Athlyt Premium Exercise Bike

Athlyt ATH-7102 Premium Exercise Bike Review

Finding the right bike for your fitness goals is not always easy. In most cases, it’s a tedious process that involves reviewing and comparing a wide array of brands and functionality. Lucky you, you don’t have to go through that lengthy process. If you are in the search for a premier fitness exercise bike, you should check out this Athlyt ATH-7102 – Premium Exercise Bike.

What’s the price?

Thanks to its sturdy and versatile construction, the Athlyt ATH-7102 is a perfect choice for cardio enthusiasts looking to shed a few pounds, tone their legs, or improve their overall strength and health status.

Keep on reading to understand more about this Athlyt’s bike features and functionality.


  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable yet high quality
  • Great riding experience
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Pulse sensors in the handlebars


  • Not the most affordable bike in the market


Here is what makes this exercise bike worth investing in:

Fully adjustable seat and handlebars

The first thing that you’ll love about the Athlyt Premium exercise bike is that it is equipped with a fully adjustable seat and handlebar. This means that you can adjust the seat and the handlebar to suit your needs for a more comfortable exercise experience. The seat is also well-padded for added comfort and support during your workouts. As well, it’s suitable for users of all sizes in all fitness levels.

Regardless of how long you work out on this bike, you can rest assured that you won’t experience any exercise-related issues such as fatigue. To add on that, the handlebars come with pulse sensors, allowing you to measure and control your fitness performance and progress.

Superior resistance speeds

One of the key features to consider when buying an exercise bike is the levels of resistance. With this Premium exercise bike, it’s designed with 12 resistance levels. This means that you can tone down or up the intensity of the bike to your desired levels.

Whether you are just a beginner or an expert, this bike is ideal for all levels and can be used for both warm-ups as well as full-body workouts. For best results, you can adjust your workout intensity step by step, starting the low resistance levels to more advanced and challenging levels. 

Strong flywheel

The flywheel is another crucial factor to keep an eye on when shopping for an exercise bike. This Premium bike features a strong and robust 6kg flywheel for smooth and comfortable riding experience. Thanks to its strength, the bike can be used for weight loss, body tuning, or overall health fitness.

Sturdy wheels for hassle-free portability

This Athlyt Premium exercise bike also comes with strong transport wheels, making it convenient for users with small training spaces. You can move the bike effortlessly around your training or storage area.

Convenient extras

The extra particulars that come with a fitness bike also matter. With this exercise machine, it is designed with a water bottle holder and a tablet or phone tray. This means that you don’t have to stop your workout to hydrate. As well, it makes it convenient to listen to music from your phone for added motivation when working out.

Track your progress

The exercise bike is also fitted with a user-friendly and easy-to-read display. Through the screen, you can b able to view and monitor a wide array of information regarding your workouts such as distance, pulse, speed, and time. These results will help you to measure your progress and keep you motivated towards your fitness goals. In addition, the display is easy to read.

Final verdict

The Athlyt ATH-7102 is indeed a sturdy and high standard bike worth investing in for your fitness goals. The bike features outstanding features and capabilities for a safe and unforgettable training experience for both fitness beginners and professional athletes.

Furthermore, its robust construction makes it perfect for users of all body sizes. You can also rest assured that you won’t be visiting the store any time soon- this fitness bike is made to last!

Start your fitness journey today with the ATH-7102, and you’ll feel more energetic, fit, and healthier in no time.

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  • Pulse sensor
  • Plastic, Steel
  • 6kg flywheel
  • 12 program speeds
  • Built-in extras

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  1. It won’t change the resistance in the bike

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