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Naspaluro Stationary Exercise Bike Review

Not everyone can afford a fitness machine that goes for £500 or even those that cost over £1K. So, if you are tight on budget but you still want to get good value for your money, you’d want to consider the Naspaluro Exercise Bike. But will this bike truly deliver even with its low-price tag? Truly, we believe it would, and we have enough info to support our point. Let’s explore the product together in this article.

What’s the price?


The Naspaluro Stationary Exercise Bike is made with a solid frame that promises you a long-lasting unit. It will also not rust or catch any corrosion, even if you happen to leave it out on the patio. Nevertheless, this Naspaluro bike would serve you for a long time if you use it indoors. The fitness bike is designed with a decent flywheel, and it is sure to run smoothly and quietly as you use it. You will have a comfortable workout session when working with this machine since it lets you adjust the seat and handle freely.

Construction and Dimensions

If you want to get a fitness bike that would serve you for a long time, the first thing you should consider is the frame. With the frame, it is not all about the design and style. Rather, you should get a unit that is durable enough and one that can take a beating even as you use it daily.

In that case, this fella is made with a sturdy steel frame. As it is well known, steel frames are made for durability, and they are corrosion and rust resistant. They tend to be slightly heavy, but that only means that they will be long-lasting and support a heavier user with ease. Speaking of which, this machine comes in at 26kg. It then supports a maximum user weight of 120kg.

In terms of size, this baby measures 99cm x 51cm x 100cm. So, if you live in the confined apartments of the big cities, this bike would be your good workout buddy. It also features some transport wheels for rolling it away when you are done with your workout.


The Naspaluro Exercise Bike is, without any doubt a basic workout machine. While it might be a basic fitness bike, it doesn’t make it worthless. Instead, this bike can offer you a serious workout session. It comes with a flywheel of 8kg, which is better than most bikes in a similar price range. The best spin bikes reviewed here.

Along with the 8kg flywheel, you enjoy an infinite resistance and belt drive system that offers you a smooth and quiet ride. It doesn’t come with a chain system like other machines. As a result, you won’t have to worry about making noise to the neighbors or other people in the house.

There is a knob that will let you control the resistance level with ease. The placement of the knob is convenient and you can reach it easily as you spin the bike.


Riding a regular bike without any device to track your workout can be tricky and less motivating. But if you can ride a workout bike and know how you performed in each training session, it gives you the urge to even going harder. That is what this bike offers you. There is a mini LCD screen that will monitor and display the workout stats. Stuff like the current speed, calories burned, distance covered, pulse, ODO, and time will be conveniently displayed on the LCD screen.

Workout Experience

There is more to consider when choosing a workout bike than just the construction and resistance level. You need to consider what the entire workout experience will be like. With the Naspaluro Bike, you will have a comfortable experience, thanks to the foam-wrapped handlebars.

The handlebars come with pulse sensors to read your heart rate. Plus, there is a phone holder and water bottle holder for you to be entertained and stay hydrated throughout your workout session.



  • The phone holder could be better


This Naspaluro Exercise Bike would be a good pick if you need a budget fitness bike. It offers you a decent workout experience with adjustable resistance levels. The comfort level is on point, and you will have an easy time working with the bike.

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  • LCD Display
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  • Whisper Quiet
  • Infinite Resistance
  • Emergency Brake

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  1. The LCD display doesn’t track my performance it works on pulse only…disappointing as I want to start using it and can’t

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