Bike Review And Features

If you’re on the search for an exercise machine that works as both a bike and cross trainer, you’ll be very interested to hear more about the XS Sports Pro 2 in 1. This is Luna Pro elliptical cross trainer and exercise bike.

It has gained an awesome reputation among customers for numerous reasons. To learn more about the feature this exercise machine possesses, as well as some of its flaws, take a look below.

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Luna Pro Key Features

We found the Pro 2 in 1 Cross Trainer to come with a wide variety of fantastic features. All of them work to enhance your workout experience and help you get fitter in no time.

The Good

Adjustable Resistance

You get to choose between different levels of resistance by using the screen in front of you. This lets you easily alter the resistance without having to stop and start your workouts.


We noticed there is a flywheel located at the front of this cross trainer bike. What’s its purpose? It simply works to effectively keep the bike stable to ensure you can workout as hard as you like.

Range of Motion

The flywheel on the front also serves another purpose than adding stability. It also lets you exercise in backwards or forwards motions. As a result, you’re able to experience more variety in your workouts to prevent things from getting stale.

LED Screen

People are loving how the LED screen comes equipped with a wide range of uses. It lets you conveniently track your progress by showing you details on the speed, distance, calories, pulse, and time.

You can find the heart rate sensors on each of the handlebars. Simply hold on to them while working out and you’ll see what your pulse is on the LED screen.


We loved how comfortable this exercise bike feels. the pedals and feet platforms are very large in size and ensure that most people can comfortably fit their feet in. Therefore, pretty much anyone can use the machine for exercise.

The seat is extremely comfortable and is designed to accommodate all users, regardless of the shape they’re in.


There are wheels located on the bottom of this exercise cross trainer bike which makes transportation super easy. Not to mention, the entire thing weighs just 30kg too!

This feature makes Pro 2 in 1 Cross Trainer an awesome choice for those who want the easy option to move it around if they need to. We even think it’s a good benefit for those who are set on keeping it in one room.

You always have a convenient option to easily move it to another room at any time if needed.

The Not So Good

Unfortunately, this exercise machine does come with a few downfalls. However, many people will be able to easily overlook them due to how great the rest of the other features are. Others may find them to be more of a problem…

Assembling the XS Sports 2-in 1 Exercise Bike

So, now that you know a little more about some of the main features this exercise machine has to offer, you may be wondering about what the assembly involves.

There are instructions included with the package, although, many customers have found it takes a lot of time putting the machine together.

If you wanted something quick and easy to set-up, this may not be the best option for you.

Water Bottle Holder

While working out, you end up sweating a lot, which is awesome for losing weight. However, it’s imperative to remain hydrated. It not only helps to boost your performance, it also ensures you remain healthy.

We were disappointed to find this cross-trainer exercise bike is lacking in the water bottle holder department. So, you’ll have to stay thoroughly hydrated before and after working out – unless you’re willing to stop and start session for water!


Overall, we found the XS Sports Luna Pro 2 in 1 Cross Trainer to provide a ton of fantastic workout features. Furthermore, it’s available at a very affordable price too.

You get everything you could ever need from a cardio machine. In fact, you get more with the 2-in-1 feature.

Hopefully, our review has given you some valuable insights into this exercise machine and whether it’s a good choice for you.

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XS Sports Pro 2 in 1 Rating


Our Rating



  • Can Be Used As A Cross Trainer or Exercise Bike
  • Front Mounted Flywheel for Added Stability
  • Multi Function LCD Display
  • Extra Wide Platform Pedals
  • Fixed Bars with Pulse Sensors

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