Sportstech SX100

Sportstech SX100 Professional Indoor Exercise Bike Review

Sportstech SX100 exercise bike is a perfect option for those who wish to get into good shape without visiting a gym. It is one of the top-rated indoor exercise bikes with excellent features, and programs offering fitness freaks the best workout results.The bike is an exceptional option to burn excess fat quickly.

What’s the price?

Many people nowadays opt for indoor workouts due to various reasons – saving time, money, etc. It is imperative to include regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle. The best about SX100 is that you can accomplish the fitness result within your home’s boundaries. Maybe, it is not the best spin bike in UK, but it’s reliable one.

Product Summary

Sportstech SX100 has a unique and innovative design. All functions are available on the control panel for easy navigation. The machine has perfect and adjustable settings that are easy to maneuver. Less noise belt drive system, 13kg flywheel, advanced adjustment of resistance, padded armrest, digital display, and multifunction console make the spin bike a favorite choice for the millennium fitness freaks.

To augment the user comfort, it also features anti-slip pedals and transport wheels, making it a real fitness essential designed for rapid fat burning, enhanced strength, and robust cardiovascular system.  

Since the spin bike has moderate dimensions of 995 x 525 x 1160 mm, it won’t consume enough interior space.  Also, the aesthetically designed bike will look like a luxury gadget matching to the indoor décor. It weighs about 38kg without packing, and wheels let you move the bike effortlessly to the workout location. The calorie killer accepts user weight to a maximum of 120kg. 

Highlighted Features of SX100

13kg inertia Flywheel

The spin bike comes with a 13kg flywheel and an additional feature of sweat resistance. It gives you a balanced and adjustable training. The exercise bike is free of unwanted vibrations and promises a smooth run for better training.

Optimal comfort level

For added user comfort, the product comes with padded saddle and height adjustments. It never makes one feel the extended training sessions tedious and tiring. At the saddle center, it features with a recess for perfect pressure distribution.

As per the customer feedback, many have lavishly appreciated the supported adjustable seat and padded arm support, which gives extra comfort to the user. The vertical and horizontal adjustments of the saddle can do easily and ensure the right position. Therefore, there is no chance for muscle pain. The extra armrests provide relief during longer sessions, and they are sweat-resistant too.

Advanced resistance adjustment

The Sportstech SX100 exercise bike provides progressive resistance regulation. Being step-free regulation, it helps in right and effective training. Quick braking of the flywheel is possible in the bike; hence, it ensures extra safety if you need to stop the training session suddenly. 

Pulse monitoring system

The pulse belt compatible pulse sensor mounted on the handlebar makes training effectively by keeping a constant watch on the heart rate. Further, it also has an optional feature to monitor heart rate. It permits precise and continuous heart rate readings. 

Low noise belt drive system

Another important feature of the spin bike is the low noise belt drive system. It is very beneficial for personal use. The ball bearings are of high quality and require the least maintenance, ensuring a long steady run.

Additional features

The exercise bike comes with robust shock absorption feature for comfortable training. The feature is ideal for protecting the back from possible shocks. For holding the feet in the correct position, it has foot holders perfectly designed to resist any possible slip-offs. You can even adjust the strap pedals according to the foot size.

Pros and Cons

The advantages:

  • Low noise
  • Padded handlebar
  • 13 kg inertia flywheel
  • Sweat protection
  • Multi-function monitor console
  • Hand pulse monitor
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Zero maintenance
  • 120kg capacity


  • Bit expensive
  • Assembling issues

Review Recommendations

Sportstech exercise bike SX100 is gaining popularity for its excellent quality. The bike’s unique features, especially the multi-functional monitor, provide many essential workout data to the user for effectively tracking the exercise progress.

Being user friendly, any user will appreciate its feature.  Its inimitable design and efficiency help in extended training sessions. Padded features provide pleasant relief always. The product is sweat-resistant, low noise, and comfortable to use, even though a bit expensive.


While comparing Sportstech SX100 with models of a similar kind, it excels in most features. It is a highly recommended bike that can offer you the best training benefits. Considering the overall performance and simple operation features, it is a perfect choice for user convenience. The stylish bike is sporty, robust, and can satisfy almost all types of users’ requirements.

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  • Sweat resistant
  • Anti-slip
  • Saddle fast
  • Unique design
  • Easy navigation

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