Sportstech RSX500

Sportstech RSX500 Rowing Machine Review

Do you love working on the rower at your local gym? We bet you do because it allows you to enjoy a full-body workout. But what if you can bring it to your home for you to access it whenever you want? And no, we are not talking about that huge and heavy rower at the gym. Rather, you can opt for a rowing machine that is portable like the Sportstech RSX500. This machine is not just portable, but it is meant to offer you an amazing working session at home.

This article explores more about the rowing machine and why you should consider getting it.

What’s the price?

The RSX500 Overview

The Sportstech RSX500 is a rowing machine that is designed with a heavy-duty frame that will serve you for a long time. As it helps you to train your back, arms, legs, torso, and shoulders, this unit will offer you comfort and safety. There is a ray of workout programs that you can choose to give you the experience of your choice. With this unit, both professionals and amateurs will have a worthwhile experience.

Size and Build

Doesn’t it feel good to have a fitness machine that is meant to serve you for a long time? It sure does. It won’t make any sense going for a unit that will break down after a few uses. Luckily, this one is made with a robust aluminum frame that can truly take a beating. Even if you plan to use it every day, the machine will remain strong.

It weighs around 32kg but can support a user weight of up to 120kg. Keep in mind that you won’t have to carry it when you want to store it since there are integrated wheels to assure you of easy movement. It measures 79cm x 57cm x 154cm, but it comes with a foldable design. Here, you can fold and roll it away when you are done with your workout.


Does the thought of having a fitness machine with computer controlled-resistance amuse you? If it does, then you would love working with this fella. It comes with a computer-controlled resistance of 16 levels. Besides that, you should know that the rowing machine offers you a 7kg flywheel that runs with limited noise levels.


The makers of the RSX500 understood that a workout session is only worthwhile if you can track your progress. They ensured that you don’t have to do it manually by including a console onboard. The console comes in a 5.5 display that is easy to view and access. Here, you can check the resistance level, speed, calories burned, and how long you have trained on the machine.

Workout Programs

Everyone has their own goal when working on a fitness machine. Plus, the experience level of every user is different. As a result, this unit offers you different workout programs and mode for you to have an easy time on it.

First off, you get 12 preinstalled programs that offer you varied training. There are also other modes like competition mode, HRC training, or manual mode for you to set it to what suits you best. The HRC mode is best for heartrate-based training.

Furthermore, the console is designed to let you hook your tablet or smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth as you work out. The console is compatible with most eHealth Apps.

Workout Experience

If it is the comfort level, this machine is sure to offer you that. If you want to have an intense workout session, the Sportstech RSX500 still offers you what you need. You get extra-long padded rowing cords that are designed to accommodate tall users. The seat comes with an ergonomic design with a ball bearing for it to roll easily on the aluminum rail. You can also adjust the webbing on the pedals for the ultimate comfort.


  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Mobile app compatible console
  • Offers you 16 levels of resistance with 12 workout programs
  • Ergonomic seat for comfort
  • Foldable with integrated wheels for portability


  • The price tag might be high for some users


This Sportstech RSX500 is designed with a solid frame, features multiple workout programs plus resistance levels, and you can connect your phone or tablet to it. The machine is foldable to save you space, and you can easily roll it away when done. In a nutshell, you will enjoy working with this unit.

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Sportstech RSX500 Rating


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  • Pulse belt compatible
  • 16 levels resistance
  • Permanent magnetic brake system
  • 12 training programs
  • 5.5 inch all info display

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