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Hadwin F Bike – Indoor Fitness Exercise Bike Review

Does the thought of having a two-in-one fitness machine impress you? If it does, then the Hadwin F Bike should be a friend to you. Of course, there are fitness machines that come with more than two exercise options. But this one is a workout bike that offers you more than just the biking features. And no, it’s not like the elliptical cross-trainer. Read on if you want to understand how unique this bike is.

What’s the price?


The Hadwin F Bike is made to offer you exercise biking, along with a twist plate to help you burn more fat in the waist, arms, and stomach. Besides offering you two machines in one, this monster is also designed to give you a comfortable workout experience. It is also a good pick for those that live in a small house or a space-limited apartment. The adjustability of this workout bike is worth the mention, and you also get to set the training difficulty to meet your fitness goal.

Construction and Dimensions

A lot of people tend to consider the size of fitness equipment before they purchase it. This is because not every workout equipment out there can fit in confined apartments. But with this workout bike, it is a match made in heaven for those that live in those tiny spaces. It is a folding bike that will save some space when not in use. Also, it only measures 42cm x 74cm x 111cm when fully assembled. That size will reduce further when it is folded. Check this article if you want to choose the Best folding exercise bike.

The Hadwin bike is made of a strong steel frame that is solid enough to support a maximum user weight of 120kg. When you are done with your workout, simply fold it up and roll it on the transport wheels onboard.


You will be sure of a decent workout session on this beast, thanks to the flywheel. The flywheel is made to work along with the magnetic tension control system of 8 levels. It means that you will have 8 resistance levels with this unit. Obviously, you can choose the level of your choice by turning the knob below the handlebar. The knob is conveniently placed for easy accessibility.


You will not be working out in vain when you train on this F Bike. It comes with a simple console that is designed to monitor and show you how you performed in each session. With this LCD display, you can easily check your current speed, calories burned, pulse, and body fat. When you work out with this LCD screen, you will easily know how you worked out and if there is a need for adjusting your exercise.

Workout Experience

This Hadwin exercise bike gives you a remarkable workout experience more than the regular units. Of course, there is a biking feature that you can use to burn calories. But you also get tension ropes/resistance bands on either side, which are meant to work on your arms and back. This way, you will be working on both your lower and upper body. Keep in mind that the resistance bands are adjustable.

Furthermore, the machine offers you a twist plate that is meant to enhance the calorie-burning process. You can use this twist plate as push-up handles for an effective workout.

You get a large seat with a back and armrests to let you relax while you work out. The seat is adjustable to perfectly meet your height. Besides that, the pedal straps are also adjustable, and you won’t have to worry about your feet getting off the pedals since they come with a nonslip surface. The backrest is wide enough to accommodate different users. But you can as well detach it if you prefer using a seat without the back.

Above all, the whole unit is easy and very comfortable to use.


  • Hadwin bikee comes with a compact and foldable design to save space
  • The machine offers you resistance bands and twist plate for an intense workout session
  • The seat is wide and adjustable with armrests and removable back
  • Offers you 8 resistance levels
  • Runs smoothly and quietly


  • The resistance bands seem to be slightly lightweight


The Hadwin F Bike is one amazing workout bike that is meant to offer you an amazing experience while making the whole workout session comfortable enough. It has features that allow you to enjoy different exercises in a single unit.

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  • Multi-functional
  • LCD
  • Adjustable and Comfortable Seat
  • Easy to Move
  • Foldable

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  1. I have just bought this bike but cannot find any instructions on how to use the Monitor i.e. distance, speed etc please could you help me. I would like to get the best results from this bike.

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