JLL JF100 Home Exercise Bike Review: Excellent Indoor Equipment

If you have been planning to include exercise in your busy lifestyle, but you don’t have time for visiting a gym parlor, you can always opt for home training equipment. One of the healthiest way to exercise while at home is cycling. And if you are looking for an efficient home exercise machine, you should look into JLL JF100 Exercise Bike.  JLL is famous for making indoor exercise equipment, and JF100 model is one of the best indoor exercise bikes you can purchase for an affordable price. It has got some pretty exciting features. The bike weighs just around 20 kilograms and is very easy to assemble.

We have reviewed this cycle for you and tried to ascertain whether it’s a good buy or not.

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Features of JF100 Bike

360-degree Rotating Handlebars:

It comes with 360-degree adjustable handlebars which allow you to choose a setting that works the best for you. The right position of handlebars allows the users to maintain the correct posture and prevents any damage that could otherwise happen to your lower back. These handlebars also include pulse sensors which track your heart rate and the intensity of your workout.

Magnetic Resistance System:

For a smooth change in the difficulty level on your JLL JF100, it comes with the magnetic resistance system. It has 10 levels of magnetic resistance, which will help you better in achieving your fitness goals. So it doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced user or just a novice, this bike can be adjusted accordingly.

Comfortable And Adjustable Seat:

The bike comes with a large heart-shaped padded seat which is extremely comfortable. So no more toiling away uncomfortably, if you are planning on spending at least two hours on your exercise bike daily it is preferable to do that with ease. The seats are also adjustable for users with different heights and can adjust even over 6 ft. which is not common in exercise bikes.

Electronic Display:

This bike comes with a simple electronic display which will show you all your workout statistics including your speed, the calories you burned, distance, your pulse and the time elapsed. This feature helps you keep track of your performance and also gives you the required motivation and maintain your desired workout intensity.

Toe Cages:

Probably our favorite feature of all. The bikes come with toe cages located on both the pedals which help you to hold your feet comfortably. This is a simple yet most common overlooked feature in exercising bikes. You can apply a strong downward force without any worries that your feet may slip and you are going to hurt yourself. This feature is a boon for people who prefer powerful workouts.

Sturdy Design

JLL JF100 is solidly built and can comfortably last for many years. If you ever read other customers reviews, you will find that most of the customers like this bike because of reliability and no matter how hard you pedal, the bike will firmly stay on the ground. As already mentioned above, this bike is a boon for people who like to do intense workouts.

Pros and cons


  • Easy to assemble
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Quiet design
  • 360-degree rotating handlebars
  • 10 level magnetic resistance
  • 7 Level seat height adjustment
  • 3 piece detachable Crank System
  • Pedals comfort with 5 strap level adjustment
  • LCD monitor


  • No pre-programmed workouts
  • Not foldable

Our Verdict

This bike is an excellent indoor upright exercise equipment, which will let you do indoor cycling exercises comfortably. Comparing with other indoor bikes, it is relatively inexpensive and comes with incredible features, such as 360 degrees adjustable handlebars, 10 level magnetic resistance and 7 different levels of seat adjustments.  The hassle-free and easy to maintain indoor bike is ideal to accomplish your fitness objectives and is worth for the money.  Even though it is not foldable, you can sort out the issue by allocating a permanent location and enjoy the benefits.  On Amazon customer ranking, it has outsmarted in performance and enjoys 4.3 stars out of possible 5 stars, which is indeed very positive remark about the exercise bike.


With JLL JF100 Home Exercise Bike, the company has genuinely created a stroke of genius. With the simplistic design to the affordable price and 7 levels of seat adjustment features, the bike is very impressive in terms of quality and performance. The exercising bike has everything that is essential for people who want to do indoor exercise and is ideal for people who want to keep their body toned without hitting to the gym.

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JLL JF100 Rating


Our Rating



  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • 10 Levels of Magnetic Resistance
  • LCD Monitor
  • 7-Levels of Adjustable Seat Height
  • 4kg Two-Way Flywheel

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