Ultrasport F-Bike Home Trainer 150/200B Review

As you probably already know, Ultrasport F-Bike is a home training device, or rather an indoor stationary bike. It’s a very compact, lightweight one, and it has multiple levels of resistance, which works well for the users – since it’s highly adjustable.

Did you know that cycling, and yes, even an indoor one, is a great way to improve your fitness game? Well, F Bike 200B will get you started on that and it’s a great option for both newbies and experienced users. If you are looking for the best folding exercise bike – it might be the perfect choice. Let’s take a closer look at what this machine has to offer.

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Ultrasport F-Bike Features

  • Compact

With the size of 80.5 x 43.5 x 112cm, this bike is a really compact one, as compared to the competition. It also has an LCD displaying, showing the time, speed, pulse, calories and distance, which are all really important if you want to see how well you are doing.

This exercise bike is a really compact and easy to use machine, and it provides a very good workout. With the help of the LCD monitor, you can always check your stats and see for yourself how well you’re actually doing. It even stores the progress, so you can track and compare your day-to-day achievements, and it’s also battery powered – so you won’t have to deal with cords.

  • Eight Levels Of Resistance

With stunning eight levels of resistance – you can always choose a workout that is right for your individual fitness level or experience. No matter your previous experience – this bike is guaranteed to give you what you’re looking for, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate user.

  • Quiet

This indoor bike is not completely silent, although it is exceptionally quiet and it won’t make a lot of noise during a workout. This is especially important for early birds or insomniacs, that don’t want to risk waking up their families while they are working out.

  • Heart Sensor

The heart sensor is located on both handlebars, so you can always conveniently track your pulse and keep it where you need it to be. Additionally, Ultrasport F-Bike has straps on the pedals, which is something you always want on a stationary bike. Why? Because it’s so easy to slip when there’s no slips – and especially when cycling at the higher speeds.

But, while all these are great features – it’s a compact design that makes this bike a necessity for every fitness lover out there. Due to it’s folding mechanism, it fits perfectly even in the smallest places. And assembling it back on is not that hard to, and the entire process takes up to 30 minutes after which you can start cycling right away.

What Are The Pros In Comparison To Other Exercise Bikes?

Ultrasport F-Bike has 8 levels of resistance, and all of those help in increasing the circulation, as well as in strengthening muscles. It’s LCD display is a great tool to help with tracking progress, and it helps in creating customized workouts as well. It’s super straight-forward, ideal for beginners and very compact.

Are There Any Cons?

The only con to this indoor stationary bike is the fact that it might not be suitable for advanced users. Even at the highest level of resistance, you risk not being satisfied with it if you are a very fit person that’s used to challenging exercises. F-Bike was designed specifically for beginners and intermediate level users, all in order to make their fitness journey nothing short of a dream.


In conclusion, the Ultrasport F-Bike is a really great choice for anyone who is looking for a compact device, suitable for beginners. If you are new to the fitness game, this bike will give you an extremely efficient workout, and you do get a lot of bang for your buck – compactness, many levels of resistance, customizable workouts, battery fueled LCD display that allows you to track progress, heart rate monitor and others. And if you’re not that new to fitness – it will help you maintain current fitness levels, until you are ready to step you game up a notch. If you see yourself described in this text, you can most certainly go for the F-Bike 200B, since you’re definitely not going to regret this purchase.

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Ultrasport F 200B Rating


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  • Collapsible
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Battery-operated LCD display
  • Heart Sensor
  • Compact

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