SportPlus SP-FB-1000 Fan Bike

SportPlus SP-FB-1000 Fan Bike Review

Air bikes are somewhat of a better fitness equipment than spin bikes because their handles are movable – an option to get upper body workout. More so, air bikes (popularly called fan bikes) have fans that ventilate users as they train, eradicate sweating. There are many air bikes available in the market today. However, in this article, we will review a budget-friendly one – the SportPlus SP-FB-1000. To find out if the SportPlus fan bike is perfect or too tame for you, continue reading.

What’s the price?

About the Manufacturer

SPORT PLUS is a Poland-based manufacturer and supplier of home and commercial fitness and sports equipment for any sport. The company’s heritage dates back to 1998. Since then, it has continuously expanded in its offer and range in the national and foreign market.

SP-FB-1000 Overview

SportPlus fan bike is an affordable, entry-level air bike with a simple but effective design that allows users to workout both lower and upper body, maintaining cardio health, increasing endurance, and other fitness goals. The device’s stand out feature is its affordability, easy assembly, top-quality construct and effectiveness in performance. It works with an infinitely variable resistance that suits any training level and the “windmill” function that provides additional, natural resistance, further increasing the training effect.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Resistance: SportPlus fan bike, like every other top-quality air bike, features a belt brake system. This brake system, along with air resistance generated from the wind turbine (fan) provides additional drag, increasing training effects. So, you can be sure of unlimited training intensities with this device.
  • Console: The mounted LCD console on this device is quite small, but it does well in displaying time, speed, distance covered, and calories burnt. These parameters let you monitor your training sessions and evaluate and adjust your performance to reach your fitness goals quickly.
  • Easy assembly and portability: A drawback many top-quality air bikes have is difficulty in assembling the machine. Some fan bikes may even require two people or a professional to install. However, it is not so with this machine. The device comes in a very simple design that makes its installation easier than most competitors. 
  • Full-Body workout: SportPlus fan bike allows users full control of their workout sessions. That is, the user controls the intensity of the exercise- the harder and faster the push, pull and pedal, the more air moves, providing more resistance. Likewise, users can cool down and lower heart rate by easing the speed and intensity of the push, pull and pedal stroke; thus, reducing the resistance and workout intensity.

However, pushing, pulling and pedalling activates muscles in the chest, arms, back, legs, abs, and other vital muscles- guaranteeing a full-body workout. This advantage, alongside its unlimited levels of intensity, implies that users can meet their fitness goals even faster than with spin bikes or treadmills.

  • Design: the machine’s seat is easily adjustable from 70 cm to a maximum of 88 cm. It also has smooth-running transportation wheels that ensure easy mobility and storage. Although the seats and handlebars are quite lacking in its comfortability when compared to high-end competitors but for its small price, it is a bit justifiable.  

Product Specification

Distance between pedals (stride length)19.5cm
Dimension115 x 70 x 122 cm (L x W x H)
Machine’s weight25kg
Maximum user weight100kg
Screen:           LCD
TransmissionBelt transmission
Braking systemFelt braking system
Transport wheelsYes
Batteries includedYes


SportPlus offers two years warranty on this device. The company also provides a 30-day right of withdrawal that’ll see you get a full refund of the payments sent for this product, including delivery cost.


  • Top-quality construct
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and highly-durable frame
  • Easy to assemble: it takes only a few minutes


  • It supports only users below 100kg
  • No app integration nor Bluetooth compatibility
  • No smartphone or bottle holder

Recommendation And Buying Option

Overall, SportPlus SP-FB-1000 is an affordable fan bike and an excellent choice if you weigh less than 100kg and are looking for entry-level fitness equipment to keep your whole body fit. It does not have the luxurious build or features on competitors like Bluetooth compatibility or smartphone integration. However, it does its job in providing a rigorous and effective training session perfectly.

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SP-FB-1000 Rating


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  • 25kg
  • 115x70x122cm
  • User weight: 100kg
  • Safety tested

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