Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002C Indoor Studio Cycle Exercise Bicycle

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002C Indoor Studio Cycle Exercise Bike Review

Cycling is hugely beneficial for health and fitness. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002C is a workout machine that serves this purpose efficiently.  The indoor studio cycle exercise bicyclewill give the user a cycle class experience at home. It is suitable for fitness enthusiasts or for those who are avid outdoor cyclists but are unable to ride outdoor during lousy weather. The health and fitness bike makes the users feel as if they are peddling a road bike with complete customizability, including adjusting the handlebars, seats, and changing resistancelevels to have total control over the workout session.

What’s the price?

Summary Of The SF-B1002C

The SF-B1002C molded on a sturdy steel frame ensuresthe longevity of the product. It has a 22kg heavy flywheel,which gives the product a rock-solid build that will stay intact ride after ride. The varying levels of resistance attached to the bikemake it useful toa novice to an advanced workout practitioner. People can use it much comfort and ease. All that the users have to do is to set the intensity of physical exercise as per the requirement.

The Sunny Health and Fitness product is highly customizable. You can adjust the seats both vertically and horizontally. Its handlebars also can move to the right position matching the height of the user. People as tall as 6’8”and as short as 5’ 3” can use this indoor exercise bike comfortably.  The bike with a dimension of 50 x54.4×20 inches with a height of 47 inches weighs 52.2 kg, considered a bit heavy. However, the fixed wheels make it easy to move around without much problem.

Highlighted Features Are As Follows:

Heavy-duty flywheel

The 46-poundchrome plated flywheel capable of carrying heavyweight users and designed to deliver natural road riding experience. The amount of resistance, the flywheel can provide, let your body engage in full motion rather than trigger thighs and hips.

Heavy-duty crank and frame

The crank of the SF-B1002C is also heavy-duty, adding to the sturdiness of the product. The structure made of Aluminium is suitable for extensive use. The smooth chain transmission makes the workout easy. It has an easy to operate mechanical press down brake system allowing the user to stop the equipment instantly without a jerk.

Resistance dial

With a simple twist of the tension knob, the resistance level can be changed and make the workout even more useful. On top of the flywheel, positioned the resistance pad, designed to exert pressure as per the workout requirement, and the resulting friction force the user to apply more pressure to the pedal.  The tension regulator lever is positioned below the handlebars, making the user to maneuverer the pressure requirement without stepping down from the bike.

Caged foot pedals

The foot pedals are caged to ensure a secured foot position, despite the amount of pressure the rider wants to apply, resisting any possible slippage.  The grip also helps to increase the speed and intensity of the workout.

High portability

The transportation wheels attached to the product is highly useful when or comes to moving the cycle from one place to another inside the room or the house.  Since the stationary bike is a bit heavy, the fixed wheels are beneficial for easy mobility. After your workout, simply tilt the bike and push to the location where you want to take it.

Noiseless movement

A ride on the SF-B1002C is not only smooth but relatively noise-free. However, you can still hear the chain movement sound while it moves across the sprockets. In this type of stationary bikes, you can expect sound, but what you will experience here will be within the tolerance level.

Metal bottle holder

It comes with a metal bottle holder on the right fork, which is the correct position to let you drink water while on the workout. The holder mechanism is very comfortable; you can easily slide down the bottle when you want to place it back after use. Needless to say, the metal holder is a convenient accessory as it can keep the user hydrated while working out.

Pros and Cons

The advantages of using this product include:

  • Sturdy stationary bike for indoor exercise
  • Manual resistance regulator
  • 4 position adjustable seat
  • 2 position adjustable handlebars
  • Fixed two wheels for transportation
  • Toe clips with adjustable straps.
  • Low noise chain drive
  • Bottle holder
  • Push down quick brake system

A few problems that may surface while using it are:

  • No electronic/LED console
  • No extra accessories

Review Recommendations

Those who have the habit of outdoor cycling will not miss any of the thrills with this indoor bike. It gives the user the much-needed freedom to choose their levels of endurance at the same time allows them every possible comfort and convenience that a gym-like environment can entails. If you are not sure about this model check the best spin bikes for sale.

Another plus point of this product that prominently appears is its low maintenance characteristics. In that sense, it is a worthy investment that is going to offer a stream of beneficial returns for an extended period in terms of a healthy body and a happy mind.


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002C is a stationery fitness equipment with universal usage. For beginners, it can be a joyous ride where they can experience a journey from fat to fab with progressive levels of resistance. For advanced fitness freaks, it is a sure-shot way to maintain their level of fitness and improve it to the desired extent. The indoor bike is an incredible exercise tool; let you do the workout session within the comfort of your home without compromising on other priorities.

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  • Portable
  • Resistance Dial
  • Caged Foot Pedals
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • 125 KG max user weight

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