Viavito Satori Exercise Bike

Viavito Satori Exercise Bike Review: Smart, Modern Design

Looking to get fit at home?

The Viavito Satori exercise bike is a work of art. It is a stylish and contemporary exercise machine that is designed to help you get in shape in double quick time!

You will definitely love the bike’s multiple levels of strong resistance. These many levels of resistance make it easy for users to find a level of difficulty they are comfortable with.

You will also love the fact that it can measure your heart and pulse rate. Seeing how fast your heart is beating will give you an extra “pump” to cycle fasterfor longer every time you climb on this bike.

Read on to discover more about this modern and trend-setting exercise bike!

What’s the price?

About The Manufacturer

Viavito is an English company that makes fresh and dynamic training and fitness equipment. The brand is known for its stylish training machines and the state of the art technologies it uses to make its training equipment very efficient. Viavito is also known for the durability of its equipment. All its fitness and training equipment come with lengthy warranties. In short, you can definitely trust this machine.

Key Features

  • It is a Satori-style Viavito bike
  • It is stylish and modern
  • It has 32 levels of cycling resistance
  • It has an inbuilt heart rate monitor
  • It is very silent; you can pedal in your bedroom in the morning without waking up your partner
  • Comes with a decent LCD dashboard that shows speed, cadence, distance, calories burnt, and so on
  • Has a very small footprint compared to other exercise bikes and to treadmills
  • Has 20 unique training programs for different body types and exercise needs
  • It is strong and sturdy and with a max user weight capacity of 140 kg


It is a cool and stylish exercise bike that takes up very little space. So it will definitely fit in your home gym or even your balcony if that’s the only space you have.

The bike’s hallmark are its multiple levels of cycling resistance. There are 32 levels of computer-controlled resistance you can choose from. Hence, regardless of your current fitness level, you can find a level of resistance you can start with and slowly challenge yourself over the next few weeks by gradually increasing the level of resistance. This means that in no time you will be able to find your sweet spot in terms of cadence and resistance that can help you lose plenty of weight and gain fitness effortlessly.

Another advantage of owning the Viavito Satori exercise bike is its inbuilt heart rate monitor. The monitor is built into the handlebar and it therefore effortlessly monitors your heart rate. You can use this information to exercise better and lose more weight within a shorter period of time.

The bike has a decent-sized LCD dashboard that shows your pulse, calories burned, distance covered, cadence, speed, and time. Again, you can use this information to train better, to find out how much progress you are making, and to manage your user profile. Up to four different users can add their personal metrics and get personalized training programs for faster results.

Lastly, this bike is very strong and sturdy despite weighing only 34 kg. You can use it to lose weight even if you weigh 140 kg (the max user limit).


Despite being one of the best and most efficient exercise bikes, the Viavito Satori is rather pricey. Nevertheless, as they say nowadays, there is no gain without pain. If you want to gain fitness and to shed weight faster, you will have to spend more to get this bike.

The dashboard is LCD and dual color. So it is not exactly brilliant in this aspect because there are several bikes out there with bigger and better dashboards.


Although a bit costly than other bikes, the Viavito Satori is a modern and effective workout machine that we definitely recommend. This is because it is effective, takes up very little space, and can help you lose plenty of weight in a short period of time. We also recommend it because of its sturdiness and durability.

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Our Rating



  • Smart, Modern Design
  • Strong Top Resistance
  • Heart Rate Receiver
  • Integrated Pulse Sensors
  • Scalable Programmes

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