Bluefin Fitness TOUR 5.0

Bluefin Fitness TOUR 5.0 Exercise Bike Review

The Bluefin Fitness TOUR 5.0 stands among the best fitness bikes out there. It might be a workout bike, but the delivery of this unit is more than other advanced cross-trainers out there. The price tag is not overly high, and you will be sure of getting a good machine when you purchase this one.

If you want to learn more about this exercise bike, stay with us in this article.

What’s the price?


The TOUR 5.0 is a workout bike that has been designed with a touch of advanced technology while offering you an intense workout session. This unit is also made with a solid frame along with a durable coating to serve you for a long without wearing out. There are several workout programs onboard that allow you to have a personalized training session. The best part is that this fitness bike is very much user friendly.

Construction and Dimensions

This Bluefin Fitness fitness bike comes with a robust and stylish design that makes it long-lasting and good-looking as well. Thanks to the aluminum frame of the bike, you will be sure of having one durable unit that is relatively lightweight. It comes in at around 30kg but can support a maximum user weight of 120kg. If you need to store it away, there is are some transport wheels onboard to help you with that.

When it comes to the size of this beast, you won’t have to worry about creating a large space for it. The bike measures 101cm x 126cm x 50cm, which is more of a space-saver compared to most units out there.


Your high workout demands will be easily matched by this fitness bike as it rocks a heavy-duty 12kg flywheel. With this flywheel, you will be sure of having a remarkable workout session. Along with that, the machine features a silent drive system that lets you ride smoothly and quietly.

Even better, there are 24 levels of resistance on this fitness bike, which can be adjusted manually.


The Bluefin Fitness exercised bike lets you track your workout session with ease. Thanks to the LCD screen on this baby, you will easily keep track of your current speed, calories burned, heart rate, time, as well as resistance level.

You also get to link the bike to your mobile phone via the Kinomap App. Here, there are hundreds of workout videos that you can check as you exercise on the bike.

Workout Programs

This bike doesn’t only allow you to track your workout progress, but you also get to choose the program that suits your fitness goal. There are 12 preloaded exercise programs that are easily accessible through the LCD screen.

Workout Experience

With the TOUR 5.0 fitness bike, you will not only be sure of an intense workout session. Rather, this machine gives you an impressive time when working out with it. First off, the bike comes with ergonomic handles that give you a comfortable grip while working out. The ergonomic drop handles are easily adjustable to meet your comfort.

Furthermore, the bike features anti-slip pedals with adjustable straps. Here, you can set the pedals to feet your feet and be sure of strong hold. The seat post can also be adjusted easily. You can move it vertically or horizontally to meet your comfort and height.

There is a tablet stand onboard that allows you to set up your tablet as you watch your favorite TV show or other workout videos.

Thanks to the heart rate sensors on the handlebars, you can be sure of working out without being concerned about your health. This will allow you to track your heart rate all along.


  • It comes with a solid and stylish aluminum design
  • The chip-resistant coating preserves its look
  • It features a 12kg flywheel with a silent drive system
  • You get 24 manual resistance levels and 12 automatic workout programs
  • Adjustable seat, handles, and pedals
  • Bluetooth connectivity with Kinomap App compatibility


  • The tablet holder isn’t stable enough


There goes it, folks. You know have an idea of what the Bluefin Fitness TOUR 5.0 fitness bike offers. The bike has been designed to help you achieve a worthwhile workout session while staying entertained. With this fitness bike, your fitness journey will be made a lot easier.

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