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Mini Exercise Bike – Top 8 Pedal Exerciser UK Reviews, Guide And FAQ

Also known as under-desk bikes, the mini exercise bikes are the perfect equipment for using at home or in the office. One reason for getting these machines is that they are very budget-friendly, as well as cost-effective.

Furthermore, a pedal exerciser is small and highly portable. You can place them under the work desk in the office as you exercise. Generally, these workout machines will allow you to use them even in your squeezed apartment. Even if you have an extra busy schedule on your office desk, these pedal exercise machines will allow you to work out as you continue doing your job. Best of all, they are easy to set up and handle.

8 Best Under Desk Bikes Listed Below

MagneTrainer ER9.2Check
DeskCycle2 9.0Check
Mirafit Arm & Leg Mini Exercise Resistance Bike9.0Check
Himaly Mini Exercise Bike8.8Check
Ultrasport Mini Bike8.4Check
Aidapt Deluxe Motorised Pedal Exerciser8.0Check
Reviber Mini Motorised Pedal Exerciser7.9Check

That being said, we researched 8 under-desk bikes in the UK, and we will be sharing our findings with you.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

  1. Ultrasport

We kick it off with this machine from Ultrasport. This small exercise bike comes in a compact design, it is lightweight, but still able to deliver an impressive workout session.

It measures 36cm by 36cm by 29 cm, and it comes in at around 6kgs. That can easily be carried around when you need to store it away or when it is time to work out. Even with the 6kg weight, this beast can support a user weight of around 100kgs. Of course, that is way too low if you compare it to the full-size cycle that can support over 150kgs of user weight.

Nevertheless, that is more than enough because you will be working out when seated. This mini pedal bike has a 2kg flywheel, along with a manual resistance setting. In other words, you can adjust the level of resistance that you prefer working with.

A rotary knob is onboard to let you set your desired resistance based on your fitness level. This means that it can easily be used by people of different ages without any problem

If you want to track your workout stats, a computer with a digital display is onboard to help you with that. We truly loved the adjustability of this unit. For instance, there are hand and foot pedals that come with adjustable pedal straps.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • It has hand and foot pedals with adjustable straps
  • Large LCD display for tracking workout progress
  • Rotary knob onboard for adjusting the resistance level
  • Easy to move around and store away


  • It might be slightly noisy to some users

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  1. Himaly

If you value sturdiness and durability in a workout machine, then this mini exercise bike from Himaly can suit your needs perfectly. It is a great unit to get for your home or office pedaling.

Mr. Himaly measures 42cm by 32cm by 20cm, which means that it will not occupy much of your space, whether you use it in the office or at home. In terms of the weight, this baby comes in at only 4kgs. Now, you might think that is weak and unable to hold a plus-size user. But don’t be shocked to learn that this beast can support a user weight of around 100kgs.

It comes with adjustable resistance to let people of different ages and fitness level use it. You can use it to work on both your lower and upper body because it has foot and hand pedals. Best of all, you can adjust the straps on the pedals to meet your comfort level.

One feature that we loved about this under desk bike is the non-skid feet pad. This is a helpful feature if you will be placing the machine on a bare floor like tiles or hardwood floors. It won’t slide as you are working out.

Besides that, this mini workout bike also comes with a 2kg flywheel, and there is a knob onboard to help you adjust the resistance level to your preference. There’s a digital display to let you track your progress.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • The tension is adjustable
  • Non-skid feet pad to remain in place when pedaling
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Multi-functional digital monitor


  • Can produce squeaky sound when mounted by a heavy user

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  1. Mirafit Arm & Leg Mini Exercise Resistance Bike

When it comes to looks uniqueness, this mini exercise bike from Mirafit is one of the top products you’d choose. It looks very different from other machines out there.

This baby comes with an elegant black and white theme that you’d want everybody to see when they come to your office or at home. Even with its elegant look, the machine is still able to deliver an intense pedaling session.

Okay, it might not be the best unit if you are looking for the gym-like intense workout, but good enough for the regular workout and boosting up your fitness level in the office. This one comes with a 1.5kg flywheel that can help you stay active as you are working out.

It measures 41cm by 34cm by 31cm, and it only weighs around 5kgs. We thought that was lightweight and easy to move around. With this unit, you can adjust your resistance level with the knob on the machine. With just the turn of the knob, you can set the resistance level as you desire or based on your level of fitness.

This mini cycle also comes with anti-slip rubber pads to prevent it from sliding and slipping as you use it. Even if you use it on a bare floor, this machine will remain stable without moving.


  • It comes with an elegant look
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Features a multi-functional LCD display
  • Has a fitted carry handle for moving it around with ease
  • Adjustable resistance level


  • The 1.5kg flywheel might be too ‘light’ for some users
  • The pedal straps are not adjustable

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  1. MagneTrainer ER

We move on with our listing and introduce you to the MagneTraine-ER. This one is considered the best mini exercise bike for seniors and elderly.

First off, the machine is easy to use, and also comes with a sturdy steel base. With this sturdy steel base, it will offer you excellent stability. So yes, your elderly parent or relative will be safe when using this pedal exerciser.

But it isn’t only meant for the elderly. Rather, anyone that needs an intense pedaling session can go for this machine. It comes with a heavier flywheel, which offers you eight resistance levels for your workout.

This one will offer you a super smooth pedal motion that is also quiet enough. It utilizes patented magnetic resistance systems that offer you twice resistance range compared to other units out there. Adjusting it is also very easy and straightforward.

If you wanted a small machine that is lightweight too, this one might not be the choice for you. The mini pedal bike measures 50.8cm by 40.5cm by 45.7cm, and it comes in at around 10kgs.

Another plus feature of the machine is that it comes with foot pedals that have adjustable Velcro straps. In other words, this unit is usable by anyone and it can support people of the different foot size.


  • It is sturdy and durable
  • The machine doesn’t move when you are pedaling
  • Pedals come with adjustable Velcro straps
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Patented magnetic resistance system


  • It is heavy
  • It may not be the best pick for a confined space

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  1. Aidapt Deluxe Motorised Pedal Exerciser

If you thought the previous product on the list had the most unique design and look, you haven’t met this machine from Aidapt.

The Aidapt Deluxe is one of the most advanced mini exercise bikes in the UK as it comes with preloaded workout programs. These features make it a perfect unit to use at home without any problem. This machine has been designed to focus on your medical and health needs.

The adjustability on this small exercise bike is quite impressive, and you will be able to change your workout settings as you like. Specifically, it comes with 12-speed settings to get you going and let you set it based on your preferences and workout needs. If you are using the mini exerciser for therapy, this feature would come in handy.

There are other workout programs that you can set on the computer console that is very much advanced than most of the units we have covered. The best part is that this one comes with a small remote control to let you set the program and also adjust the speed setting without the need for moving.

By the way the speeds on this baby range from 40 to 45 RPM, which we thought was good for an intense workout.


  • Modern and stylish design
  • Comes with 12-speed settings
  • It has preloaded workout programs
  • Remote control for hands-free operation
  • It is user-friendly


  • It is slightly more expensive than others

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  1. DeskCycle2

If you are looking for the perfect mini exercise bike to use in the office, this should be one of your top choices.

It comes with a compact design to easily fit under the desk while offering you an intense pedaling session. This one also comes with a magnetic resistance system that runs smoothly and quietly. We loved the fact that you can work with the machine under the table or in an open space.

The thing is that it comes with an adjustable height. You can use it at a maximum height of 25.5cm or drop the height back to 23cm. Technically, that is the lowest pedal height of any commercial exercise bike out there.

You will experience an intense workout session on this unit as it offers you eight calibrated resistance levels. It means that you can move from a light to an intense pedaling session with the turn of a dial. Actually, it will offer you twice the resistance level compared to other units out there.

There is a digital display on the machine, which allows you to track your progress. What if you placed it under the desk, wouldn’t it be difficult to track your progress. Not at all: because the machine comes with a free Display Extension Kit. How does that help you? You can connect it to the mini bike under the desk and place the extension monitor on the table. We thought that was a major feature.

It is also easy to assemble as you might not even need help from someone. But one thing that is both good and but about the machine is that it comes in at around 10kgs. That is good because it will remain stable and sturdy enough as you pedal. But on the contrary, it can be challenging when you need to carry it around too often. Furthermore, it comes with rubber feet that prevent it from moving while pedaling.


  • Compact and stylish design
  • The height is adjustable
  • It runs smoothly and quietly
  • Adjustable straps on the foot/hand pedals
  • Comes with a free display extension kit


  • It is heavier than most mini exercisers
  • It is quite expensive

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  1. FitQuick Mini Exercise Bike

This mini exercise bike is yet another one of a premium quality, which is able to offer you an intense pedaling session.

It comes with a decent design that makes it easy and simple to use. One thing that made us go for this pedal exerciser is that it is recommended by physiotherapist around the UK. In terms of the size, this one measures 50.80cm by 40.64cm by 45.72cm. Plus, it comes in at around 9.7kgs. That is a little on the heavy side if you compare it to other ones out there.

Besides being recommended by the physiotherapist, we truly loved this FitQuick product because it offers two-directional cycling. This means that you can pedal it in a forward or backward motion to get the best result.

It comes with an exceptionally quiet magnetic resistance that is ultra-smooth. You will not experience the common noises made by other exercisers. Besides that, you can adjust the resistance level with the dial knob.

If you want to track your progress, feel free to do so with the digital display onboard. With this display, you can be sure if you are on the right track and if you have burned enough calories per each workout session. This machine allows you to strengthen your joints and ligaments as you promote the blood circulation in your body.

It is easy to assemble and use. As long as you won’t be moving it from one location to another, you will have an easy time working with this unit. By the way, it comes with a free protective non-slip mat to use on bare floors or carpet. This means that you can use it just about anywhere without it sliding when you pedal.


  • Sturdy design
  • Offers two-directional cycling
  • Adjustable resistance level
  • Comes with a free non-slip mat
  • It is recommended by physiotherapists


  • The pedal straps are not adjustable
  • It is costlier than most of others

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  1. Reviber Mini Motorised Pedal Exerciser

Here is yet another incredible mini exercise bike that allows you to get the most of your workout session. It comes with a futuristic and stylish design that you would like having at home or in the office. Even if you live it at the corner of your office, this baby will act as décor in the room.

But it isn’t just all about the looks with this one. Rather, the machine also offers you an impressive workout session. The best part of all is that this machine isn’t your regular manual equipment. When it comes to the user experience, you will enjoy working with this baby.

First off, it comes fully-assembled and easy to use. All you’ve got to do is plug it to the socket and it will start doing its thing. It is also motorized to give you a low impact workout and rehabilitation. Whether you want to maintain or regain your fitness, you can easily go with this machine.

It is the perfect choice for anyone that wants to enhance their circulation and boost their muscle strength. Mr. Reviber comes with 12-speed settings that you can adjust to suit your preference and fitness level. But what makes it even more unique is the fact that it comes with five auto programs.

Anyone can use it to keep them fit and active while strengthening the leg and thigh muscles. We loved the large pedals that are smooth enough, and feature long straps that are adjustable. A digital display is onboard for tracking your workout progress. Even better, there is a handheld controller that is attached to the machine.

The controller comes with a 1.8m cable to let you change the programs and adjust the settings without the need for bending.


  • Elegant design
  • Features 12 speed settings
  • You can choose any of the five preloaded programs
  • Comes with a handheld controller with a long cable
  • The pedals are large and smooth with adjustable straps
  • You get a free non-slip mat
  • It comes fully-assembled and ready to use


  • It can slide if you use it without the mat

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mini Cycle Bikes Effective?

So far, you can easily tell if these machines are effective or not. They are designed with the same working mechanism of a full-size workout bicycle. The only difference is that they don’t come with a seat and a handle.

In a way, this makes it easy to work with the bike if you don’t want to sit on the uncomfortable seat that comes with most full-size bicycles. Some of them come with two-directional cycling. This means that you can pedal it in a forward or backward motion.

Plus, you can use it to pedal with your hands, hence allowing you to work on your arms. With the full-size bikes, it is difficult to pedal it with both hands.

So, to answer the question, they are very much effective. However, you need to be dedicated when using pedal exerciser for you to get the best results.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits of using a mini exercise bike, and you probably already know one or two. Here is a look at some of the major benefits.

  • They are compact and lightweight

These machines come in a very small size if you compare them to their elder brothers, the full-size ones. They are so small that you can easily fit them under the desk and pedal as you continue doing your work.

They are also lightweight to allow you to carry and move them around with ease. Most of them weigh less than 6kgs, which is easy to carry when you need to move it around. They won’t take much of your space if you live in a small apartment.

  • Works out the feet, legs, and arms

There is nothing more satisfying in a workout machine if it can work both your upper and lower body. Luckily, these machines allow you to work on both your arms and legs. You can set it on the floor to pedal it with your feet or set it on a table to exercise your arms.

Whether it is the forearms, wrists, shoulder, thighs, calf, or leg, these units will allow you to work out without any limits.

  • You can set it anywhere

With a full-size bike, you must and can only set it where it can fit and the handles or its height should be restricted in any way. However, things are a little different with the mini ones. They can easily fit under the desk, or you can use them in an open space on the carpet, or even on the table when working on your arms.

It is a highly versatile machine to use.

  • No uncomfortable seat

Too many times, people have complained about the uncomfortable seat of a full-size cycle. They might offer you the best workout session, but the seat may be so uncomfortable that you won’t enjoy the workout session as such. But with a mini exercise bike, you can sit on your cozy sofa and set it below as you enjoy pedaling.

  • Simple and straightforward to use

If you are the kind of person that is coy about workout equipment and how some might be challenging to use, you need to give the mini workout machine a shot. Most of them will come ready to use, which then gives you an easy time.

Since they are fully-assembled, all you have to do is unbox it, set it in your desired space and start pedaling. There is nothing complicated about them, which is one amazing fact.

  • Easy to maintain

Another plus aspect is that they are very easy to maintain. They come with fewer features and parts, which makes it easy when maintaining it.

Can You Lose Weight?

Yes, if you use them as directed, you might end up burning calories, which can then help you lose weight.

Mathematically, it is possible to lose weight when pedaling one. 3500 calories are equivalent to one pound of fat. Now, if you are burning 500 calories per session, it will require you to maintain that and hit 3500 calories burned in seven workout sessions. If you are dedicated to pedaling every day to burn 500 calories every day, you will be losing around one pound every week.

But the best way is to combine the pedaling with other cardiovascular workouts and a healthy diet so as to lose more weight.

Do Pedal Exercisers Burn Calories?

The previous question has already covered this answer, but we will dig deeper. Each of them comes with a flywheel and a resistance system that you will be pedaling. This can be adjusted as you prefer, which then allows you to choose if you want an intense workout or not.

They also come with a digital that allows you to view your workout progress. One of the workout stats displayed is the number of calories burned. So yes, a mini exercise bike can perfectly help you to burn calories.

Will You Gain Muscles?

Basically, these units are used for medical therapy to work on the joints and knees. In other words, they won’t have such a huge impact on the muscles. And therefore, they will not help you to grow muscles. If you are looking for equipment that builds the muscles, you might want to consider a different machine. This one is ideal for strengthening the joints and knees as well as promoting blood circulation in the body.

When picking a pedal exerciser for your exercise needs, always ensure that you choose one with proper features. It should match your preferences and be able to suit your fitness level.

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