JTX Cyclo 6 Indoor Training Bike Review: Functions, Features, Benefits And Drawbacks

Cardio workouts are great as they help you burn calories, and strengthen your cardiovascular system and many more benefits. A spinning bike will help you achieve such goals in a short span of time. As such, when getting a spin bike, it’s crucial to ensure that you get a good one. Below is a review of JTX Cyclo 6 exercise bike.

It’s an indoor training bike that will offer you intense cardio workouts. The bike is suitable for both young and old people and serves both beginners and experienced athlete. This bike has a wide range of resistance, and its adjustment system allows a variety of users. Below we look at how it function, its features, benefits,and drawbacks.

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The Best Functions

Fully Adjustable Seats And Handlebars For Comfort

The machine has a simple lever system that enables the user to adjust their cycling positions. As such it can be used by people of different height, and it also lets you change to your comfortable position. The bike alsoadjusts handlebars height and how far they are from you.

Comfort has been an issue with most indoor bike seats,but the seatsof this bike are well padded which offers the riders with comfort while exercising. The seats accommodate bottoms of all sizes and shapes. Under the seat, is a support bar and there is a small lever at the back that allows you to lock or unlock the seat to move horizontally.

Massive 22kg Flywheel

The flywheel is belt-driven making it spin without noise or vibration. This allows you the rider to have a smooth cycling session and you can do it without waking up the whole house in your home. No matter how fast you cycle, the flywheel rotates smoothly. Italso ensures maximum balance for even ride.

Variable Resistance

This JTX bike has a manual infinity resistance system that offers the rider with training flexibility. A small hand wheel positioned before the handlebar support frame can be used to adjust the space between the friction pad and the flywheel, affecting resistance creation.

This enables the rider to switch from low levels of resistance to intervals, hills,and sprints. The resistance control allows you to keep progressing until you achieve your fitness goals. This bike also has an emergency stop that helps prevent accidents.

Toe Cage Pedal

Cyclo 6 has toe clips that enable you to do 360-degree pedal stroke and exercise with high power and efficiency. The clips also prevent your feet from slipping while in high speed or high resistance workout.

Superior Build Quality

At 64kg, the bike is more massive than other indoor cycling bike and has a heavy duty frame that offers complete stability with no compromise on its performance. The bike stays firmly stable no matter how hard you pedal. It remains steady making it perfect for those who push their body to the limit.

Pulse Sensors

This exercise bike has two hand pulse sensors that are positioned at the base of each handlebar for easy access. The rider can keep track of their heart rate during their workout. This is helpful especially to those who have heart rate targets routines. This sensor allows you to determine your workout intensity and post-workout recovery.


The computer allows you to track your speed, time, distance, calories burned, odometer and pulse rate. It also helps you to measure your progress at each stage. The statistics are valuable in the evaluation of your fitness program.

Plus Features

Easy to assemble

Assembling this bike is easy as it’s partly assembled when buying it. The flywheel, crank system and the belt will be attached to the frame. There is a well-detailed user’s manual and tool for the assembly that makes work more manageable.

Free Water Bottle Plus Water Bottle Holder

The bike has an in-built water bottle that allows easy access of fluids to the rider. As a bonus, the bike comes with a free water bottle.

Cyclo 6 Training Bike Features

  • Control panel display
  • Seat adjustments
  • 22kg flywheel
  • Variable resistance
  • Toe cage pedals
  • Pulse sensors
  • Clear view training computer
  • Superior build quality
  • Maximum user weight 160kg


  • 2-year warranty
  • Free water bottle
  • Quiet and smooth cycling
  • Easy to assemble


  • Heavy frame


The benefits of JTX Cyclo 6 training bike outweigh the drawbacks, and this makes it worth buying. It offers you comfort and its infinity resistance system will allow you to perform high-intensity cardio workouts that will boost your cardiovascular system and strengthen your muscle. It’s easy to assemble, durable, and the 2 years warranty and labor warranty are fantastic. It fits a wide range of users with different heights, weight,and needs.

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  • Quadri-Set multi adjustable cycling bike
  • Infinity resistance system
  • Belt driven
  • 22kg flywheel
  • Wireless pulse measurement

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