Sportstech SX500

Sportstech SX500 Professional Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Review

Exercise bikes, commonly called spinning bikes, provide you with an opportunity to train your legs, abdomen, and lower body parts. Their effectiveness in doing so has led to its high demand from fitness enthusiasts worldwide. This article is a Sportstech SX500 Exercise Bike review.

What’s the price?

What we hope to achieve with this post is to give you the right information you need before making purchase decisions on a speedbike, especially this one. You will get to know this machine’s features, its unique functions, and the edge it has over competitive products within its price range, and its limitations – if there are any.

So, please sit back, continue reading while we walk you through the experience of having this spin bike.

The SX500 Overview

Suitable for both beginners and professionals, Sportstech SX500 is a perfect training companion looking for an optimum endurance workout. It comes with enough features that guarantee a rigorous and effective training program with varying intensities. Yet, these features are accompanied by functions for the best user-experience and perfectly blends fun and sport.

Its design and construct comes robust enough to provide versatile training routines for a long time and still stay sturdy down the years.

Some Unique Features Of This Product

  • Powerful Drive System: The flywheel of any spin bike determines its overall performance,training intensity, and power transmission. This machine features a 25kg balanced flywheel for optimal concentricity without power (from your foot) transmission losses. This superior-grade flywheel ensures a pleasant, smooth workout and a clean round run. It also eradicates those unpleasant vibrations or irregularities while pedaling.
  • Excellent transmission System: Asides from its well-balanced flywheel, this machine uses the belt transmission system with a high-quality belt drive. So, as the power is efficiently transmitted to the flywheel, the device will remain extremely quiet and, thus, fit for home use. This transmission system also accounts for little to very-low maintenance since it doesn’t need greasing like a chain drive.
  • Design: Sportstech SX500 comes with so many little but unique features that make massive differences in your training experience. First, the machine is equipped with additional padded armrests that allow you to train even longer without having any pain in your arms or hands. The speedbike also allows you to adjust the cups to your ideal foot size. Again, this may seem small, but you wouldn’t have a good training experience if your foot frequently gets off the cups. More so, the device comes with the SPD click mechanism that lets you train with pedal shoes.

There are integrated transportation wheels you can easilylock-on for seamless movement of your equipment to any position in your home.

  • Console: This spin bike has a 5.5inch LCD screen to display workout data like heartrate, distance covered, time, calories burnt, and RPM. The console comes equipped with other functions for tracking workout routines and making it more versatile- Kinomap. With this feature, you can compete with others in real-time or a multiplayer function. Kinomap also lets you create a training history even to monitor your exercise better.

Lastly, there is a Google Maps function that allows you anywhere worldwide, and the machine automatically adjusts the training conditions- as though you were right in the open, riding in those areas.

Product specification

Distance between pedals (stride length)19.5cm
Dimension142 x 62 x 122 cm (L x W x H)
Saddle Distance- Handlebar73-78cm
Saddle Distance- Pedal Down78-93cm
Floor Distance from Down Pedal18.5cm
Machine’s Weight64kg
Maximum User height190 cm
Maximum User weight150kg
Resistance AdjustabilityManual. Infinitely adjustable
TransmissionBelt transmission
Braking systemFelt braking system
Transport wheelsYes
Batteries includedYes


Sportstech offers a 2-year warranty on this product for home use. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • The console is compatible with iBiking fitness application
  • Included transport wheels
  • Low-noise belt-drive system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Anti-slip pedals with SPD lock mechanism
  • Step-free resistance setting


  • iBiking app requires a learning curve to use

Recommendation and purchase option

Overall, the Sportstech SX500 exercise bike offers you professional-level training from the comfort of your home. The device comes with numerous features and functions that guarantee a sublime and effective training experience. So, it gets our full recommendation.

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Sportstech SX500 Review


Our Rating



  • Pre-programmed trainings
  • Kinomap
  • iConsole
  • 25KG balanced flywheel
  • Transport wheel

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