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Spin Bike For Sale In UK: 10 Best Reviews (For Home) And FAQ

Cycling is a low impact sport on the body contrasted with different activities. Furthermore, it helps you achieve an intense workout.

Indoor classes are colossally popular in the UK and nowadays the choice to have one in your house is simpler and less expensive than you likely might suspect!

There is a colossal scope of indoor bikes out there and it can feel somewhat overpowering when searching for the correct one. In this article, we will be discussing the best spin bikes for home on the market, and why you need one. Keep reading this post to learn more about them.

Spin Bikes: Our Top Picks

XS Sports Aerobic9.0Check
Dripex Upright9.0Check
Sportstech SX2008.6Check
JLL IC3008.6Check
JLL IC300 PRO8.6Check
JTX Cyclo 68.4Check
We R Sports RevXtreme8.4Check
JLL IC400 ELITE8.2Check
Bodymax B28.0Check

The main aim of this article is to help you find the best best spin bike out there. So, let’s get started.

Indoor Spinning Bike Reviews

JLL IC400 ELITE Spin Indoor Bike

This is a versatile and smooth spin bike that allows you to accomplish extraordinary wellness results. One of the best models in UK. Peruse on to discover more.

The JLL IC400 indoor exercise bike accompanies a ground-breaking 20KG flywheel which will enable you to keep up a smooth and powerful movement all through the activity.

It accompanies a multi-point handle which can be balanced on a level plane for your solace. It likewise offers a handlebar which has 7 distinctive vertical change levels to look over.

The JLL IC400 spinning bike additionally accompanies a seat which can be altered both vertically and on a level plane. In turn, this will give you the most comfortable and customized exercise of your life.

The JLL home spinning bike includes a smooth belt framework which runs quietly. It likewise has a 3 piece wrench framework set up on the pedals for a tough and solid experience. It will feel like you’re riding a genuine bicycle.

It has been ROHS-CE ensured, so you can be sure of getting a safe exercise bike for your workout. The most extreme user weight is 150kg.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Runs smoothly
  • Minimal maintenance needed
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Compact design


  • The seat might narrow to some users

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Bodymax B2 Indoor Cycling Bike

In case you’re searching for a sleek and modern spin exercise bike that will give you a smooth and stable ride, the Bodymax B2 should be perfect for you! It is certified by German standards of design, usefulness, and safety. Another great trainer you can buy in UK.

The indoor spin bike includes a 13kg flywheel alongside a quick-release tension adjuster. This gives consistent tension that makes the user enjoy the exercise session.

The strong construction and smooth feel of the B2 give it top-notch value! Along with the quick-release tension adjuster, the B2 likewise includes a 3 piece crank as well as balanced pedals. It features foot straps and is chain driven to give extra resistance. In any case, the 13kg flywheel helps keep the ride smooth and solid.

The B2 spin bike likewise accompanies a large, simple-to-use LCD screen that shows the time, speed, RPM, separation, and calories. Moreover, the heart and telemetric heartbeat monitors help you track you’re your health. This also helps you reach and maintain your ideal pulse to benefit from your exercise.

It comes with a flexible seat–both horizontal and vertical. There are also movable handlebars that are foam-covered. This offers you a comfortable fit that is exceptional to you. Additionally, the frame of the home cycling bike features transport wheels that make it simple to move around and store it.

What’s more, you get a free water bottle and holder to help keep you hydrated during your exercise. This one can support up to 125kg of user weight.


  • Sleek and modern design
  • The exercise bicycle has a sturdy construction
  • Transport wheels for easy transportation
  • Continuous tension throughout your session
  • Adjustable seat


  • The flywheel can get loud
  • You’ll need a telemetric strap to monitor the heart rate

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JTX Cyclo 6 Indoor Spin Bike

One of the best exerciser you can buy in UK. With regard to the intensive cardio, the JTX Cyclo 6 spin bike is intended to stimulate cycling on multiple roads with the smoothness and comfort of your home. The flywheel of this Cyclo 6 is 22 kg and accompanies a belt transmission, along with a customized seat and handlebar. This makes it the perfect spin cycle bike to get for the entire family.

The expert nature of the machine will make you feel as if you’re taking a turn class at the gym. On the other hand, the assortment of exercise programs will help push you to an optimal heart rate. You can get the best out of your exercise by feeling healthier and stronger with each use.

The Quadri-Set Adjustment System enables you to modify your Cyclo 6 to your preference. The seat is padded and adjusts both on a level plane and vertically to work with any posture and alignment. The handlebars additionally can be adjusted vertically for those who are more on the taller side. You can be confident of getting perfect adjustments for you to maximize your exercise.

The opposition control on the spin bike is both natural and unbounded, enabling you to change and modify your settings all through your exercise. Various settings are intended to mirror road conditions, complete with curves and hills.

The clear view LCD display offers an easy-view when you are cycling this baby. This LCD keeps track of all the workout details, including time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse. All of them are displayed on one screen. You won’t have to flip back and forth during your workout. This one can support the maximum user weight of 160Kgs.


  • Gym-quality construction/delivery
  • Infinity resistance
  • Built to last
  • Transport wheels for easy movement and storage
  • The seat handles, and pedals can be adjusted easily
  • Easy-to-view LCD screen


  • It is pricier than most models
  • It is heavy

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JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Spinning Bike

It’s as yet a decent sturdy spinning bike available for purchase in UK market. And if that is the thing you’re pursuing, then this one comes all-around checked on and ought to surely tick a considerable lot of your cases. It’s a fundamental chain-driven exerciser and will be everything that you should need to begin. The machine suits individuals up to 130kg in weight.

The JLL IC300 indoor cycling bike features an 18Kg flywheel. The makers have structured it for amateurs and professionals as well. It is anything but difficult to adjust the resistance. This can easily be done using the handle below the LCD monitor. This can easily be done within arm’s range even as you are cycling, which is ideal for the HIIT exercises.

Made of high-quality steel and flexible seats, this spin bike gives a comfortable exercise to individuals of various sizes and physical body.

It is comfortable and ergonomic enough; you will burn calories in the correct position, thanks to the adjustable handlebar. You can rest your elbows as you exercise.

It accompanies a fully-functional workout guide that sets the standard of your program and training pace.


  • Sturdy steel design is durable and rust resistance
  • Adjustable seats and handlebar
  • Armrest for added comfort
  • Free workout guide with bottle water and holder
  • Affordable


  • It can be slightly noisy

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Dripex – Upright Spin Bike

The main aspect of a comfortable ride is a machine that is customized to your accurate needs. The Dripex indoor spin bike lets you make changes and alterations until it’s perfect for you.

The handlebar is adjustable vertically according to your height. Plus, it features a leather cushioned seat that can be customized vertically or horizontally. The best part is that these adjustments can be made easily by twisting the knob. This enables you to modify the exercise bike during your cycling exercise.

Besides the moderate cost and strong frame, another reason that makes this among the best spinning cycles in the UK is the overwhelming flywheel and belt drive system.

It is furnished with a 20kg overwhelming flywheel that keeps the ride genuinely smooth. With respect to the drivetrain, it is smooth, calm and requires way less support than chain indoor cycles.

Clients from 5’3″ – 6’5″ and up to 150 kg can comfortably use this machine. Moreover, the spin bike features an advanced screen that tracks your activity time, speed, separation, calories, and heartbeat. Along these lines, you can understand your progress and change your activity plan ahead of time.

The pedals are toe caged and the resistance is felt-pad friction, there is no magnetic resistance. The 9/16″ pedal thread is easily accessible. Furthermore, it comes with leveling feet, wheels, and rust resistance coat.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Sturdy and modern design
  • 20Kg flywheel
  • Transport wheels onboard
  • Smooth operation
  • Emergency stop brake for safety


  • The pedals can give some uncomfortable noises
  • Doesn’t have workout programs.

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LIFE CARVER BTM Indoor Cycling Spinning Bike

The Life Carver BTM spin bike is a generally low-cost model that might be only the thing to get you off the couch. In the event that you aren’t concerned about included highlights, for example, pre-loaded workout programs, at that point a straightforward unit like this one is entirely fit for carrying out the responsibility. It looks proficient and comes in smooth dark and yellow hues for a sporty look. And yes, it’s for sale in UK, so keep reading.

Even though this exercise bike did not come in the most protective packaging, it was anything but difficult to assemble. The resistance is controlled through a knob. Sadly, the knob isn’t as user-friendly as most units out there. Nevertheless, it is a lot less expensive. At its cost, this is a decent quality machine that is steady to use.

It is quite easy to change the stature settings and the cushioned seat offers extra comfort when using it. If you were to compare this stationary spin bike with other ones on this list, you will notice that it doesn’t have so much added features like others. Luckily, it won’t break your bank if you were to buy it.

The Life Carver indoor cycle comes in at somewhat more costly than the Esprit MOTIV-8 and improves capacities. With everything taken into account, it is a not too bad alternative, yet there are better decisions available at this value point.

We loved the comfortable basket pedals that come with a drive belt for smooth and quiet riding.


  • Elegant design
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Transport wheels for moving and storing
  • Less expensive


  • 10kg flywheel might not be enough for advanced users
  • No pre-loaded workout programs

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Sportstech SX200 Indoor Exercise Bike

Sportstech SX200 spin bike has felt cushion friction resistance system. That might not be as quiet as the magnetic ones out there, but it can perfectly handle the high-intensity exercises. You can modify your workout intensity with the helpful tension knob. Just a simple twist will either increase or reduce the resistance that best suits you. This knob is likewise designed as a quick stop braking system. With this, you can rapidly begin and stop whenever in the wake of pushing it down.

This spin bike has non-slip handlebars that are vertically adjustable. These handlebars also offer less hand-hold positions compared with others on the market. Because of the absence of full handlebar adjustment, all things considered, a few riders won’t fit the Sportstech SX200 easily.

With respect to the seat, the Sportstech SX200 spin bike is comfortable and completely customizable. The Sportstech SX200 has an ergonomically designed center cutout breathable cushioned seat. This feature assures you of an ideal solace and straightforwardness. The SX200 comes with a decent frame and 3-piece steel cranks arms. The combination of these features means that the cycling machine can support a maximum of 125 Kg.

The LCD monitor of this Sportstech product runs with 4 AA batteries. It is prepared to record the RPM, time, speed, separation, calories, and pulse by pulse and chest straps. The spin bike additionally has the Bluetooth capacity to enable you to link your gadgets and save your details on the iConsole+ Training App. Be that as it may, in contrast to different models, it isn’t compatible with the Kinomap. Generally, it enables you to see your outcomes to keep you motivated.

There are toe cages and straps on this indoor exercise bike, which is an added advantage. It has the standard 16/9″ pedal string that maintains your feet as you pedal. Finally, the Sportstech Professional indoor cycle SX200 highlights hardened steel seat and handlebars posts, adjustable feet levelers, and transport wheels. Furthermore, you will get a free water bottle.


  • Heavy flywheel
  • Quiet belt-drive cycle
  • Inbuilt pulse sensors
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comfortable to work with


  • Pricey
  • The handlebar isn’t fully adjustable

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JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Spinning Bike

IC300 PRO indoor cycle is fully-loaded with some of the most advanced features. Furthermore, this is supposedly the best choice if you are a heavy user and you want an intense bicycle to exercise at home. One of the best bike for sale in UK market.

It is constructed to maximize your cycling performance and you can be sure of achieving a serious workout with this machine. This IC300 Pro will elevate you to your limits by burning calories, as well as conditioning your body and toning your muscles.

The spin bike comes with sturdy construction to stay strong and hold a plus-size user. The machine weighs 45 kg, which is kind-of heavy to move around on your own. But worry not because this one has wheels for easy transportation. Plus, it can support a maximum weight of 130 kg. That is better than most units on the list.

There is a magnetic resistance that offers a quieter workout compared to the direct resistance. By the way, the magnetic resistance is completely adjustable. So yes, you can customize it as you wish. An adjustable dial is onboard to allow you to adjust the magnetic resistance. Keep in mind that the intensity of the magnetic resistance will increase as you move the magnet closer to the pedal.

The direct belt driven feature offers comfortable pedaling in either direction. In other words, you can either pedal forward or backward. There is a strong rubber belt that makes it quieter when pedaling. This requires less maintenance as well. It is important to note that the direct belt-driven flywheel is 20 kg. That will surely give you an intense workout.

If you want to track your progress, simply do so on the large 7-function monitor that will display the distance, time, calories burned, RPM, pulse, scan mode, and the current speed. This indoor cycling bike is quite comfortable because you can adjust the handlebar and seat in either direction.


  • It is very stable
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fully-adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Smooth and quiet performance
  • Easy to move around


  • It is costlier than most units out there and on the list

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We R Sports Spin Bike RevXtreme

If you were to consider the looks of a spinning bike, this one would definitely be one of the top picks. It comes with an elegant design that makes it stand out among other indoor machines. The pink, black, and silver color theme is so adorable to ignore.

It also performs decently enough. It comes with an adjustable seat, along with a quick-release mechanism. This gives you an easy time when you need to make any adjustments. By the way, you can adjust the height and depth of seat too, which we thought was an added advantage. The redesigned extreme seat makes it the perfect combination of efficiency and comfort.

There is a powerful chain drive system that offers smooth and authentic riding feel. The heavy-balanced flywheel 22 kg top-notch flywheel offers a smooth and realistic experience. It is sturdy and comes in at around 47 kg. That might be heavy compared to most units out there, but it also makes the spin bike strong enough to support a user weight of up to 125 kg.

The seat can be raised by 20cm vertically and balanced up to 10 cm on a level plane. This measure of customizability allows for a wide scope of development making this machine useful for clients at a stature of five-foot or more right to six foot.

The handlebars feature a non-slip grip and are movable by 10 cm. To change is clear with the client basically turning a dial. The pedals on the exercise bike are made using aluminum and highlight a toe cage. The aluminum pedals are lightweight and that makes it better than other heavy steel-made pedals.

We though the toe cage is a decent feature on this spinning bike as it carries out the responsibility that others don’t. The secureness is pleasant and cozy so no scratching your shins any longer.

The LCD screen has a sum of five capacities. These are calories burned, distance, speed, time, and scan. This isn’t the most exceptional screens you’ll find out there, but it is decent enough compared to most units out there. By and large, it is anything but difficult to utilize and it tracks all the important information that is expected to track wellness advance. You’ll get a free water bottle with this unit.


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Elegant look
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars
  • It is easy to use
  • Anti-slip pedals


  • Some users found it somewhat noisy

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XS Sports Aerobic

The spin bike accompanies every feature that you need for a reliable workout.

You get a 15Kg flywheel that offers enough resistance that will give you an intense, smooth exercise. As you turn the adjustable resistance knob, you will feel an immense distinction as it applies the brake. Even though a gym spec unit would have a 22Kg flywheel, this one will still offer an equally intense workout.

The spinning bike is made with high-quality steel that can support a maximum user weight of 125 kg. It weighs around 40 kg that might be difficult to carry it around the house. Luckily, this is fixed with transport wheels that allow you to push it around when you need to move it or store it.

This upright cycle has gone through a serious quality inspection and it is perfectly developed to not only offer you a reliable workout experience but also to assure you of safety. The bike has been crafted to the highest standards.

The XS Sports Aerobic is the ideal trainer for beginners, but the advanced athletes can also use this baby. If you want to track the progress, you can easily do that with the help of the LCD. The LCD display will show you the current speed, distance covered, calories burned, pulse, as well as duration.

The comfort level of this spin bike is worth pointing out too. It comes with adjustable handlebars and inbuilt arm and elbow rest. These features will offer you an authentic peloton cycling experience. So yes, this equipment will offer you reliable and comfortable workout experience.


  • Sturdy steel frame for longevity
  • Comfortable cycling experience
  • Easy to assemble
  • Value for money
  • Water bottle holder
  • Arm and elbow rests for comfort


  • The seat might be too narrow for some users

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Is Better: Spin Bike Or Exercise Bike?

You can get an extraordinary workout from any exercise bike. The recumbent and upright cycles are the perfect choice for beginners. But if you prefer a more advanced workout session, then you should consider going for a spin bike.

They let you engage in an extremely intense workout. However, they are best utilized when you use a workout guide. You will find most exercise bikes in gyms. But there are special classes for spin cycles.

So which is the best? If you want a real-life cycling experience, a spin bike would be the right unit to go for. However, if you want a comfortable and average workout experience, an exercise cycle would be the right choice for you.

Do They Help To Lose Weight?

Yes, they can help you lose weight if you ride them daily, and stick to a healthy diet. If you want an intense workout to boost your fat loss journey, you should combine the cycling with some serious cardio workouts.

Is Indoor Bike Better Than A Treadmill?

There is a tight competition between treadmills and spin bikes in the UK. Both the workout machines are helpful depending on what you want. The bikes, however, tend to surpass the treadmill in terms of the impact achieved. Plus, they won’t be too harsh on your joints and heels like the treadmills. If you have dodgy knees, and you want a stress-free cardiovascular workout, a cycle would offer that perfectly.

Can It Help Lose Belly Fat?

Yes, it can help you lose belly fat, but you will have to combine the cycling sessions with some workouts aim at the abdomen and stomach area. Maybe do some sit-ups or buy a simple roller.

How To Choose A Good Cycling Machine?

A good indoor spin bike is the one which meets your workout needs and personal preference. Nevertheless, choose one that has 12 kg flywheel or better. Also, the frame and legs must be made of strong material ideally steel. The drive system should be ideally belt-driven. Most people prefer a magnetic braking system, and there should be multiple resistance levels. The seat and handlebars should be adjustable and should have non-slip or strapped pedals. Also, go for one with added accessories like transport wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD display, and a bottle holder.

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