iDeer Life Exercise Bike Review: A Modern Looking Bike

iDeer Life Exercise Bike is a smooth-running indoor stationary spin cycling bike designed for home exercises. The machine offers all features and functionalities that are essential for exercise equipment. It is ideal for anyone who is looking to build body and improve health. iDeer Life spin bike is a modern looking bike, fabricated in heavy duty steel frame and it comes with many user-friendly features. Its smart multifunctional LCD screen provides lots of functional information such as distance covered, calories burnt, time and speed, etc., which is helpful for users to plan their exercise pattern.

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About iDeer Life Exercise Bike

iDeer Life Exercise Bike is a great stationary bike suitable for alltypes of users. The bike equipped with LCD screen mounted at the center of the handlebars to let you know the various functional status of the body along with heart rate sensors. It works quietly, thanks to its belt driven mechanism.

The bike comes with adjustable handlebars and seat. Users can easily adjust the handlebars and seat height according to their comfort and enjoy an intense custom session. The padded seat is comfortable for long workout schedules and lets you ride the bike by both standing and sitting. It also has transportation wheels allowing you to move it from place to place or for storing. For using the wheel, just twist the wheel portion, and it is ready for use.

Highlighted Features

Smooth Belt Dive Mechanism

This iDeer Life Bike incorporates a quiet belt drive mechanism for ensuringsuper smooth movement and quit working. The noise-free operation helps you to workout at home or office without disturbing others. Its heavy-duty frame and intelligent design is a reason for high stability, and it can bear a weight up to 280 lbs.

Multi-functional LCD Monitor

When you do a workout, the first thing you would like to know is the time and calories burnt and if possible heart rate too. This exercise bike features a multifunctional LCD monitor with different functions like scan, time, speed, distance covered, pule, calories,and RPM. The LCD monitor mounted at the center of the handlebars, making it easy to read the displays.

Adjustable Padded Seat

This spin bike comes with smooth PU leather padded seat designed to contribute added comfort during the workout session. Since it has flexible seating, multiple users can use the exercise bike by adjusting the seating position to a customizable fit. You can also adjust the seat up/down or towards the front and back to fit to any body type easily.

Adjustable Brake And Tension Resistance

You can easily regulate the intensity of the workout with a flexible and adjustable tension resistance mechanism. It offers different tension levels so that you can indulge in an intense exercise to burn more calories.

Comfortable Basket Pedals

The bike comes with a highly comfortable basket pedal to adjust the tightness to the desired level making your feet stay in place during the workout regime.


  • Comfortable and safe to use
  • Heavy-duty steel frame build
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • Multifunctional LCD monitor
  • Heart rate sensors
  • Quiet mechanism
  • Belt-driven model
  • Adjustable tension levels
  • Easy to adjust padded seats
  • Conveniently placed handlebars


  • A bit heavy
  • Max user weight 280lbs


The robust build machine is a good quality exercise bike designed to get most out of your fitness training. It would fit well in a home gym or even a professional gym and is quite versatile to offer workouts of different intensity. The seat is padded with rubber foam to keep you as comfortable as possible. Its features are highly advantages for people who want to achieve a well-toned body by undergoing in indoor fitness plans. Check more buying options here.


The iDeer Life Exercise Bike is a great indoor exercise equipment perfect for beginners and advanced level users. Exercising in a stationary bike is not only useful to lose weight, but it also helps you relax, reduce stress and improve the energy level and overall health. Unlike chain-driven models, this spin bike offers noiseless operation due to its belt driven mechanism. With multifunctional LCD screen, adjustable handlebars, heart sensors, flexible and added seat, transportation wheels and basket pedalsthe this bike is worth for the value.

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iDeer Life Exercise Bike


Our Rating



  • Hand Pulse Sensors
  • Heavy-duty Crank and Steel Frame
  • High Smooth Belt Drive System
  • LCD Display Monitor
  • Movable Transportation Wheels

1 thought on “iDeer Life Exercise Bike Review: A Modern Looking Bike”

  1. I purchased the Ideer Life Exercise Bike Indoor Workout Cycling Bike. So far I am happy with the unit. However, at age 74, I find riding more upright than laying over the front handler bar is more comfortable for me. I wish the Handle Lifting Pipe was longer. I think you should make a Handle Lifting Pipe that is about 4″ to 6″ longer. Make it for sale as an optional item. I bet taller and older people would purchase them in a heartbeat. I notice about 25% to 30% of the reviews I saw mentioned the handle bars as being too low.

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