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Sportstech ESX500 Exercise Bike Review: Large Program Variety

There are a lot of indoor spinning bikes in the market today. Each company wants to get every specification right to impress the consumer. Such specifications are safety features, comfort,and intensity of workouts among others. The end product could be eye-catching and overwhelming to the consumer. However, with all the glam and improvements do the machinesoffer the services the buyers require? Today we focus on Sportstech ESX500 Exercise bike to review its performance, key features, pros and cons.

What’s the price?

If you want to train your cardiovascular system and boost your endurance,keep reading to find out if this model will serve you well and if it’s a good buy for its price.The Sportstech brand is one of the fastest growing home fitness brands in Germany. Innovative technology, functionality and design are their focus and believe in quality and fair prices.

Settings And Performance

App-Compatible Console

The Sportstech ESX500 bike has a high-quality multifunctional console with the digitalfive-inch display, with a USB connection and up to four user profile. Also, it is app-compatible and has a tablet holder that allows the user to be in control of the workout. The smartphone compatibility enables the user to increase the functionality of the bike and also keep them interested.

The console also helps you to track your training history. This means that you will able to assess your progress and evaluate your performance according to set goals. You get to know which elements to work on more and which to maintain at a certain level.

Transport Wheels

The ESX500 model has transport wheels for easy and quick movement around your home. The feet are also stable for floor levelling. It weighs 30kg,and with the transport wheel, you can move it from room to room with fewer difficulties.

Safety Features

Safety is a crucial aspect in gym equipment as this reduces risks of injury to the user during operation. The Sportstech ESX 500 has an adjustable strap for a secure grip, and non-slip pedals to prevent your feet from slipping when pedalling.


The ergometer has an adjustable seat and handlebars. The user can adjust the height of both the seat and handlebars to suit their desired position. There are knobs mounted below the seat and handlebars that you can quicklychange. This aspect is essential as it allows properplacing of the body to minimise possibilities of injuries such as muscle soreness and back pain that may result from incorrect body position.

Sportstech ESX500 has 12kg inertia and is belt-driven making it super quiet and requires little maintenance. It also has 3 piece crank with closed bearing for a longer lifetime and motorized magnetic brake equipment.

12 Pre-Installed Programs

There are different 12 pre-installed programs, watt training, four different HRC functions, and manual mode for the user to choose. If you want a good sweat, the 16 levels of resistance offered by this machine will ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

The ergometer allows you to work on your muscles strength, muscle endurance and burn fat. The exercises are low impact reducing the amount of pressure exerted on your joints,and this helps maintain proper balance.

Key Features

  • Multifunctional console with digital 5.5”display
  • 4 user profiles and USB power charging
  • Pulse belt compatible
  • 12 pre-programs
  • Dimensions: 964 x 522 x 132mm (L x W x H)
  • Max user weight: 120kg
  • Product weight: 30kg
  • 3-piece crank with high-quality closed bearing


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Pulse measurement at the handlebar
  • Have transport wheels for easy movement
  • 12 pre-programmed training for the user to choose from


  • Connectivity has issues
  • A little bit complex for beginners


The Sportstech ESX500 has features and specifications that allow the user to workout effectively. The smart technology offered by this machine helps increase its functionality, giving maximum benefit to the user and allowing them to diversify their workout. Although some users find the tech a bit complex, most find it to be great as customised workouts can give good results.

Customers have given many positive reviews about this model meaning it offers great results. If you want to push your workout to the next level, this would be a great choice for you.

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Sportstech ESX500


Our Rating



  • 3 piece crank
  • App compatible console
  • training history and program selection
  • 5.5 " display
  • Large program variety

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