Apex Rides Smart Exercise Bike

Apex Rides Smart Exercise Bike Review

In recent years, home workouts have become increasingly popular as people seek convenient and efficient ways to exercise. To cater to this trend, many fitness equipment manufacturers have released home exercise bikes with advanced features that rival those found in commercial gyms. One such product is the Apex Rides Smart spin bike. This award-winning smart exercise bike is designed for home use and offers a range of features that make it a great addition to any home gym.

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Design and Features

The Smart Exercise Bike is a compact and ergonomic bike made of carbon steel. It has a magnetic resistance mechanism that offers a smooth and quiet ride. The bike measures 121.9D x 61W x 121.9H centimeters and has a maximum weight recommendation of 120 kilograms. It requires a corded electric power source, so you’ll need to have a nearby outlet to use it.

Workouts and Rides

One of the key features of the Apex Rides Smart is the access it provides to hundreds of live and on-demand classes. The bike offers a range of workout lengths from 15-minute sprints to hour-long climbs, so you can choose a workout that suits your schedule. Additionally, the bike has three types of rides: MOVE, METRIC, and A-Live.

MOVE Rides are designed for dancing to music while riding and include full-body workouts with weights. These are great for those who enjoy upbeat music and want to work on their overall fitness.

METRIC Rides are focused on hill climbs, accelerations, and intervals. These are ideal for those who want to improve their cardio and endurance.

A-Live Rides allow riders to join in real-time sessions with Apex instructors and the community. These rides are perfect for those who want to feel connected to a group and enjoy the motivation that comes with working out with others.

Apex Membership and App

When you purchase the Apex Rides Smart bike, you also get access to the Apex companion app. This app provides you with hundreds of live and on-demand rides that you can access from your home. Additionally, customers can activate a 30-day free trial of the Apex membership. However, the Apex membership requires a minimum commitment of 12 months. This membership provides access to more features and benefits, including personalized training plans and live feedback from coaches.

Change Your Resistance

The Apex Rides Exercise Bike has a magnetic resistance mechanism that allows riders to adjust their resistance levels quickly and easily. The resistance can be changed with a simple turn of a knob on the bike’s frame, which makes it easy for riders to increase or decrease the intensity of their workout. This means that riders can challenge themselves with hill climbs and intervals or take it easy during recovery periods. The magnetic resistance also provides a smooth and quiet ride, which is ideal for those who want to exercise without disturbing others in the home. With the ability to change your resistance levels on the Smart Bike, riders can customize their workouts to suit their fitness goals and preferences.

Performance Tracking and Metrics

The Apex Rides Exercise Bike allows riders to track their stats and progress using the Apex points metric. Unlike other bikes that track speed or power, the Apex points metric is earned through effort. This encourages riders to push themselves to their limits and gives them a more accurate measure of their progress. Riders can also track their heart rate, calories burned, and other metrics using the bike’s built-in sensors.

Compatibility and Suitability

The Apex Rides Smart is designed for indoor use only. It is compatible with most smartphones and tablets and can be connected to the Apex companion app via Bluetooth. This allows riders to view their progress and stats on their device and access the hundreds of live and on-demand rides available through the app. The bike is suitable for riders of all levels, goals, and music tastes. With the variety of rides available, there is something for everyone.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism for smooth and quiet ride
  • Access to hundreds of live and on-demand rides
  • Apex points metric for accurate performance tracking
  • Suitable for riders of all levels, goals, and music tastes


  • Requires a corded electric power source
  • Apex membership requires a minimum commitment of 12 months


The Apex Rides Smart Exercise Bike is a great investment for anyone looking for a high-quality exercise bike for home use. With its compact and ergonomic design, magnetic resistance mechanism, and access to hundreds of live and on-demand rides, it offers a versatile and convenient way to stay in shape. The Apex points metric and other performance tracking features make it easy to track your progress and stay motivated. While the corded electric power source and minimum commitment for the Apex membership may be drawbacks for some, the benefits of this bike outweigh the cons. Overall, the Apex Rides exerciser is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take their home workouts to the next level.

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