Sportstech SX200

Sportstech SX200 Indoor Exercise Bike Review

The Sportstech SX200 is a professional indoor cycle that’s relatively new in the market. It’s of German quality and, therefore, ideal for personal fitness. It’ll help you burn fat and achieve fitness goals in no time.

What’s the price?

Furthermore, this SX200 bike offers comprehensive endurance training, and thus perfect for workouts fanatics. As well, this spin bike is perfect for a family setting – it features a fully adjustable seat and handlebars. Both adults and children can use the bike for personal exercises.

Keep on reading to understand more about the features and functionality of the Sportstech SX200 exercise bike. Also, don’t forget to check this guide: Spin bike for sale.


  • Silent operation
  • Compact frame
  • 2-way Adjustable
  • Easy assembly


  • Problems with the app functionality
  • Not the most affordable

Product specifications

Dimensions1270 x  510 x 112 (mm)
Weight44 kg
Max User Weight125 kg
Flywheel weight22kg
MeterDistance & heart rate

Features Of The SX200

Strong 22kg flywheel

This inertia-enhanced flywheel has progressive resistance adjustment and ensures there is zero power transmission loss. A simple twist on the tension knob allows you to increase or minimize the intensity of your workout.

While the resistance adjustment system is infinite, you choose a power that matches your capability. The knob also works as an emergency braking option, press it down to start or stop. This flywheel offers a natural ride that will make you enjoy the ride.

The automotive-grade belt allows for a silent workout. You can exercise with this Sportstech machine in the bedroom without bothering your partner. The durable belt drivetrain is also smooth with little or no maintenance. You also don’t have to lubricate the belt regularly, like is the case with chain-driven cycles.

Ergonomic design

The SX200 has non-slip pedals, which helps to reduce the chances of personal accidents during workouts. The armrests are padded to cater for aerodynamics training mode. This sportstech gadget has a water bottle to keep you hydrated during your exercise sessions. The saddle is sports-inspired and thus comfortable.

Wheels for easy portability

This insane exercise machine has strategically fitted wheels for more comfortable transportation. It also has standing feet to ensure it balances when on the floor. You don’t have to worry about reorganizing your room or moving the gadget around. The locomotive wheels make the whole task of moving it from one place to the other effortlessly.

A tablet/smartphone holder

A smartphone/tablet holder is also included in the gadget. You don’t have to get bored again when working out. Connect your tablet or smartphone and watch some interesting videos or listen to your favorite music or podcast.

Easy to assemble

It’s pretty easy to assemble this machine. Since it’s delivered unassembled, you do not need another person to help you in the assembly process. It’s straightforward and requires no specialized tools.


This Sportstech cycle is made in such a way that adults and children can use it. The bike has several movable parts to allow seamless operation among different people. First, the seat and handlebar are both adjustable.  The seat can be tilted, adjusted vertically, or horizontally. Also, the cage pedals are adjustable to accommodate different feet sizes.

Multi-purpose Console

The Sportstech SX200 is equipped with a digital-display console to display essential data such as the speed, distance, time, calories, pulse, and RPM during training. Likewise, the console has different training programs installed to achieve optimal workouts. It’s integrated with a pulse meter on the handlebars but still compatible with the pulse belt (in case of heart-rate training).

The console is compatible with a smartphone/tablet fitness app that incorporates the google map’s street view functionality. Besides, the smartphone app displays the training history of an individual. You can be able to monitor your exercise program effectively. The gadget is also compatible with iBiking.


In conclusion, the Sportstech SX200 is compact and has an excellent build quality too. The wide feet also give this machine an excellent base to support any user effortlessly. Operating the bike not only makes you fit but also makes the whole exercise enjoyable.

While the machine has some incredible features compared to its rivals, the app’s problems are a concern to some people. However, you should be inspired by the positive aspects, which outweigh the machine’s negatives.

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