Body Sculpture BR3010

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rowing Machine Review – Enjoy A Gym-Level Workout Session

The Body Sculpture BR3010 is a rower that has been designed to offer you a suitable training session. With this unit, you can avoid going to the gym every day or joining any other fitness class. Thanks to this rower, the user can enjoy a gym-level workout session. It’s important to mention that this one is s 2-in-1 cross trainer, but not like the elliptical machine.

Here is a further review of the machine to help you understand it better.

What’s the price?

About The BR3010

This Body Sculpture model is designed with a special level of sturdiness, and functionality. Being a 2-in-1 cross trainer, you can use it for rowing or resistance work as well. Thanks to this, you will be sure of enjoying your training session to the maximum.


Size and Build

Before you consider getting this baby for your workout in the house, it’s important to understand its construction. This is a compact machine that can easily fit in a confined space. If you live in a small apartment, this would be a great pick for you. It measure s 120 x 32 x 19.2 cm, which is compact enough. Plus, this machine weighs around 16.2 kg.

The best part is that the machine is easily foldable for quick keep-away. Even though BR3010 weighs only 16.2kg, it is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 108kgs. So yes, that makes it reliable enough.


The resistance of a workout machine is one that you should satisfy your needs. It comes with adjustable resistance. You will find 3 tension cords on the rower. With these cords, you can either set them at low, medium or high resistance as you wish.


In the current digital age, it is very common to find a fitness machine with a console onboard. This one also features an inbuilt computer, which will monitor and display all the important stats. Generally, you can track your workout progress on this machine. It will display the calories burned, time, and total calories count. This way, you will easily track your daily goals and achievements.

Workout Experience

If you are in search of a reliable machine that can offer you an excellent workout session. It might be compact, but this Body Sculpture unit will offer you such an intense workout session at home.

There is an inbuilt gym on this machine, which is perfect for muscle toning. You can utilize this to work out your shoulders, abs, lats, chest, as well as the arms. The 2-in-1 nature of this machine offers you versatility while achieving a full-body workout.

This is coupled with the adjustable resistance, which is what you need if you have specific fitness goals. Furthermore, this means that both professionals and beginners can go for this machine when they want a fitness unit.

User Experience

Everybody that has used BR3010 has confirmed that it is user-friendly. First off, it comes pre-installed, which makes it ready to use. Even though this baby is built for an intense workout, it is still very comfortable when using it.

This one features two large pivoting footplates that come with Velcro straps to keep your feet in position. You can be sure of having your feet firmly planted to make the whole workout session comfortable enough.

You also get a free complimentary instructional DVD, which is reliable enough for a beginner. This allows you to know how to use the machine even as a novice. In other words, you can become a pro even without the help of a skilled trainer when you purchase this bundle.

Don’t forget that this machine is easy to store away too because it is foldable and lightweight.


  • Strong and durable build
  • Compact and reasonably lightweight
  • 2-in-1 mini-gym
  • Easy to set up and store away
  • Features large footplates that offer comfort
  • Ideal for beginners


  • The console might not be perfectly accurate
  • May not be the best choice for advanced users


So, is the Body Sculpture BR3010 a reliable machine to have? Honestly, it isn’t a bad pick to have a home for regular workout sessions. While it might not be the best pick if you want to pack some serious muscles, it isn’t a bad pick for those that want to keep fit in the comfort of their home. It is easy to use, offers a reasonably intense workout, and comes at a friendly price too.

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