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Bodymax B2 Exercise Bike Review: Key Features, Pros And Cons

The benefits of a home gym are tremendous: working out at any time of the day, being in control of your workouts, comfort, and moral support from family members. Such things motivate you towards achieving your fitness goals. Having exercise equipment that fits your home and that offers you the kind of services you require is a plus. It is wise to check out an item you wish to buy to get an idea on how it works and if it will fit your space. Below is a review of Bodymax B2 exercise bike highlighting the key features, pros, cons, and if it’s worth your money.

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It’s a stationary exercise bike that features a smooth 13kg flywheel for a strong performance and a quick release tension adjuster that provide continuous tension.

Features And Functionality

Design Construction

It is designed with the user’s needs in mind. It has a stylish design, and its performance is effective and efficient. If you are looking for a gym bike that will help boost your training, B2 bike will work for you. It has a solid construction that feels smooth and stable easing your mind on how much it can handle. It supports the user’s weight of up to 125kgs. It is ideal for both tall and short users.

13kg Flywheel

The bike has a super-smooth 13kg flywheel (0.46m in diameter) that offers reliable performance. Also, it has a 3 piece crank with balanced foot pedals that have protective straps, 2-way bearing and chain driven with a greatrange of resistance. The chain-driven aspect makes you feel like you are riding an outdoor bike.

LCD Monitor

The Bodymax B2 model has a large LCD monitor display that helps you keep track of your progress. The multi-function displays speed, distance, time, calories, RPM, pulse and temperature. The information keeps you motivated when exercising boosting your performance. Also, the displayed elements help you decide on what to focus on or back off.

Adjustable And Comfortable

The bike has adjustable handlebars and seat (horizontally and vertically). This allows you to adjust the seat and handlebars to your preferred position offering comfort and minimising injuries that can result from incorrect positioning of the body. When using B2, your head is positioned ahead of your body; hands stretched forward to reach the handlebars, with the body assuming an S-shape position. This helps stretch your muscles and keeps the spinal cord in a good position offering maximum safety. The adjustable handlebars and seat give you comfort allowing you to exercise for a longertime and enjoy your workout.

Easy To Transport And Assemble

It has transport wheels that allow you to move it around your house quickly with minimal difficulties. Additionally, it is easy to assemble as there are no complicated parts. A detailed user’s manual is included with precautions as well as diagrams showing how it should appear in each stage when fitted correctly. The water bottle holder and a free water bottle are an added plus. The bike also has a 1 year home warranty for parts only. The bike will help you burn calories, strengthen and tone your muscles, suitable forlow impact exercises sustaining joints health, and improve your general fitness and health.

Key Features

  • 13kg flywheel
  • LCD monitor display
  • Transport wheels
  • Item weight: 34kg
  • Robust, steady and tremendously comfortable
  • Quick release tension adjuster


  • Adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Solid and stable construction
  • Transport wheels for easy movements
  • 1 year home warranty (parts only)
  • Suitable for low impact exercises, sustaining joint health
  • Water bottle holder and a free water bottle


  • A bit noisy when using it
  • It is not ideal for users taller than 6’4
  • No additional chest strap to monitor your heart

Final Thoughts

Bodymax B2 exercise bike has an eye-catching design,and it is stable even when doing vigorous training. The seat and handlebars are adjustable allowing proper position of your body. It’s easy to assemble,and the transport wheels make it easy to move around your home. The pros of this machine outweigh the cons. So, is it worth buying? If an affordable, quality-performance and robust machine is what you are searching for, then this cycle would be the best choice for you, making the answer a YES.

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  • Smooth 13kg flywheel
  • Robust
  • Steady and comfortable
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • New design

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