F4H Olympic Intensive ES702 Aerobic Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Looking for an easy way to enjoy cardio without having to leave your house or pay for a gym membership and trainer? Then look no further as the new F4H Olympic Intensive ES702 Aerobic Indoor Cycling Bike is here to help you not only achieve your desired fitness goals but also to make sure you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house while you do so!

Few Things About F4H Olympic Intensive ES702

The new indoor bike by F4H Olympic is interesting in its design and application; its sturdy build, simple construction and curved design make sure that the machine retains stability and is able to perform all the desired functions. All features of this indoor bike are easily able to cater to each individual’s different body shape and size. You can adjust the height of the seat, the tension and, resistance according to your desired workout.

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Digital computer screen allows you to keep track of measurements such as distance, speed, time, pulse rate, calories etc. Pulse sensors have been inculcated within the handle bars to keep track of your pulse rate quite accurately and with its smooth design and non-skid pedals, this machine works wonders for you during a cardio session. The 11kg flywheel made out of chrome makes sure you enjoy the full versatility of this product.

As a result, you can feel your muscles strengthen due to the intense yet enjoyable workout this indoor bile provides. Not only do you improve the capacity and efficiency of your lungs but you are also able to tone your lower body and build muscle endurance during the process as you will be losing quite a lot of calories. The applications of F4H ES702 exercise bike are numerous and all aim to improve your health and help challenge you to do your best every day.


  • The dimensions of this product are 102 x 85 x 43 cm.
  • The weight of this product is 3.1kg.
  • Available in an attractive, sleek white color.
  • Comes with an 11kg chrome flywheel.
  • Digital monitor is able to display all important time, speed and distance measurements.
  • Inbuilt pulse sensors in the handle bars.
  • Adjustable seat height, feet and resistance.
  • Pedals are built to ensure your feet do not skid off them.
  • Built-in bottle holder.

Adjustable controls

This is perhaps the greatest advantage of this indoor cycling machine – it allows you to have complete control over the settings. You can adjust the seat height, the feet and the resistance of your bike all depending on your body type and the nature of your workout. The rear stabilizer makes sure your bike does not tip over and that you remain completely safe during your workout and the chrome flywheel simply adds versatility to your exercise and makes sure you benefit from all the various workouts possible.

Digital display

Computer monitor makes keeping track of all necessary measurements extremely convenient. You can see all numbers clearly and do not have to strain your eyes mid-workout.


  • Comfortable seating area.
  • Caters to people of all sizes and heights.
  • Digital display makes it easy to see all numerical.
  • In-built pulse sensors accurately keep track of pulse rate.
  • Sturdy build keeps bike from skidding.
  • Easy to use due to innovative yet simple style.
  • Affordable as compared to other options.
  • Ideal for both beginners and those looking for a challenging workout
  • Pedals are designed to prevent skidding.


  • Product takes certain time to be assembled and installed properly

Customer Reviews and conclusion

Most customers were more than happy with the quality of F4H Olympic Intensive ES702 Aerobic Indoor Cycling Bike and it gained high ratings due to good quality at an inexpensive price. Most customers found the adjustable controls to be ideal for them as they were able to make the most of the bike without being hindered by anything. Not only is the bike quiet during workouts but it also allows you to keep track of all important measurements. However some customers found the assembly instructions to be difficult to comprehend and complained that the installation took a lot of time.

In short, this bike is a great deal for anyone looking to bring themselves back to shape for an affordable price within the comfort of their own home!

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  • 10 Kg Fly Wheel
  • Digital Computer Monitor
  • Chain Transmission
  • Adjustable Resistance Systance System
  • Non Skid Pedals

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