Esprit Fitness XLR-8

Esprit Fitness XLR-8 Exercise Bike Review

Do you live in a small apartment or a house with confined space and you need a fitness machine that will fit in perfectly? If you do, you’ll need to consider investing in this petite Esprit Fitness XLR-8 fitness bike.

Even though this is a compact exercise bike, it still comes with the ability to offer you a serious workout session. It is a workout machine for the money if you are on a tight budget and you need a reliable unit for your indoor workouts.

We will be reviewing the exercise bike in this article to give you a virtual experience of the machine.

What’s the price?


The XLR-8 bike is one of a kind as it will save space and money while offering the best workout session. This is supposedly the most compact exercise bike you’d find out there on the market. It comes with adjustable handlebars and seat post to give you a personalized workout session. Even with its small design, this unit can still support a heavy user.

Size and Built

This Esprit Fitness fitness bike has been designed with a solid frame that is lightweight enough. It is made to save you space and effort when you need to store it away. The bike weighs under 10kg, and it only measures 80cm by 46cm by 117cm. With such dimensions, you wouldn’t have to worry about it consuming much of the space in your house.

It doesn’t come with any transport wheels, but you won’t even need them in the first place. At 10kgs, you shouldn’t have a problem carrying this bike around when you need to store it away. Even with that weight, this unit can support a user weight of up to 110kg. However, it might get wobbly if mounted by a user that’s over 100kg.


Of course, the resistance level of this bike is not comparable to that of other cross-trainers and fitness bikes out there. But, that doesn’t mean that it won’t offer you a decent workout session. This bike comes with a 4kg flywheel that should be good enough to offer you low-impact exercise. Luckily, the resistance level is adjustable to meet your workout goals.

To adjust the resistance level, all you have to do is turn the resistance knob. This will then tighten or loosen the belt to give you the resistance level of your choice.


If you like working with advanced consoles on fitness machines, you might be disappointed with this one. The XLR-8 comes with a tiny display that shows you the resistance level, speed, and calories burned. It might not be as advanced as other models out there, but it isn’t nonfunctional either. You will be sure of your workout progress for each session.

Workout Experience

The flywheel on this machine allows you to burn calories 5 times more than you’d do when walking or running. This makes it useful enough and worth having. Since you can adjust the resistance level of the machine, it allows you to have a personalized workout session with ease.

User Experience

We loved how friendly it is to work with this fitness bike. Getting started with it is super easy, and even a beginner will find it easy.

Besides that, it is easy to move around and fit in any space around the house. You won’t have to worry about getting someone to help you carry it across the room.

Besides that, the Esprit Fitness bike comes with several features that are easily adjustable. For instance, the handlebars, foot straps, and seatpost are all adjustable. You can tweak them to meet your comfort or height. This then allows you to have a comfortable workout experience.

The handles are padded to offer you a comfortable grip. You can also adjust the height of the seat to meet what works best for you.


Compact and lightweight design

Easy-to-use console

Comes with an adjustable resistance level

Comfortable handle grip

Handlebars, seat post, and foot straps are all adjustable


To the best choice for an intense workout session


The Esprit Fitness XLR-8 could just be the best budget fitness bike out there. It saves you save and money while offering you a decent workout session. The comfort level is assured, and you will have an overall easy time when working with this machine.

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