JLL IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike Review: Let’s Explore Its Features

Doesn’t it satisfy when you find a reliable exercise bike that doesn’t only comes with all the necessary features but also has a friendly price tag? The JLL IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike is an example of such. The exercise bike is made by one of the most respected fitness equipment brands, JLL Fitness LTD. If you are getting started with your workout journey, you can be confident that this equipment would help you perfectly. Let’s explore its features and delivery, shall we?

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Things to Know About IC300 Exercise Bike

The JLL IC300 is an advanced machine that comes with a stylish design too. Well, it isn’t just all-beauty, but this little beast can give you a challenging workout experience. The chain-driven drive system allows you to enjoy a constant and precise workout experience. With this, the machine lets you build your cardio fitness level as you tone and build your muscles. The maximum user weight is also above the limit of most exercise bikes out there, making it an exercise bike that is quite reliable.


  • Size and Design

Well, you want to take the exercise bike to your house, so, obviously, you need one that would fit in your space. No need to scratch your head because this one comes with a compact design to let you include it in your living area or any other room in the house. This machine measures 131cm (L) by 51cm (W) by 110cm (H). That shouldn’t give you any problem if you have limited space. Plus, it only weighs 41kgs and can support user weight of up to 130kgs.

But isn’t that too heavy to lift if you want to move it? That’s a good question, and the good news is that it has inbuilt wheels that allow you to push it with ease when you want to store it.

  • Console

One of the things that makes an exercise bike different from the normal bike is the console and workout programs. This one comes with an onboard LCD computer that displays your workout information. For that, you can view your current speed, distance covered, time, calories burned, as well as your current pulse (heart rate).

Well, this machine doesn’t come with the workout programs (most exercise bikes don’t), but you can know how you are faring on and if you are progressing with your workout. The best part is that the LCD screen is very easy to use.

  • Resistance Level

While JLL IC300 might seem compact and stylish, it offers a beast-mode experience when it comes to the resistance level. First off, it features an 18kg flywheel, which is suitable for all the fitness levels. But it also offers a smooth riding experience that almost replicates road cycling.

There is a resistance knob just below the LCD monitor. This knob allows you to access the resistance levels with ease as you pedal the bike. The adjustable resistance level will enable you to set it according to your preference and experience.

  • User Experience

Well, it isn’t just about finding a machine that offers an intense workout. Instead, you also want a machine that assures you of comfort when using it. Luckily, this one offers both comfort and workout intensity. The seat and handlebars are both adjustable vertically according to what is comfortable for you.

On top of that, there is an armrest linked to the handlebars, which offers more comfort and security as you pedal. If you want to drink some water when on the exercise bike, you won’t have to get off and grab a glass. Instead, you can fill the free plastic bottle that comes with the machine and attaches it to the bottle holder.

The heart rate sensors fitted in the handlebars allows you to watch your pulse as you work out.


  • Compact and elegant design
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Inbuilt pulse sensors
  • Easy-to-access resistance adjustment knob
  • 130kgs maximum user weight
  • A 3-piece crank system to replicate a real bike
  • Inbuilt transport wheels
  • It is comfortable to use


  • It is chain-driven, which can give some noise as you pedal
  • It is not foldable


JLL IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike comes with a decent design that looks stylish and also very durable. It is designed for both beginners and experts. You can be confident of intense workout experience, but also enjoy a comfortable session. This one comes at a very affordable rate, and you will enjoy a warranty cover of 12 months.

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  • 3 Piece Crank System
  • 18kg Flywheel
  • Direct Chain Drive System
  • LCD
  • Heart Rate Sensors

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