V-fit AR1 Artemis 2 Air Rowing Machine

V-fit AR1 Artemis 2 Air Rowing Machine Review

Out of the multiple rowing machines out there, V-fit AR1 Artemis 2 stands among the best. If you have been working with exercise equipment or you have bought one, then you must be aware of the V-fit brand. So, this is a reputable brand that is known for delivering top-notch products. In this article, we will be reviewing the rowing machine to help you understand just how reliable it is.

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The AR1 Artemis 2 Overview

The V-fit rower comes with a sturdy design to assure you of a durable machine that lets you train even while at home. The comfort level is also worth pointing out. If you live in a small apartment or a house with confined space, this machine will perfectly suit your needs. It also embraces technology to ensure that you enjoy your workout session while tracking your progress. Best of all, it comes with an attractive discount and you can enjoy free shipping when you make the purchase.


  • Size and Build

We mentioned that this unit is ideal for those that live in a small apartment or a house with confined space. The reason for this is that it comes with a medium-size, along with a space-saving design. By the way, it is made of a high-quality steel frame, as well as an extruded aluminum rowing rail. The combination of these two assures you of a strong unit that can last for long enough.

When fully assembled, this machine stands at 212 cm by 44 cm by 74 cm, but it becomes smaller when folded. The machine will be around 120cm long when folded, which is not too big to fit in a small space. It comes in at 19.5 kg, which isn’t too heavy. The machine can only support a maximum user weight of 115 kg.

  • Resistance

Being a rower, it is important to know about the resistance and if it can be reliable enough for a reliable workout session. This one comes with a club-style rower that is chain driven. Plus, it features speed proportionate air resistance to offer you an effective workout.

  • Console

If you are used to the basic rowers that only feature a small digital screen showing your workout progress, you’ll be amazed by this one. This baby comes with a six-function exercise monitor with three screens. With these three screens, you can track the distance covered, stroke counter, speed, calories burned, time modes, and stroke rate. You’ll need to purchase two AA batteries to power the monitor.

  • Workout Experience

For those that want a decent machine at home to keep them active and fit, AR1 Artemis 2 shouldn’t be a bad pick for yah. The resistance of the rower is quite effective and can offer a low to medium-impact exercise. You can work on your arms, shoulders, chest, and legs with this baby. Unfortunately, it won’t be the right pick if you want to build muscles.

This machine offers you a versatile workout solution, thanks to the oversized pivoting footplates. There is also a two-position Velcro-style toe strap that ensures your feet stay in place as you work out.

  • User Experience

So, you might be wondering if this V-fit rower is reliable enough while assuring you of good user experience. Honestly, you won’t have a difficult time working with this rower. First off, it has a unisex design, meaning that it can be used by women and men alike.

It comes with all the necessary tools to allow you to assemble it easily without the need for a professional. You can pull this off in a matter of minutes. If you want to store away, simply fold it and roll in on the transport wheels.

The countered PU padded seat comes with bearing mounted upper and lower seat guide rollers, which offers you comfort when using it.


  • Sturdy steel-aluminum construction
  • Foldable design with transport wheel for easy store away
  • Comfortable PU padded seat
  • Easy to set up
  • User-friendly
  • Three screen monitor for detailed progress tracking
  • Unisex design


  • The user weight limit could be better


Now, what is the final word about the V-Fit AR1 Artemis 2? We can conclude by saying that this is a reliable unit to use and it comes with some impressive features and functions. You can be confident of a satisfying workout session that is both comfortable and reasonably intense.

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  • Six-function exercise monitor
  • Three-screen
  • Oversize PVC footplates
  • Contoured PU padded seat

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