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Proper diet and workout are the major things that will help you stay fit and healthy. You don’t have to sign up for a gym subscription to work out. Instead, you can invest in good equipment that you can use at home. That being said, here are some of the top workout equipment you should consider buying.


A treadmill is a machine that is used to walk or run indoors. There is a running belt that rotates to let you run or walk. You can get models that offer you a flexible experience, where you can adjust the speed of the treadmills based on how fast you want it to run.

Always ensure that you get a stable machine that will be sturdy enough to support your weight without it wobbling or giving squeaky noises. Furthermore, ensure that you choose one with a strong motor. The belt must be long and wide enough, and the frame must be sturdy too. It would be great if you had an emergency stop device on the treadmill for those emergency situations.

Cross Trainers

Also known as an elliptical machine, this is a fitness machine that combines walking and stair climbing. You can even get some that combine an exercise bike too. These machines will offer an almost impact-free workout that is easy on the joints as you work out. You can adjust the resistance and glade either manually or automatically.

Ideally, choose a model that comes with preloaded workout programs to get a better exercise experience. The machine can come with levers and handgrips that allow you to work out the upper body.

The motion of these machines is someone unusual, which might take some time for you to get used to it. Don’t forget to find a unit that comes with comfortable handlebars with non-slip pedals and curved ridges.

Above all, test the machine and its delivery before you decide to buy.

Exercise Bikes

An exercise bike is simply a stationary bike that you ride as you would ride a real bike outside. The exercise bike can be automated or manual. With an automated bike, you can find preloaded workout programs that you can choose based on how experienced you are or your fitness goals.

Some will come with a program that lets you connect to a TV, which then lets you experience outdoor cycling. Mostly, cycling is meant to work the lower body, but it can also help you work on your arms.

Spin Bikes

Spin bikes are almost like exercise bikes, but these ones come with a seated frame, which revolves around one spinning disc. Here, you can adjust the resistance level of the spinning disc. The benefits are similar to those of an exercise bike.

Vibration Plates

Vibration plates are also called power plates, and they are machines that let you stand on it as it high vibrations throughout the body. As the plate sends high-speed vibrations through the body, it helps to stimulate the muscles as well as strengthen and tone them.

All you have to do is stand on the plate as it vibrates. As a result, the muscles will contract and stretch to sustain balance. Some people can even place their hand on the plate as they do some pushups. This helps to tone the muscles and enhance muscle growth too if you are performing the right exercise.

Always ensure you follow the user manual on how to use this machine.

Mini Exercise Bikes

This is not exactly a small exercise, but it works just like an exercise bike. With this machine, it is a tiny cycling machine that only features pedals that are linked to the central unit. They come with a motor that spins as you pedal the machine. Some can be automated with preloaded workout programs.

The difference between them and the full exercise bike is that the mini bikes don’t come with a seat, and they are usually compact and lightweight. They are also called under-desk exercise bike since they can easily fit under the desk.

However, some machines will feature handles that you can use to work on your arms and shoulders.

Weighted Vests

This is yet another great workout unit that is unique and different from most machines on our list. With a weighted vest, it is only meant to add some extra weight that acts as resistance when working out. This is a vest that comes with small weights added to it.

When you wear the weighted vest, you can do some pull-ups, pushups, dips, or other abdominal workouts to build muscles. Some come with extra pockets to add weights if you need more. You can also use the weighted vests to hike, walk, or sprint. However, they are not the best option for long-distance running. If you wear them when running over a long distance, you might get exhausted too quickly.

Mini Stepper Machines

These machines offer a low-impact and they simulate stairs climbing. You can find models with levers and handgrips that let you work on your arms. If you are getting started with the stepper machines, you might find them strenuous. Some beginners have complained of slight pain in the knees when using the stepper for the first time. This will usually go away as you get used to the machine.

Also, ensure that you pick the right machine for working out.

Ab Belts

As the name suggests, an ab belt is specifically designed to promote the growth of the abs. They are belts that use EMS technology. This helps to activate, strengthen, and tone the core muscles. Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is usually used by physiotherapists for rehabilitation purposes. So, an Ab belt will help to promote the growth of abdominal muscles.

Multi Gym

If you want a complete workout unit for your home-based exercises, a multi-gym is what you need. This is just a machine that consists of multiple features to work on the whole body, that is the lower and upper body.

You can find attachments for working on the arms, biceps, chest, shoulder, back, legs, stomach, thighs, and more.