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Dripex Upright Exercise Bike Review – Studio Quality

Physical appeal attracts attention, and that’s what the Dripex upright exercise bike does. The red and black color combination has a smooth and inviting effect that draws you. The design and framework of this machine indicate a steady ability to absorb hard use. It looks reliable for hard workouts. Well, is the physical appearance right or wrong? This review sheds light on the setting and functions of this bike, its pros and con, and features that set it apart. Keep reading and find out if it’s worth being part of your fitness journey.

What’s the price?

Settings and functions

The multi-functional LCD monitor and hand pulse

Dripex upright exercise bike has a digital monitor that shows time, distance, speed, heart rate, and calories burned in real-time. The function allows you to keep track of your progress, and thus, you can adjust your workout plan to meet your exercise goals. The hand pulse tracks your heart rate giving you a great experience.

Flywheel with limitless resistance

The machine is equipped witha bidirectional 14lb fly-wheel allowing more momentum that challenges your workout sessions, ensuring you work hard to achieveyour fitness goals. The resistance is adjustable to help the user adjust to the level that suits their needs best, and exercise main muscle groups for enhanced endurance and coordination.

Adjustable and leather cycling saddle

Comfort and convenience of working positions arecrucial to getting the best results and preventing injuries that may result from improper body positioning. That is why the leather and adjustable saddle of the Dripex bike is perfect. The cushioning offers excellent support minimizing injuries that may result from prolonged use. You can adjust the seat up and down, front and back, enabling you to get the right position according to your weight and height.

Multiple-use handlebar

The multi-functional handlebars of Dripex bike are adjustable to help the user exercise at different postures with great support. They have added central armrest that gives you extra comfort and security.

Emergency stop brake for safety

The bike is equipped with friction resistance that allows the user to apply the brake pad to the flywheel to create more resistance. This makes the spinning harder for a more intense workout. The button is fast, making it quick to use, reducingthe risks of injuries.

Adjustable anti-skid cage pedals

Being safe is essential during a workout as it allows you to concentrate on your sessions for maximum benefits. The Dripex upright bike has anti-skid cage pedals,ensuring you have excellent experience and great support when pedaling. It is made of aluminum alloy for durable use.

Relaxed ergonomics triangle design

The design and framework of gym equipment offer stability that supports user weight. The bike has a triangle design thatmakes it stronger, comfortable, and stable to support all types of hard use.

Transportation wheels

This upright bike is equipped with transport wheels that make it easier to move around the house with minimal struggle. All you need to do is tilt and roll out for usage and away for storage. The wheels are placed at the front to reduce muscle strain. The bike also saves space so if you have limited space, this machine will fit perfectly at your home.

Key features

  • Bidirectional 14lb flywheel
  • Belt drive that reduces noise
  • Infinite resistance
  • LCD monitor to help track your progress
  • Hand pulse to monitor your heart rate
  • Transport wheels
  • Assembled: 40”L x 21”W x 40”H
  • User maximum weight: 330lbs
  • User height: 5’-6’3”


  • A digital multi-functional LCD monitor
  • Sturdy, and steady construction for reliable use
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate different users
  • Perfect for home as occupies limited space
  • Safety features such as brake pad, armrest, and pedal protective casing


  • The monitor is not backlit
  • No tablet or bottle holders

The Verdict

The Dripex upright exercise bike is an upgrade as it has features that set it apart from other bikes such as convenience, safety, and comfort to the user. The belt drive makes it quiet for home use. It’s affordable and supports workout that challenging enough to help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s quick and easy to assemble. The bike is highly recommendable for its safety features, strong structure, and friendly and easy to use settings.

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Dripex Upright Exercise Bike Rating


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  • LCD Display & Hand Pulse
  • Adjustable Limitless Resistance
  • Safe & Comfortable
  • Super Smooth & Quiet
  • Easy to Move

1 thought on “Dripex Upright Exercise Bike Review – Studio Quality”

  1. Paul Riddiford

    Just purchased this model from Yoleo store via Amazon. Great looking machine and all fitted together well EXCEPT that speed sensor was obviously touching the inner flywheel which was making a tapping noise at each revolution. Turns out the sensor was not attached to it plastic housing clip under the frame and the flywheel was hitting it. Consequently the sensor was broken and whilst speed display was illuminated there is no distance speed or time recording. All measures stayed at 0. I could easily replace the speed sensor wire but waiting for response from if they will send wire or have to return whole machine.

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