JLL IC400 ELITE Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Review: Advanced Cycling Technology

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Long days at work and being tired at home is something we all need to deal with. However, it should never keep you from working out and having your dream body. The JLL IC400 ELITE Exercise Bike is one of the best ways to achieve this in the comfort of your own home and speed up the weight loss process if that is the case.

I received this bike after a lot of speculation. Testing the bike, I got some of the results I was looking for, but a solid diet and weight training aided me in achieving these results. If you are looking for a new indoor cycle, check out this review to find out if the bike is for you!

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IC400 ELITE Technical Specifications:

  • Direct belt is driven with a 20kg flywheel
  • 3-piece crank, comparable to the top road bikes
  • State of the art display with 6 integrated modes
  • ROHS CE Compliant
  • 23 different adjustments including handlebars and seats
  • Lightweight at only 47.8 kg
  • Easy to assemble at home
  • 12-month warranty


As mentioned, I received this bike having a lot of speculation but had to give it a shot. This spin bike is quite expensive and there are numerous cheaper models available, but the price had to account for something. With the multiple adjustments, I found the bike is perfect for numerous sized people and the 150kg weight limit enables even the larger riders to have some fun.

If you need to use the bike for competition purposes, I found the 3-piece crank very similar to that of the top road bikes. However, this indoor bike is a little more affordable for training. Interchangeable pedals give you more functionality and the inclusion of race pedals got me prepared for a long bike riding tour as well.

One of my favorite aspects is the small display. This display might not have all the fancy features many people might like, but it does have all the basics. These basic features will help you when it comes to tracking your distance and your calories. Since the bike is ROHS CE compliant, you can use it for recovery purposes and it should make a massive difference in your riding quality.

Lastly, the 12-month warranty is something we all like to have. Since there are many manufacturer errors that may take place, you will know that you are protected by the manufacturer. With small wheels added to the back of the spin bike, you can also transport it with ease to move it out of the way once you are done.

What I like:

  • ELITE is really functional
  • Most of the basic features are included
  • State of the art design for beginners and pros
  • ROHS CE Compliant
  • Versatile with multiple adjustments

What we didn’t like:

  • The price is a little hefty
  • Some people might like to have an upgraded console

Should You Buy It?

When it comes to buying this spin bike, I would definitely encourage any fitness enthusiast to try it. It’s on the list of best spin bikes in UK as well. JLL IC400 ELITE bike is designed for everyone, from beginners to professional athletes. All of these features will combine to give you a combination of features that offer the best possible results. The 12-month warranty will also play in your favor for helping you if anything should potentially go wrong. I should also mention the assembly is rather basic and anyone can do it with limited skills.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on the IC400 ELITE. Personally, I like the bike and believe that everyone needs to give it a go. We would like to encourage you to share your thoughts in the comment section and let us know if you have ever used it before. Be sure to let us know if you have used or like any other fitness equipment you would like us to review.

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  • Belt driven 20kg flywheel
  • 6-Function monitor
  • 3-Piece Crank
  • 10 vertical seat adjustment levels
  • 9 vertical handlebar adjustment levels

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