Esprit MOTIV-8

Esprit MOTIV-8 Exercise Spin Bike Review

Fitness is one of the primary goals of every individual, and people put a lot of efforts to stay fit by adhering to weight loss diet and exercise plans. One of the best supporting exercise tools to manage your work out program is having a cardio weight loss machine at home, which must be affordable and won’t occupy large storage space. In this review, we shall discuss on Esprit MOTIV-8, as it is budget friendly, easy to operate and also with promising features.

What’s the price?

It is an ideal fitness exercise spin bike for people, who lead a busy personal life and want to maintain their health without barging to a fitness club. Esprit MOTIV-8 Exercise Bike is also the best option for those lazy gym guys and girls. It has a high-endbuild quality and features with a sleek look making it unique in the cardio exercise machine segment.

You can find plenty of reason to buy this bike but also have some negative points, which can overshoot with its positive elements. The review will help you to ease up the search parameters while hunting for a fitness exercise spin bike. Also check this if you’re searching for the best one.

MOTIV-8 In Brief

Esprit MOTIV-8 is an ideal choice for intense cardio training staying in the comfort of home. It is the best exercise spin bike with the 10KG flywheel in terms of user-friendly features. You will find its design helps to lose weight, regain energy and increase stamina at the same time. It can also use as a work out tool in professional fitness centers.

The frame of the bike is compact and comes with a solid base whichcan enhance its stability. It has excellent color options, which will let you select the best color matching to your interior rather than settling with anything available.  Though it is compact, its adjustable saddle, handlebars and easy to read console provide you the necessary support what is essential while having a fitness session at home.

Highlighted Features

10Kg Flywheel: The Flywheel is one of the critical factors which helps a fitness bike for delivering the best result, especially when it uses for a home-based workout session. You can have smooth and comfortable cycling with a heavy weight flywheel. It is one of the best exercise bikes in the 10 Kg flywheel category, helping users to develop stamina and lose weight.

The Console: The bike comes with a compact console with six functions; speed, distance, pulse, time, odometer and calories. So you seldom have the chance to wander in the blues, scratching for the desired fitness results. The console positioned between the handlebars, give you the necessary information.

5 Vertical Seat Adjustments: Are you a heavy build body person with long legs? No problem, you can adjust the saddle as per your height requirements, since the Esprit MOTIV-8 comes with a 5 vertical adjustment, which can protect you from any possible back and joint injuries.  So no more cramping.

5 Vertical Handlebar Adjustments: Yet another highlighted features of the cardio weight loss machine is the 5 position handlebar adjustment options. MOTIVE-8 comes with 5 level handlebar adjustments which help the rider to set the handlebar matching to hip position to get the maximum force while cycling.

Maximum User Weight: MOTIVE-8 support weight upto 120kg. Maximum weight shows the strength of the fitness bike making it stand tall than any cardio weight loss machine of this category.  As it comes with highly durable and top quality materials, you will never mess up with any breakdowns during the workout session.


  • Adjustable handlebar
  • 10 kg flywheel
  • Emergency Stop System
  • 120kg User Weight Capacity
  • Console to check various workout progress
  • Adjustable seat
  • Low noise


  • Complex Assembly
  • Height adjustment


It is ideal for home users as well as professional users.  Most of the online sites carry a lot of positive feedback on this machine, which shows the mass acceptability of the spin bike enjoying in the market. On Amazon, out of 70 reviews, the product could bag 77 percent 5-star ranking, and on aggregate it enjoys 4.5 stars out of possible 5 stars. The acceptability of the spin bike is commendable, and it offers excellent value for money.


In 10Kg flywheel category with the emergency braking system, the MOTIVE-8 has a better edge over its compatriots, in quality, style, and performance. The spin bike is very much affordable, offer excellent workout result and can meet your fitness objective at home.

Set the goals what you want to achieve; whether to increase stamina, lose weight or enhance speed, the spin bike will help to accomplish the objectives, no matter how tough is it. The Esprit MOTIV-8 spin bike is a reliable companion, without any complex features making it one of the best options to meet the fitness goals.

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Esprit MOTIV-8


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  • 6 function monitor
  • 8kg Flywheel
  • Emergency stop system
  • 5 vertical seat adjustment levels
  • Maximum user weight - 120kg

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