JLL IC260 Indoor Cycling Bike Review And Best Price

Indoor cycling bikes are stationary bicycles replicating the features and motions of regular bicycles and used for indoor exercise. The results from this exercise are fantastic as it produces sweat, helps in blood pumping, and improves the overall health of the heart. It can be found in many gyms and can be purchased for home bike routines. More so, this exercise machine can be fun and adventurous as you can easily imagine yourself cycling on different terrains. Whether you want to tone your muscles, burn calories, or enhance fitness levels, the JLL IC260 Indoor Cycling Bike will meet your needs perfectly. This sleek cycling bike easily replicates the feel you get while cycling a real bike with the exception of the various terrains you may encounter outdoors. 

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IC260 Exercise Bike Overview

This small exercise bike is great for people who want to cycle from the comfort of their home. It is reasonably priced, solid and very beautifully designed to fit right in with your household furniture. Most users attest to how easy assembling this machine is and also how effective the workout options are. You can achieve your fitness goals with this well-programmed indoor workout bike. Also, check other great spin bikes here.

The seat height, handlebar height and foot straps can be easily adjusted to make you very comfortable while riding. Additionally, the wheels of this bike are built in to make it easier to move considering the fact that it is quite heavy. This advanced indoor exercise machine will conveniently meet the needs of both beginners and expert athletes alike. 


  • Monitor – The monitor can be found on the adjustable handlebars. It shows 6 important functions that can help you monitor your workout sessions. The time function will help you know your duration for each workout session and can also be set to match the goals you have set for yourself. Another function is the distance, which makes you aware of how far you have cycled. The speed function will help you know how fast you are going so you know whether you need to slow down the pace or increase it. Also found on the monitor is an indicator for calories, to help you monitor how much you are burning with each work out. Indicators for pulse and odometer are also made available on the monitor. Monitoring your heart rate while working out is made easier using the pulse sensor.
  • Flywheel – JLL IC260 exercise bike has a 15kg flywheel that is beautifully designed with the forward momentum of a regular bike. This flywheel is quite heavy and spins smoothly even when used for extended periods of time. There is no doubt it will offer smooth motion and a lot of resistance.
  • Chain Guard – This cycling machine is chain-driven. It comes with a chain guard that will protect you and your loved ones from the moving chain while spinning. The moving chain is featured to give the rider a more authentic cycling experience. In addition, this chain will make sure you get most of the challenges you experience when using regular exercise bikes.
  • Friction Resistance – Resistance is gotten from the brake pad when it is applied to the flywheel. The resultant effect is difficulty of the flywheel to continue spinning as well as a more intense workout.
  • 3-Piece Crank – On the pedals of this bike is a 3-piece crank system that ensures the bike is stronger and reliable. The sturdiness and heaviness make it more durable and ensures a smoother ride. This replicates the feel enjoyed when riding a mountain bike.
  • Leather Cycling Saddle – The saddle of JLL IC260 is covered with high quality leather that is durable and sweat-resistant. This cushioned seat is filled with grade A foam for comfort and maximum result.


  • Sturdy and well built
  • Easy to put together
  • It has 6 functions displayed on the handlebars
  • Quite compact and fits well into most homes
  • Comes with instructions that are easy to understand


  • The seat is quite hard and uncomfortable
  • It is quite loud when in use
  • It is kind of heavy

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things to love about JLL IC260 Cycling Bike. The adjustability of the seat and ergonomic handlebar with an integrated heart rate sensor are exceptional. In addition, the comfortable armrest and bottle holder on the frame are also great and functional. Having a carry capacity of about 130kg, this highly recommended bike can bear the weight of most users even for extended periods.

Though small, heavy and a bit loud, it is very practical and strong with a price that is very easy on the pocket. All the features and specifications combine to give you a great performance while helping you achieve your cycling goals. This is one exercise equipment every home should have.

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JLL IC260 Rating


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  • 15kg flywheel
  • 3-Piece Crank
  • Adjustable friction resistance
  • 6-Function LCD monitor
  • Built in wheels

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