Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike

Viavito Onyx Folding Exercise Bike Review: Pros And Cons

Viavito Onyx has got to be one of the best and most creative exercise bikes I have ever set my eyes on! It is not as if it torches fat in record time but because it is a decent, workout-tracking, and space saving exercise bike.

Its most unique feature is in its design. It is designed in such an innovative way that it can be folded to take very little space. This makes it a brilliant option for those looking for a folding exercise bike – something that doesn’t take too much space.

What’s the price?

When I was introducing this exercise bike, I said it is one of the best. I made this statement because it is especially in two ways.

First, it is designed in such a way to enable friction-free cycling. This is fantastic especially for beginners who want to enjoy smooth and natural pedaling as if on a real bike.

Moreover, users can simply increase the resistance levels on the bike’s settings to make it more challenging to pedal as they become fitter. Doing this can help you lose more weight faster.

Second, this exercise bike will track multiple aspects of your performance when on the bike. Not many other bikes have this feature and tracking your performance will help you to closely monitor your progress and to improve your performance.

About The Manufacturer

Viavito is a UK based company renowned for making innovative and extremely effective exercise equipment. The company has been making gorgeous and space-saving machines over the last couple of years now.

Although the company is not as popular in the media as some top brands, its machines are among the bestselling on online platforms such as Amazon. Therefore, there must be a reason why people love them and I think it is because of the fact that they are sturdy, durable, and effective.

Onyx Key Features

  • Folding exercise bike
  • Extremely comfortable and user-friendly
  • Has eight resistance levels
  • Its seat height and pedaling resistance can be significantly adjusted
  • Lightweight and compact (weighs 13.9 kg only)
  • Has a decent user weight capacity of 100kg
  • Features a decent LCD dashboard
  • Dashboard powered by two AA batteries which are included
  • Comes with handlebar sensors to monitor heart rate


The main draw to this bike is its compact and lightweight design. This design makes it easy to fold and store, or to move it around when cleaning. It also allows you to train whenever you want and wherever you want without needing to call someone to set it up for you.

Secondly, multiple parts of this bike are adjustable. This means that regardless of your height or body size, you can easily set its seat and pedals to get them to the right distances for your comfort when exercising. The fact that it is adjustable is a big plus!

Thirdly, it comes with a wide and generously padded seat for maximum comfort. This is advantage is pretty self-explanatory.

Fourthly, the Viavito Onyx folding exercise bike comes with 8 adjustable resistance settings. The settings make this product to stand out in the sense that they make it a more efficient energy burner.

Lastly, this amazing bike has got multiple sensors and trackers to help you to accurately monitor your progress. Among the trackers is a hand pulse sensor that accurately monitors your heart rate/ cardio performance.

Other workout feedback you can get from this bike include speed, distance, time, and calories. These measurements are displayed on a decent black and white dashboard between the bike’s handlebars. I definitely love all these trackers and the useful information they provide.


The biggest issue with the Viavito Onyx folding bike is the fact that it has only a limited number of resistance speeds. Some users say that only the like a quarter of its resistance levels feel like work. This is obviously very subjective depending on the fitness levels of the user. Anyway, in my view it is a very decent machine that can be as challenging as you want.


The Viavito Onyx is folding exercise bike is a creative exercise bike that is comfortable to use and extremely user friendly. I would buy it in a heartbeat is I didn’t already own an exercise bike.

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  • LCD console
  • 1.2 kg cast iron flywheel
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • Large, Padded Seat
  • Adjustable, Self-Levelling Pedals

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