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Best Walking Pad UK (Under Desk Treadmills)

Do you sit for long hours at home or in the office and you want to stay active while at it? While this might seem impossible, you can make it happen with the help of a walking pad. These walking pads, also known as under desk treadmills, vary from the regular treadmills since they are foldable and come with smooth pads. You can easily use them in confined spaces like under the desk with ease.

Even with their compact design, these pads can still offer a worthwhile workout experience. Some units will come with preloaded programs for you to have different levels of exercises right from your home or office.

If you are in search of the best walking pad in the UK, this article is meant for you.

Our Picks: 9 Top-Rated Under Desk Treadmills

DRIPEX 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill9.0Check
Bigzzia Walking Treadmill8.8Check
Dripex Under-Desk Treadmill8.2Check
COSTWAY 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill8.2Check
Sportstech DESKFIT DFT2008.0Check
ZINNZ SELECTED WalkingPad A18.0Check
Bluefin Fitness TASK 2.08.0Check

With the multiple models of walking pads out there on the market, it can be challenging to select a specific model. But here are some that you might want to include in your wishlist.

Walking Pads Reviewed Below

1. Dripex 2-in-1 Walking Treadmill

DRIPEX 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

First up on our list is this top-notch model from Dripex, which comes with some amazing features as well. This is one of the most stylish walking pads in the UK as well.

It is a 2-in-1 unit that offers you a treadmill and a walking pad at the same time. The machine comes with frames that act as handles as you are running on it. When folded down, it transforms into a walking pad for you to use it under a desk.

This under desk treadmill comes with a 2.25hp brushless motor that will run smoothly and more efficiently. As a result, you get variable speeds of 1km/h to 12km/h. With this range, you can easily walk, jog, or run on the pad. However, keep in mind that the 12km/h max speed is available in the running mode. The walking mode offers a top speed of 4km/h.

We loved the shock-absorbing running belt that is also multi-layered to offer you an easy time when running on it. You can be confident of running in comfort without worrying about shock in the joints or knees.

Be sure of being entertained as you work out on this walkingpad, thanks to the inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. This allows you to connect your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite jams. Plus, you can operate the machine using a remote control – no need to stretch or bend to change the speed.

Luckily, there is an LCD screen that displays your workout stats. A phone holder is also onboard to let you hook up your mobile device as you run or jog on it.


  • Powerful motor
  • Can be used as a treadmill or a walking pad
  • Comes with Bluetooth speakers
  • The remote control offers you hands-free operation
  • Foldable with transport wheels for easy transportation


  • You might have to unscrew the handles for it to fold flat

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2. CITYSPORTS WP1 500W Under Desk Treadmill

CITYSPORTS Folding Motorised Treadmill

Here is another amazing walking pad that is easily found in most UK stores. This is also a folding unit that is meant to save you space when you are not using it.

It comes with a 1.5hp 500W motor that runs silently and with excellent performance. In turn, the motor will deliver a top speed of 6km/h, but that can be reduced to as low as 1km/h based on what you need.

This fella supports a maximum user weight of 100kg, which is more than enough for the regular user. Keep in mind that it only comes in at around 26kg. That is lighter than most treadmills out there.

The walking pad then offers a running area of 115 x 41cm to let you walk on it with confidence. When folded, this unit will reduce to save you space even if you live in a confined space. Furthermore, the under desk treadmill comes with a ground clearance of only 15cm. So yes, it will easily fit even under the bed when you are storing it away.

With the LED screen on this walkingpad, you can easily track your workout stats such as speed, calories burned, workout time, as well as distance covered. Plus, there is a remote control that allows you to adjust the speed hands-free.


  • The walking pad comes with a slim design for easy storage under furniture
  • Low-noise motor
  • Features a remote control for handsfree operation
  • Relatively lightweight design
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t feature a Bluetooth function

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3. Bigzzia Walking Pad

Bigzzia Walking Treadmill

Most people in the UK looking for a decent walking treadmill will want one that assures them of soft landing on their feet, and one that can offer an amazing workout experience as well. This under desk treadmill from Bigzzia will offer that with excellence.

The walking pad comes with a 1.5h motor that offers a decent running/walking experience. It comes with a top speed of 10km/h to let you manage your workout sessions with versatility. You can adjust the speed down to 1km/h. Best of all, this can be done conveniently with the help of remote control.

The portability of this under desk treadmill scores highly, thanks to the 23.5kg weight, along with transport wheels onboard. You can easily roll it away when you are done working with it. We loved that it comes with a slim design for it to fit under the bed or desk easily.

Even with this design, the walking pad still supports a maximum user weight of 100kg. Keep in mind that it comes with a durable steel frame that offers you stability as you run on it.

In terms of comfort, you get 5 layers of an anti-slip belt that absorbs the hard landing of your feet. This will then be easy on your back, knees, joints, and ankles.

As you would expect, the walkingpad comes with an LCD screen for you to track your workout stats with ease.


  • Comes fully installed and ready to use
  • Slim and space-saving design
  • Smooth and super-quiet motor
  • 5-layer anti-slip, shock-absorbing belt
  • Transport wheels for easy transportation


  • Not ideal for lengthy use at a time

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Here is another under desk treadmill that easily makes it among the best walking pads in the UK. The speed range on this model is amazing as well.

It comes with a 440W motor to deliver a variable speed that ranges between 1km/h and 6km/h. Here, you can adjust the speed to meet your workout needs accordingly. Even better, there is a remote control that lets you adjust the speed without having to bend.

The running belt area on this awesome walking pad measures 108 x 43 cm to offer you a sizeable space for walking with ease. Plus, the belt is shock-resistant and anti-slip to assure you of safety and comfort as you exercise on it.

We loved the fact that the belt is meant to run smoothly, thanks to the pre-lubrication. You won’t have to lubricate it again. When it needs to be lubricated again, there will be a refueling light that turns red on the screen. This is a unique feature only found in limited models.

The walkingpad comes with integrated Bluetooth speakers that let you enjoy an entertained working session. Once you connect your mobile phone to this unit, you can continue working out as you listen to your favorite jams.

Another unique feature of this amazing walking pad is the child lock function that will prevent the kids from operating and interfering with it. You won’t have to worry about your child’s safety when you have this model at home. It offers a maximum weight capacity of 110kg.


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Shock-absorbing and anti-slip belt
  • Features a child-lock function for safety
  • Comes pre-lubricated with refueling warning light
  • Bluetooth compatible


  • You will need to lubricate it after covering every 100km

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5. Dripex 500W Under-Desk Treadmill

Dripex Under-Desk Treadmill

This model comes with a slim design, which makes it a good pick if you need an under-desk walking pad in the UK.

First off, this under desk treadmill comes ready to use. All you need is to unbox it and get started with your workout. In other words, it comes fully assembled and you will not have to assemble it in any way. It doesn’t consume much of your space, thanks to its slim design.

Once you are done working with it, you can easily roll it away on its transport wheels. You don’t have to carry it along. The machine can support a maximum user weight of 100kg, which is decent enough. Along with that, the high-quality steel frame offers more stability when working with this model.

This walking pad runs with a 1.5hp motor that should be enough to handle your workout sessions with ease. With this 500W motor, you can enjoy adjustable speeds of 1km/h to km/h. It supports a maximum user weight of 100kg too.

As you run on this under desk treadmill, the anti-slip multi-layered running belt will offer enough cushioning for your knee joints, back, and ankles. This helps to offer you the needed comfort while you work out. Speaking of comfort, the machine comes with a remote control to let you adjust the speed without the need for moving.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to hook up your mobile device to this under desk running machine for maximum entertainment while exercising.


  • Slim profile with transport wheels for easy portability
  • Multi-layered shock absorption running belt
  • Remote control with convenient LED screen for displaying workout stats
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2-in-1 machine for running or walking


  • The price tag might be high for some users

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6. COSTWAY 2-in-1 Under Desk Treadmill

COSTWAY 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

Among the multiple 2-in-1 folding treadmills in the UK, this walking pad from COSTWAY is one of the best. When working with this unit.

Here, you will enjoy a treadmill that offers you two modes for meeting your varied workout needs. The first option is the running mode, which is available when the unit is set up with the frames. On the other hand, the walking mode is available when the treadmill is folded.

When put on running mode, this walkingpad will offer a top speed of 12km/h. But when on walking mode, you can choose the highest speed of 4km/h. Whichever mode you choose, this machine will meet your workout needs accordingly.

The motor onboard is powerful but designed to run with low noise. With the 650W motor, you will have an easy time choosing the exact speed that meets your workout accordingly. There is a thick, non-slip running belt of 5 layers that are meant to be shock-resistant and comfortable enough.

Tracking your workout session is easy with this under desk treadmill, thanks to the onboard console that will monitor and display the stats to give you an easy time. This one also comes with a phone holder, a remote controller, and a convenient BT speaker to keep you entertained.


  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Sturdy and durable steel frame
  • 5-layered running belt for shock absorption
  • Features a phone holder, remote control, and Bluetooth speaker
  • Comes with a safety key to shut it down in case of an emergency


  • You will have to unscrew the handles for it to fold flat

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This walking pad easily makes it among the top space-saving models in the UK. It is not only space-saving but also fully functional in terms of offering you the best workout experience.

The under desk running machine comes with a solid motor that delivers a top speed of 7.1km/h to give you a worthwhile exercise even as you work on your office desk. Its low-profile allows it to easily sit under the desk. Even better, there is a height-adjustable table that allows you to work with it from any spot around the house or office.

As long as you are less than 110kg, you can use this under desk treadmill with limited worries. It comes with practical feet and wall fixation that offers more stability.

Working with this under desk running machine is easy-breezy, thanks to the easy-to-operate LCD display that shows your workout stats. You can know how fast you are moving, how long you have been working on the machine, as well as the number of calories you have burned on each session. There is also a remote control to let you adjust the speed as you need.

Along with that, there is a Bluetooth function to let you connect your phone to the machine for an entertained session.


  • The under desk treadmill comes with a Bluetooth functionality
  • Height adjustable table
  • Remote control for handsfree operation
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Space-saving design


  • It gives a loud beep when it starts up or when adjusting speed; not ideal for a quiet environment like an office

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8. Zinnz Selected A1 EU Folding Treadmill


Zinnz Selected is another top-rated workout equipment manufacturer in the UK, and they deliver top-rated models as well.

This trustworthy walking pad comes with a 746W motor that is designed to offer you a decent workout session. With this one, you will enjoy a top speed of 6km/h which should be enough for your walking exercise. Along with that, the model can support a maximum user weight of 100kg that should accommodate the regular user.

The patented folding mechanism lets you assemble and disassemble it in a few minutes. It is meant to give you an easy time as you work with it.

This under desk treadmill offers you a smart control with remote control for convenience. You won’t need to get off the machine to adjust the speed or bend to do so. Besides the remote control, this unit also comes with a smart app that you can use to operate it right from your phone. And you guessed that right; it comes with a Bluetooth function for hooking up your phone

The extra-wide running belt comes with a high-quality design and a shock-absorption feature to keep your knee joints, back, and ankles safe as you workout on it.

With the folding mechanism, you can store this model easily to save some space when you are done with it. The transport wheels on it allow you to move it without the need for carrying it with you.


  • Compact and space-saving
  • Sizeable running belt with shock-absorption
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with a remote control
  • The motor runs quietly and smoothly


  • You might have to calibrate the belt every time you set it up

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9. Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0

Bluefin Fitness TASK 2.0

This is the last product on our list, but it still makes a good walking pad to offer you a decent workout session.

The under desk running machine offers you a 2-in-1 unit for walking or running on it with ease. Imagine having a walking pad that offers a top speed of 8km/h! Truly, this stands among the best models in the UK and it is because of its amazing speed delivery.

This is made possible by the powerful 2hp 600W motor. The motor is not only powerful but it also runs quietly for maximum reliability. Even if you will be working with it in your office, you won’t have to worry about making noise to the people around. The same works if you will be using it at home.

We loved the unique aero-damping system that is integrated into the running belt. This helps to make every stride as smooth as possible while lessening the impact. Along with that, the running belt comes with five layers and it is anti-static to enhance your comfort as you run on it.

Do you love working out with some music around you but you don’t have a music player around you? No problem! This under desk treadmill comes with Bluetooth speakers that allow you to play your favorite jams. You can also hook up your phone to the machine and control it with the integrated Smartphone App. Besides that, there is a remote control that allows you to change the speed and select the needed settings wirelessly.


  • Powerful and quiet-running motor
  • The walkingpad comes with a smartphone app and Bluetooth speakers
  • Offers a tablet shelf that is adjustable
  • Features a safety key in case of an emergency
  • It offers 6 automatic workout programs


  • The texture of the belt might be unpleasing if you run on it with bare feet

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What to Consider When Finding the Best Walking Pad?

It is one thing to know about the highly-rated walking pads and another to select the one that meets your workout needs. If you need the best model, you will need to find one that will serve you according to your fitness goals and preferences.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider when you are looking for the next walking pad to purchase.

  • Motor/Speed

This is supposedly the first thing that most people look for in a treadmill. With the motor, it will usually determine the top speed that will be delivered. In turn, the speed will determine how intense your workout would be. For a walking pad, anything below 8km/h should be enough to offer you a worthwhile workout session.

  • Size

Since you are choosing one to fit under your desk, you must ensure that it is small enough to save you space even when you are storing it away.

  • LCD/LED display

As you workout, it would be helpful to know how you are fairing out. This way, you can know your progress and tell if you are approaching your fitness goals or not. Therefore, it is important to find a model with a display to show your workout stats accordingly.

  • Safety features

The under desk treadmill should come with a safety key to stop it immediately whenever there is an emergency or a possible injury.

  • Running belt

With the running belt, it should not only come with enough space. Rather, it should come shock-resistant with enough cushioning or layers to make every stride smooth.

Above all, go for a unit that falls in your budget bracket and from a reputable brand. If you need some entertainment, a model with Bluetooth speakers would be the right pick.


That’s it, fitness geniuses. So, as you step out to find the right walking pad for aiding you in your fitness journey, ensure that you choose one that meets your goals and preferences perfectly. The model that you pick should be made to serve you for a long time without unnecessary breakdowns.

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