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DKN Riviera Rowing Machine Review

Do you love boat sailing? Doesn’t it give you some workout experience on your upper body? It does. But what about if you had a rowing machine that simulates natural boat sailing? Sound good, right? Well, meet DKN Riviera, the rowing machine that comes with a water-based resistance system and promises to give you a serious workout experience. Read on to learn more about this one-of-a-kind rowing machine.

What’s the price?

The Riviera Overview

This DKN Riviera is unique in its mechanism, but it does the same job as any other rowing machine. Its delivery is even better than most units out there, which is why we chose to review it today. It might not come with workout programs like other rowing machines on the market, but that doesn’t demean its potential. You will still enjoy its ability to offer you an intense workout session. The only difference is that you will be doing things manually. We’d recommend this to a professional that needs a workout supplement machine in the house.

Size and Build

The sturdiness and durability are assured, thanks to the heavy-duty construction. With this, you will use it for a while and enjoy every bit of it. It might not be on the lightweight side, but this unit won’t give you a headache when moving it around. Specifically, it comes in at 42kg and can take the weight of a 150kg user. That is satisfying enough.

One feature that this machine scores decently in is its compactness. This fella comes with a space-saving design hence making it ideal for those living in a confined house or apartment. When set up, this fella will measure 230cm x 53cm x 62cm. However, it can be folded easily for you to store it away when not in use. Even better, there are some transport wheels that will give you an easy time, whereby you won’t have to carry the entire unit in your hands.


The resistance of this DKN rowing machine is what makes it stand out. It is not only unique, but the delivery surpasses most units out there. As we mentioned, the machine comes with a water resistance system that offers you a serious workout session.

The variable water-resistance on this unit works with the 17-liter flywheel to give you that intense workout experience. The 17-liter flywheel is comparable to 17kg, which is better than most units out there. However, you can adjust the water level to meet your experience and fitness goal. The 17L is the maximum water capacity.

It comes with a self-powered motion and an adjustable resistance level. All you have to do is paddle slower or faster to adjust the workout difficulty that will suit you.


Thanks to the LCD display on this unit, you will easily keep track of every workout session on the machine. The console of this DKN Riviera rowing machine might not be advanced like other units, but it is functional enough. With it, you can check the speed, calories burned, pulse, total stroke number, time spent on the machine, and count mode. In the long run, you will easily tell how you faired in each workout session. We loved how easy it is to read the LCD display. Also, the console stats are very accurate.

Workout Experience

Since you will be working on this machine when seated, it is important to consider the quality of the seat. This one comes with an ergonomically designed seat that is comfortable and well-padded to eliminate the soreness if you will be working for a long time on the machine. You can set the machine on a standing motion to work on your arms and shoulders.

Above all, this unit is designed to work to the maximum while making minimal noise. You will enjoy working with it and not have to worry about making noise for the neighbors or other people in the house.


  • Easy foldable with transport wheels for easy portability
  • Comes with a compact, space-saving design
  • 17-liter water flywheel
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers your real-life rowing experience
  • It can work with a chest strap and wireless receiver (these are optional)


  • Some people complained about the price point


So, will the DKN Riviera offer you a worthwhile workout session? Yes, it will. It might not be the pick if you prefer a unit with an advanced console and other workout programs. However, it will serve you best if you need a unit to give you that unforgettable workout experience.

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  • 17L Max Water Capacity
  • LCD
  • Variable Water Resistance
  • Large Footplates
  • Effective Rail Distance

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